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  1. @onafriday How about these? Not my listing. Skins have been around for a long time. Minimal branding. Probably a good fit for you. I didn’t know skins made the long neck covers. I have a few barrel vintage skins and the leather quality is good. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SKINS-Leather-Golf-Head-Covers-Lot-Black-On-Black/233910502622?hash=item36762704de:g:WBwAAOSwqKZgN8Qq
  2. Older graphite shafts used to wear when rubbing against the top of the golf bag. Don’t think this is an issue any more thus why the longer neck covers aren’t needed. What’s driving your need for longer necks? Many of These can typically stretch and unravel over time.also.
  3. FootJoy icon shield tip all white 9M & Cru leather headcovers (driver and fairway wood) *** mods - not the same shoes I recently had advertised ** 1st the golf shoes..... - size 9M brand new in the box. Originally retailed for $350. Pics tell the story. $250 usd plus actual shipping from CA to lower 48 states . No trades. also have a couple of great Cru leather headcovers made in the USA. Gently used. Orange and white. A few small marks on the fairway wood cover by the #. I’m going with a different bag/headcover color combo now so letting these go. D
  4. What about these? I’m a big ping fan. I have at least 40 of the vintage fur covers without the long sock portion as well.
  5. Found a fellow online who uses flags, jerseys, etc to make headcovers. Thought this was a great idea also. Here are a few examples from his Instagram. What do you all think? I am planning on giving him a try.
  6. One thing to think about are that rain pants don’t fit like regular pants. They are made to wear over your clothes so they are baggy and the crotch is quite low. The inseam sounds short but it’s probably a good 3-4” lower than your pants so a 29” inseam is likely comparable to 32-33” for normal fitting pants.
  7. Cru are fantastic quality. Thick leather is unmatched, Many like Dormie but they are more considerably more expensive and the leather is nowhere near the quality of Cru or robert mark. Agree with head gear also....lower price point with pretty good quality.
  8. Tour only....not available in retail stores. eBay if you want them but not cheap!
  9. He’s wearing a few types of shoes. Saw him sporting g/fore also. Not sure where he’s going to land but he did want to buy more from me, which was a surprise...but I don’t mind.
  10. Keith Mitchell bought a pair of my FootJoy classics off of eBay from me in early January so that he could wear them in hawaii at the Sony open. He was a Nike guy but he’s sporting very different new logos in 2021
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