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  1. ... or at a minimum, don't post anything I disagree with.
  2. Quite the despicable comments, especially on the day Dr. Nassar is sentenced to 175 years. Considering this wasn't BrianL99's first time in clear violation of board rules, I hope he was dealt with swiftly and justly. The parallels are uncanny. I'll be shocked if Gibson doesn't spend the rest of his life in jail.
  3. The guy tossed a 4 oz. headcover, he didn't beat him over the head with a Sand Wedge. The world is overrun with sensitivity. Are you all supporters of the "Me Too" movement, too?
  4. Imagine that! A Touring Professional and Major Winner, who doesn't carry the latest and the greatest ... nor even a Cameron putter. How many generations back are those PING irons?
  5. Was not me. I did not report anyone for the record. I'm not sure posting the most redundant thread in the history of WRX and threatening to report posters who disagree with you, is a great way to endear yourself to the members who have been here a little longer than your 30 days. Even I waited longer than 30 days, before antagonizing most everyone :) ... just an observation.
  6. I'm a little disappointed. When I went to sleep last night, I expected to wake up to THE ANSWER. Alas, the issue still hasn't been resolved.
  7. A thread on slow play? What a novelty. It's shocking that it's taken until today, to have a legitimate thread on slow play. My solution? Play faster and shoot the group in front of you, if necessary. Problem solved.
  8. Unfortunately my Taylormade UDI 2 iron has a higher moi than 2735 and I don’t know how to reduce it’s moi. But my 4-9 irons feel great. I went back later and hit the rest of the clubs and I really believe it made a difference. But then again... cognitive dissonance may have me saying that to justify spending $600. Cut an 1/8" off to bring down the MOI. No one has ever "tested" MOI Matching, to see how close you have to get. I figure if I'm within 10-15 points, it's close enough. Quite honestly, you'll probably find that you can't get club on the MOI Auditor, in exactly the same way every time, which will give you a +/- of at least 10-15.
  9. What would he do if he's short sided in the rough? Was he trying to spin it at all? More of a putting stroke? Dead handed and land it on the fringe. Never once do I remember him trying to "spin" to check the ball, on a chip ... or most pitches, for that matter. Of course, he's a Pro ... he knows better than to short-side himself :)
  10. A friend of mine recently qualified for the Web.com Tour. I walked with him for all 4 rounds of 2nd Stage and Final Stage. The most fascinating part of his game, was his "shot selection" when missing the green and I've been asking myself the same question the O.P. posted, since I watched him. Obviously, Qualifying was played on fairly fast greens, so that has an impact on shot selection. Also, both courses had Bermuda grass. In 8 rounds, he made exactly ONE "flop shot" and put it into a hazard. In almost every case, he hit the ball low and bounced it in the fringe. He and his caddy read every chip, like it was a putt. In 8 rounds, he played with some 20 different players ... all of whom had essentially the same approach to chipping. I'm thinking there was a message there.
  11. I was there, a friend of mine made it on the number. He made it through all 3 stages, right on the number. At Finals, he made zero putts over 8'. He missed 1 putt under 8'. In the 3rd round, he shot 69 with 34 Putts. He had (1) 3 Putt in 72 holes. He made one "lob shot" in 72 holes ... he hit it into a hazard. He made NO double-bogeys. Other than Drives hit exactly one "wow" shot (70 Yard pitch, to a back left pin position, 2 steps on, with a 2 tiered green. I was there for every shot and if you asked me how he made it, I have 3 answers: Putting, intangibles and he played 16 Par 5's. On the 72nd hole of 2nd Stage and the 72nd hole of Final Stage, he drove it 385, dead center in the middle of the fairway. The intangibles? Shot 6 under for the last 9 holes at 1st Stage, to get in on the number. Held it together with his "C Game", for the final round of 2nd Stage, to get in on the number (after a 2 hour wait). Shot 3 under for the last 4 holes at Final Stage, to get in on the number (after a 3 hour wait). He's been a vagabond, playing all over the world, for 10 years. China, Canada, Latin America ... all on his dime. The best line I heard all week, from one our friends was: "Most of the players look like they got dressed by Ralph Lauren and they're on the range, practicing with their coach and personal Trackman. Our boy looks like he was dressed by Wal-Mart and he doesn't want to spend $30 for a Yardage Book." IM played behind us and I watched him shoot 60. Should have been 55.
  12. I have NO affiliation, other than my daughter works for the company and she told me about the tickets, this morning. Even with her eimployee discount, they’re too rich for my blood. https://www.ruelala.com/boutique/product/110649/44962320/?dsi=SRQ-738773166--096d4da4-6dc3-4b87-8958-b6f76e774fa9&lsi=5f906ed1-9a71-4401-8142-08e7531f216d&pos=1
  13. Swingweight and MOI Matching are science (albeit not great science). It does what it does. It's an attempt to quantify "feel". If you don't like what I post, don't read my posts ... easily solution.
  14. No one has ever proven that O.J. did it. It's still only supposition and speculation.
  15. Do you feel the same way about MOI matching? OR MB Moi matching? Or swingweight matching? Respectfully, are you just looking to pick a fight? When an expert like Tom comes in and basically mirror's Brian's comments and others, it looks like your feathers have been ruffled and you're trying to get into it so you can walk away with some kind of win. Brian certainly can defend himself but can we just let this go? Respectfully as well. No I am not looking to pick a fight. I just asked because these topics seem to come back just as often as spining. And neither have been proven to bring about a distinctive edge in scoring and ball striking. And if you reread TW's post he did not exactly say that it was totally useless. @JasonP87 I only had one shaft pured a while back. I can do all the puring I want with my own equipment. Apples and oranges. Swingweighting is a readily identifiable characteristic of a club, as is MOI. I have no clue was "MB Moi" is. To my knowledge, no one has ever said either of them are anything other than a way to quantify "feel".
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