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  1. I have two Callaway XR16 heads that are stamped 5*, but are closer to 6*. Not interested in any trades, please message me with any questions. Heads are in excellent shape and were only used minimally for about 1 month. Comes with headcover and wrench. $300 shipped for both, or $160 shipped each.
  2. All prices are OBO, and include PayPal/shipping via priority mail in lower 48. If you have any questions, please let me know. Absolutely no trades!!! 1. SOLD!!! Ping G410 Plus 9* with Alta CB 55s. All stock and brand new in plastic. Moving to AK, and won’t be needing this there! Includes headcover. $415shipped. 2. SOLD!!! 917D3 8.5 w/Tour AD IZ 7tx, 45”, midsize MCC +4 w/3 wraps. Includes headcover and wrench. Used for two seasons and in really good shape (917 will include neutral and draw/fade weights). $225 shipped. 3. Tour AD IZ 7tx w/Callaway tour adapter
  3. hound25

    s55 vs z785

    I haven’t hit the 785’s, but the S55’s are incredible. I used to switch irons in and out constantly, several different sets per year until I got the S55’s. Got them when they first came out, and never went to anything else. In fact, I bought a new set last year to replace them and am perfectly happy. As mentioned before, the toe forgiveness is silly on these clubs. There’s been several tones I mishit the ball and think it is going to come up short, but it goes just as far as when pured. Until you’ve experienced it, it’s probably hard to really fathom that.
  4. Bridgestone Tour Bx. I am around 120 with the driver and this ball is great.
  5. Wanted to pass along this deal. Got an email from them and then went to the website and they have several models on there. Queen B8 and B9, studio stock 3, 8, and 28. $100 off is pretty sweet!
  6. If I’m not mistaken, he also helped TM develop some of their new wedges. I talked to him in July about purchasing another putter (looking for a mallet), and he didn’t have any. Said he would let me know when he made more, which leads me to believe he will make more. Again, just a hobby for him at this point, but makes great putters!
  7. Not sure where you are going with this??? Could be taken several different ways...do you mind clarifying?
  8. His branding and marketing is atrocious. Always amazes me because that's my day job and it's super cheap to get done right. I must say Clay's site is probably the worst manufacturer site I saw this year. I agree, but from talking to him, making these putters is more of a hobby for him, and they are certainly ‘niche.’ I don’t think his intent was to ever be mainstream. Even as such, I would have thought the WRX community would have known about them as there are some really crafty guys on here that impress me with their knowledge about some unique things.
  9. From the lack of replies, it draws me to the conclusion that people just aren’t aware/familiar with these putters. That’s a shame in my opinion as they are really nice!
  10. I consider myself fortunate to have come across Clay Long’s putters, and own 3 of them, including two limited special editions (one that was made for Jack Nicklaus). It doesn’t seem that people know anything about them. After getting my first from a small golf shop, I wanted another and called Mr. Long’s company, and Clay himself answered the phone! Really great guy with a pretty incredible pedigree in the golf industry. What do you guys know and/or think about his putters? Rollyourball is his company if you wanted to look at his putters. He really only makes special editions and doesn’t
  11. Just two items this evening. All prices include shipping to lower 48 and are OBRO. NO TRADES at this time please. If you have any questions or would like to see additional pics, shoot me a message. 1. Ping Rapture DI w/ Tour AD DI 85x in great shape shape. Graphics on shaft show some wear from going in and out of he bag, but other than that, excellent condition. Bought this hoping to fill a gap, hit three balls and realized it wasn’t what I needed! Standard everything. $SOLD! 2. Aldila Rogue 125msi 70 Tour x shaft in excellent condition that came out of a Titleist C16. Has Titleist adapt
  12. All prices include shipping to lower 48. Only trade interest would be for a Ketsch putter at 36 or 37”. Let me know if you have any questions. Best way to contact me is via message. 1. Extremely rare Clay Long putter made for Jack Nicklaus. Only 25 of these made and this is #13. See pics below for details and specs directly from Clay Long’s website. Also there is a photo from a blog where Clay (rollyourball) himself talks about these putters. Brand new with the Special Edition headcover. $1200 shipped. 2. 818 21* H1 hybrid in great condition. Comes with headcover and both weights. Has To
  13. Prices include shipping (US only) and are OBRO. Clubs are both in great shape (see pics for condition). If you would like to see additional pics or have any questions, please PM me. Trade interests are 818 H1/2 17/19* or a Ping Ketsch 35” alight arc putter. I would be willing to do a package deal as well, pricing is below. 1. 718 TMB 2-iron head only. Sold! 2. 718 TMB 3-iron w tour issue AMT x100 and MCC +4 grip. Standard l/l/l. TRADE IN PROGRESS
  14. I have been playing S55’s since they came out and picked up a second set a few months ago because I like them so much. Very forgiving for a players iron. Many times, I have hit a shot that was out near the toe and knew I didn’t hit the ball flush. Dropped and hit another ball for practice, would flush it, only to find that the two balls traveled the same distance! I just shake my head when that happens as it is the technology in the clubs helping me out. My new set, I put c-tapers in, and over a 4 month span, I have had 3 iron heads fly off. I have always done my own club work and have nev
  15. USA Stars and Stripes is my favorite, and the one I want to win!
  16. FB. I would like to have a personal launch monitor to dial in my clubs, and also to compare equipment without having to hit into a net!
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