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  1. Guessing it’s the texan on the left. Join wood bros on Instagram. Lots of great photos
  2. Never heard I’d such irons. I have some UK eye 2’s and these have serial #’s running horizontal around the hosel. They were owned by a pga tour player (major winner, Ryder cup player and Ryder cup captain). Calc, tway, robert games, Ken green are some big names tour players that all used stock eye 2’s. The offset was strange to look at but once you gamed them you easily converted to love them.
  3. Looks like a component club. Definitely not a classic! You’ll need a loft device to check the loft or take it into a golf shop like Edwin watts to measure. even knowing what the stock loft may be does not mean it’s accurate. You need to have it measured
  4. I have a new/unhit laminate ginty I had shafted up 2 years ago. We’ll see if I hit it
  5. I’ve hit a ginty sw but it was 30+ years ago. Think my dad still has it. These sets can be purchased pretty cheap. Always wondered how the long irons functioned with the ginty sole. The woods are great. Grew up as a junior gaming a laminate 7 wood. It was always awesome.
  6. Never seen this marking before . Looks like it was modded not by ping. My guess is the owner wanted to fill a gap and likely had 2 becu wedges and he changed the loft on one and added the dot to tell the difference. You should join the old school ping group on Facebook. Good first post for that group. I’m an admin there. Cheers.
  7. Tad is a member of the persimmon golf society forum on Facebook and does respond to questions there. Feel free to sign up and ask him. Who better to ask but him! If you’ve emailed him that may work too
  8. Pair of genuine leather PING driver headcovers Description from ping site: velour-padded, 100% genuine leather headcover that offers extra padding in the top and bottom, plus an embroidered PING logo. these retail for $70 USD plus taxes and shipping (currently out of stock) Price is $60 each, shipped from Los Angeles within the USA lower 48. PayPal or local cash deal. Please send me a private message
  9. Serial numbers on clubs around the hosel are European market clubs from what I understand . I have an eye 2 sw with a serial like that which was part of a pga tour player (and major winner ) collection.
  10. You’d be hard pressed to have it restored for $100. Beyond the cracks it needs a full overhaul and assume you’d want a new shaft, new grip, insert reset, etc. sole plate looks like it can be saved. Think $150ish with a few folks plus shipping x2 is more likely.. If it’s for your collection and/or to game then it may be worth it. A 3 wood doesn’t have a ton of value unlike a driver, You won’t get DW’s hands on it for 3x$100.
  11. Hi charley- would you say the same about the persimmon m65 line? I always loved the BWB inserts. I have a set in original condition and was thinking about having them refinished to hit.
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