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  1. Spin has a huge effect on distance and being able to see the spin rate will help you understand how well you are striking the ball. You can feel like you are crushing your driver with good ball speed, but fall way short on distance because of too much back spin. If it's not measuring spin, you won't find out until you go to the course and everything is coming up short.
  2. I would at least upgrade to a GPS that doesn't require scrolling a list a targets/hazards. Not sure which skycaddie you had in the past, but the newer ones you can just double-tap the screen and the numbers appear on the hole image or you can move a cursor anywhere on the screen to get a distance. I could def see myself being frustrated trying to scroll a list to find a specific target/hazard. As far at point and shoot, you can shoot bunkers or other hazards if they are in your sight.
  3. I use skytrak and TGC19 can be used offline, but you do not get the full course library offline. E6 connect can be played offline as well. I'm not sure if uneekor is different.
  4. I used the LX5 most of winter since it was cart path only and just easier to carry around out of the cart. The display has to be the best out there with full images of the hole and green. I was surprised how light weight it is. I don't usually wear a watch in every day life, so I was worried about it bugging me, but I don't even really notice it now.
  5. No, I do not believe so. There is usually several years between the sim versions of TGC. 2k21 is video game only.
  6. What are the spin numbers looking like?
  7. I feel like the accuracy on most of these are pretty close as far as ball flight goes. The more expensive ones usually have the added ability to provide club data. That is really where you see a price jump. I don't think anyone is doing any real club data in the $4k range, so that will be very interesting to see.
  8. Yes, you can set it to gimmes. I think its something like inside 6 feet 1 putt and everything else 2 putt.
  9. You'll get the hang of the layout once you use it a few times. 1. It will only save the 1 profile, it will not save anything for a second player. 2. I believe you can move your mouse around the mini map and even click on a spot on the mini map to change your aim spot and see distances. (make sure to exit out of scout view before hitting a shot) 3. You cannot change the preset distances, but the club selection is not needed. That is for the video game version. 4. Changing the club has no effect on the shot unless you are putting. 5. I know when you finish playing a cour
  10. Radar just is not as good indoors as camera based systems. Radar is great for outside since it tracks the ball for so long, but when you shorten that flight indoors, that is when it can have issues giving accurate data. So you would be paying a lot more for something that really is not more accurate than the lower priced devices. The way I look at is radar units are outdoor launch monitors that can be used inside and camera based units are indoor launch monitors that can be used outside.
  11. I would stay away from the top end radar units if you are just using it inside honestly. I'd look at one of the high end uneekor or gc models with budget not being an issue.
  12. I would just lay some kind of turf or padding down from your hitting mat to the net. Doesn't the mevo+ need a level surface all the way from the mevo+ through the hitting mat and to the net to read properly anyway?
  13. Its seriously as easy and turning it on and putting it on the ground. If you're worried about it being perfectly perpendicular to your screen, just mark a spot on the ground. I can usually just eye ball it and make sure its straight and start hitting.
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