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  1. Both gone. Never imagined I would have received so many messages. Thanks
  2. Cameron Futura X5 Welded Slant Neck 33.5” Superstroke GT Tour $150 OBO The sole plate was pretty mangled on this when I got it. Sent it off to get the slant neck welded on and sole plate “fixed”. He ended up doing some stamps that look pretty cool. Was originally a dual balance but the extra weight was milled out from under the weight ports. Never got around to doing paint fill on it. Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 34.5” Ungripped $125 OBO Could either throw a grip on this one and game it or send it in for a restoration. Lead tape on the sole, can be removed if needed.
  3. I’ve actually learned quite a bit and refinished a bunch of putters since then. At this point I use a belt sander or a 3m wheel. However, the first one I did I just used a sanding block. The important thing is to go slow because you can’t add metal back once you’ve taken it off. Just round it to your liking and then bead blast it to even out the finish.
  4. I’d argue that a lot of amateurs would benefit from *attempting* to bow their wrist at the top.
  5. Thats what got me in this position it the first place. Had a weld neck x5 without a sole plate so I bought a cheap on just for the sole plate... so I still have one without. I’ve contacted just about everyone and the consensus is that it would be way too expensive to do a one-off mill. Thus the thought of 3D printing one.
  6. Kind of a shot in the dark here but who knows.... Has anyone had any success having a sole plate milled or 3D printed? I’m trying to find one for an x5 like below but obviously that’s kind of difficult to find on it’s own.
  7. I played mbs throughout college and the summer after. When I quit playing as much I got some GI irons. If I could go back, I would get a set of G25s or whatever and not look back.
  8. On full shots tour guys swing between 97-100%. Just do the math. If a stock 7 iron goes 185, an “80%” swing goes 148. Or, if they swing at “80%” for a stock 7 iron that goes 185, then they would hit it 222 at 100%.
  9. The harbor freight junk is not glass beads. It’s crushed glass that leaves a darker finish and marks up a lot easier than glass beads. Nonetheless it’s great to use on iron heads and raw wedges.
  10. I played NAIA. Team was always ranked top 25. Freshman and sophomore year we were in the top 10. I won a bunch of tournaments, conference POY, etc. Graduated with a 3.7 gpa. Just for background. 1) What kind of schedule does a student-athlete keep each day and during the week with respect to required practices and workouts? Coach was pretty lenient. He worked qualifying around our class schedules. Basically told us it was up to us to practice if we wanted to travel. He recruited golf nuts that didn’t have to be told to practice. Said we’d be better off spending an hour putting than in the gym. Old school. 2) What does a weekly schedule look like when there are tournaments (including travel)? Sunday- travel to course, practice round, check in at hotel. Fast food breakfast and dinner. Monday- hotel breakfast, round 1 (and 2 if it’s a 54 hole), fast food dinner Tuesday- hotel breakfast, round 2, head back to campus straight from the course. Fast food dinner. Homework in the van or when we got back to school. 3) What are the number of hours/week commitment for #1 and 2? Qualified 3 days a week and practiced when necessary. Probably devoted 5 hours/day during the week. 4) How hard is it to balance academics and social life? Not very. Leave the course, eat dinner/do homework, find the party. Don’t schedule 8 am classes. Find a classmate that takes good notes. Buy them dinner for their notes or something. 5) How difficult is it to have a tough major (e.g. pre-med, engineering)? Totally depends on your intelligence level/ test taking ability. If you’re smart and you know how to dissect multiple choice questions and can bs an essay then you’re fine. Tests are the main thing. Every teacher has a certain code to crack for their tests. Ask around figure it out. Figure out what the teacher cares about and tailor your written responses to that. 6) What do students do during the summer, specifically if they are pursuing an occupation where an internship is suggested or required to get a job after graduation? I played summer tournaments and worked at a golf course. I had several teammates who did internships without a problem. 7) What are the most important things to be considered from a golfing perspective when picking a program? I.e. coach vs team rank vs practice facilities vs home course vs teammates vs reputation of program? While it’s a team score, it’s an individual sport. You can win an individual national championship with the worst team in the country. I mean obviously it’s better to have a nicer facility but in the end if you have a shag bag and an open field you can get better if you have the desire. You spend most of your time with your coach and teammates in a van. Better to have a good coach and good teammates than to have a great practice facility. 8) Any schools with particularly strong alumni relationship among former golfers? Not sure what you’re asking here. I’m tight with a bunch of alumni from our school. Made a lot of great relationships. That’s the real version of it. You can make a long detailed schedule with workout time and practice time and homework time all made out, but the bottom line when it comes to the academics is whether or not it matters to you. If you care about passing your classes then you will. Whether that’s actually going to class or finding someone to take notes or writing test answers on the inside of your water bottle. You can pay the girl that sits beside you to do your homework while you go out. Would I encourage it? No. But it’s easily doable. With the golf, you can either play or you can’t. Scheduling 2 hours to putt 5 footers through a cute little tee gate or spending an hour doing sit-ups doesn’t mean jack s*** when you’ve gotta make par on a tight par 4 with water all over it for the team to win. That’s my take on it.
  11. Couple of putters up for sale today.. Byron Morgan DH89- Stainless, 33.5". Standard loft and lie. Lamkin standard size cord grip. - $325 OBO Cameron 7m- started as a dual balance, cut down to 33". Comes with wrench and extra 15g weights (has 5g in it currently). Standard loft and lie. Superstroke 3.0 grip -$170 OBO Thanks
  12. Title pretty much says all... How does backswing depth effect release pattern? It seems like the guys I see that get really deep tend to have that “leveraged” look post impact (Sergio, Mahan, Austin cook, Andrew Landry). Is there a correlation between backswing depth and release?
  13. Does anyone know where to find a flow neck component? Similar to what hireko sells but a flow neck instead of a plumbers neck. Thanks
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