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  1. Hi charley- would you say the same about the persimmon m65 line? I always loved the BWB inserts. I have a set in original condition and was thinking about having them refinished to hit.
  2. Not sure if this is the one you mention. Photos with the 2 LFF’s
  3. It’s still pretty light but dave wood has a website now and some action on Instagram as well. https://www.woodbrothersgolf.com. Figured many of you would be interested. I love my wood bros and happy to see persimmon making a mark again.
  4. Online Persimmon groups like on Facebook are driving up interest and values. Many battles there for the same top tier items. I know someone that sold a LFF for $2500 recently. Guys are home due to Covid so it’s creating More drive to buy and build out collections. Many are spending less....no travel, less gas, etc.... so more disposable income to blow on clubs. $2k is a heck of a lot for one of these but I’m glad to see values increasing
  5. David has rebuilt/refinished 15-20 persimmons for me. Nice gent and very reasonable rates also.
  6. No U wedge was offered back then with the eye ‘s. If you want a matching iron in between it should be cheap to buy an odd eye2+ and have it bent. Perfect timing to check snd reset all of your lofts and lies. If you’ve never checked I’m sure they are all out if whack. Best investment that many golfers don’t do,
  7. I’ve confirmed via the maltby guide.......Full red perforated grips = 1956.
  8. I shared it on Facebook persimmon golf society.. The seller is in this golfwrx thread.....note that he isn’t selling it for $1400.....The auction bidding is determining the value. It’s all original. We will see where it lands
  9. Ya was a good day. Interesting enough I picked up a set of m85’s (1-2-3).....2 weeks ago...rough shape but they can be brought back....also another m85 driver a week prior. Sometimes when it rains it pours.
  10. Lucky local find this weekend....some amazing drivers including 2 MacGregor M09 jumbo LFF’s, a George Bayer jumbo, an m85 (3rd in 4 weeks), a 693, and a SS1W.
  11. Photos? Regripping - if gaming them sure why not. Reshafting? Question is why.....wrong flex? They aren’t worth that much and reshafting would likely cost their full value. Need to better understand why you are thinking to reshafting. Muirfields are a great set.
  12. Hate to see clubs in the garbage but not much there that I can see. I recall my mom playing lynx tigress back in the day. Agree on the maltby guides.....those would have been the pick of the litter.
  13. Any idea on the year of these? Someone told me 56-7 but I’m not a Spalding expert. I’d like to move them. Appreciate your insight.
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