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  1. That's not very fair to ask us to pick a favorite Bettinardi... too many great models. Of the 2014 lineup, I'd have to say the new [b]BB54 Center mallet is my favorite[/b] (also like the original Big Bee) but I also like the new Studio Stock 14 although not sure about how shallow the face is... would want to roll a few putts with it since I tend to hit very low on the ball. Great job Bob and thanks for the great contest! 2013 FAVORITE: [b]BB54 Center[/b] [b]Length: [/b] 35.5" [b]Loft:[/b] 2.5* [b]Lie: [/b] 72* [b]Weight:[/b] 360G [b]Material:[/b] 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum [b]Finish:[/b] Charcoal Gray Anodized? [b]Grip:[/b] Bettinardi Montana Cow Red Leather [b]Headcover:[/b] Carbon Fiber Red Tour Stock Mallet? (probably not made yet...) [b]Dexterity:[/b] Right Handed
  2. One of the nicest forged iron sets any OEM has made in the last few years; would love to have a second set! Please count me in and thanks for the contest! : )
  3. Hello, I've wondering if it's possible to pin the feedback system link to the top of the classifieds forum? It used to be there and I enjoyed the visibility and access of having the system close to the classifieds themselves. I recently concluded a transaction and was trying to leave positive feedback for my seller and spent about 10 min. looking for the feedback link and finally realized I could click on the feedback score under someone's name but in my opinion this was not very intuitive. Thanks for your consideration! http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?app=feedback
  4. Payment sent for Machine M2A putter. Thanks!
  5. Really interesting wedges. My ideal set would be a 52/56/60. Thanks for the contest and really curious if the unique sole cut and co-designed graphite shaft could toss my current wedges out of the bag.
  6. I'm in! Who wouldn't want some new irons; especially with a name like that!
  7. It seems like one of the underlying problems is the growing difference between the tour-level players and amateurs and the lack of golfers to play within their ability. The pros in any sport tend to drive equipment technology to the edge and it seems wrong to limit their ability by “handicapping” the distance of their golf ball specifically. Can you imagine Olympic skiers having to use soft flex skis and boots to slow down their slalom runs? I think playing a course that is proper for one’s ability is a better solution. Maybe having more tee boxes and enforcing the tees that are used given one’s ability would work. I wouldn’t encourage a downhill skier to take a black diamond their first time out on the snow so the “courses for horses” seems to be a logical solution to me. A relatively simple way to make a course different is to have multiple tee boxes. Although this doesn't help with the growing total length of courses (that pros would need to play) and the subsequent maintenance costs, environmental impact, and increased playing times... unless tee box usage is enforced. IF they decide to move forward by limiting the golf ball more than it is today; I would argue that a single "official" limited flight golf ball be used by everyone - pros and amateurs alike.
  8. Simple answer: I want to game this putter because it will feel like buttah and I will never get sick of other players asking, "What the heck is that?" and then bragging about how I won it on Golfwrx... Big thanks to Bettinardi and Golfwrx for this beaut!
  9. What red-blooded Wrxer wouldn't want to sport a sweet Aldila prototype? Make mine a stiff if I win. Thanks!
  10. One never tires of the latest in shaft tech... Please count me in for a STIFF. Thanks!
  11. Nothing like a friendly ghost (other than Casper) to help you sink a few putts on the green!
  12. Quite simply, I want to game these irons since the grooves (I hope) are conforming to the new rule!
  13. Golfwrx - thanks for another great promotion! David, I can only assume you are passionate about your products and think the adjustability and customization of your putters is an intriguing idea and would love to experience the process for myself. I have two questions: [b]1)[/b] There are many "fitting technologies" in your putters but - if you only had time to fit one aspect - what do you think is the single most critical element in custom creating a putter that ultimately works best for it's user (weight, lie, loft, alignment, design appeal, etc.)? [b]2)[/b] Second question relates to the Edel product strategy. How much added benefit would a user receive from moving up the product ladder: from Basic to Vari-Weight to Vari-Loft. I ask this as a consumer with a limited wallet since there are significant steps between the price-points.
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