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  1. If you sell enough stuff you're going to have those cases eventually. Though some sellers are just asking for trouble with how they grade their items.
  2. What a pain in the rear. But I'll roll with it, eBay's been good to me for a long time. Those who say "Bah! I'm moving all my stuff outta there" -- where exactly do you think you can go to match their reach? Especially to move random, ugly crap.
  3. And I'm guessing the claim process is annoying enough that people will give up in the middle of it, and tell themselves "it's just $4."
  4. How do you mean free for life? If you file a warranty claim and get a new glove, isn't that the end of the transaction? I'd find it hard to believe that the subsequent glove would be covered by the previous warranty.
  5. Well, this didn't go as planned. Thought I had bought one of these at release -- clicking very quickly at the drop time -- only to get an email today from Callaway saying they inadvertently oversold these and that I wouldn't get one. Got a refund plus a 50 percent off callawaygolf.com code, except it didn't work. So I wrote them and got another code, which also doesn't work. It takes a lot for me to b*tch about a brand, but this experience hasn't been too good.
  6. Yeah, all you get is worldwide exposure and virtually guaranteed sales if you price stuff right. And as mentioned, buyers there are used to paying for shipping.
  7. Part of the gig. It's all chatter until the money shows up.
  8. That's crazy. I'd have lost my mind a lot quicker than you did. Also the unfortunate side result of the walker vs. rider, sometimes you'll get that renegade in the cart who wants to go investigate everyone's shots before his own.
  9. Just to play devil's advocate, why not? If you say it's FAKE in the title and the description and list at a silly low price that removes any doubt as to what it is -- what's the harm? Maybe someone takes it as a project set to cut up or whatever. I'm not saying I would do it, I've been a seller on ebay and elsewhere for years with perfect feedback and don't want the hassle, but I wouldn't be offended if someone else did as long as it was labeled clearly.
  10. It's just a strange time. I always use USPS and have had maybe two significant delays out of 200 shipments in the last few months. They still got to me, just got stuck in Sacramento for a while. Hard to complain, IMO.
  11. How “limited” do we really think these are? I submitted my info and, voila, was “selected” to be among those to get one of the first sets. Just give them a $500 deposit to be applied to the $2750. If I knew they were a run of 100 I’d pay the whole tab now. If they’re cranking out as many as needed, I’m less impressed. But mum seems to be word on quantity.
  12. It is what it is. I've sold probably 2,000 items on eBay and can count on one hand the number of bad transactions. On the other hand, the buyer protection has helped me a couple times. I think it still comes down to dealing with the right people, which you can usually figure out with feedback, and avoiding items when you can that can cause problems.
  13. Jeez, that's awful. Sounds like they knew exactly what they were doing. Every starter I've ever dealt with gives his entire spiel before you put a peg in the ground.
  14. Wow, multiple shots fired on Lambcrafted. Expensive ball markers, divot tools, alignment stick covers, etc., are not scams. You don't need any to play the game, nor do any of them advertise an extra 10 yards, strokes gained, etc. A scam is a course charging you the full freight, then you discover on the first green that they punched three days ago.
  15. I had a package from Golfio that stopped cold in shipping two weeks after I bought it in late May. Very helpful rep asked me to wait three days if there was no further movement, then call back for a replacement. I did, and they sent pronto. And then what arrives TODAY, but the original package. Box was beat all to heck but it was just a soft good, so now I have two for the price of one.
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