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  1. If we're talking "best deal you ever found and then you sold it for massive profit," I picked up a Tyson Lamb copper shield off eBay two years ago for $150.
  2. And another thing about eBay ... EVERYTHING sells eventually if it's priced right. Can't tell you how many times I've put something up fairly obscure with a fixed price, thrown it in a drawer and forgotten about it -- then 9 months, a year later someone buys it.
  3. We get "done with eBay" threads here all the time and I say the same thing all the time -- find me a marketplace with a bigger reach. I'd love less in fees like the next guy, but eBay has earned it by being the top dog for two decades. And I can charge for shipping, which is a huge help compared to the BST and Facebook marketplace, where most buyers are aghast at the thought of paying even though they surely pay shipping from most online retailers. I also ship a lot of stuff overseas, and you can't beat the Global Shipping Program. For me, that's often just first-class postage from
  4. Great thread. Toyota Highlander is probably $15k and bag is $1k -- but my driver is an old TaylorMade RBZ that I cannot knock out of the bag for anything, and I've never been able to find the exact same club in a backup and I likely won't now. So if the car gets jacked and someone finds me crying on the street -- it's because that driver is gone.
  5. I have this in black, walked 18 holes for the first time over the weekend and even though the bag itself isn't light, it wasn't "heavy" at all with all my stuff and I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I'd be after the hilly round. The weight-balancing thing on the strap is brilliant. And all the storage is really well thought-out, with more than I need.
  6. Thanks guys ... yeah, if you said English Turn was bad two months ago I can't imagine it would be markedly better now. I was last in N.O. 20-plus years ago for a bachelor party; I know we played golf but all I remember was we were in the car a while to get to our course.
  7. Posting here since the "Southeast" board gets less traffic ... I'm heading to New Orleans for spring break in two weeks and the family is letting me out for one day to knock it around. What's one public must-play? TPC Louisiana came to mind first since the Zurich is in April; I'm not against spending a couple bucks but there's the usual TPC sticker shock, $200-plus. I know there's English Turn, too. Is one of those the answer or am I missing something else?
  8. I don't read much into ghosting. Sometimes people get cold feet when they login to their PayPal and have to take the cash out. Not too much unlike when you pull something off the shelf at the store, walk around with it a bit, but just don't take it to the register. Of course it's a pain in the rear for sellers, but blocking seems extreme. Maybe that person actually buys a lot of stuff and will come back your way later.
  9. Maybe I don't look at enough clothes online, but that's the first time I've seen short-sleeve shirts modeled by guys with sizeable lower-arm tats.
  10. I'm much more of a seller than a buyer on eBay, but to be honest their tendency to side with the buyer the vast majority of the time doesn't bother me. Of course you have some lowlifes who will take advantage, that happens anywhere there are customer-friendly policies. But if you don't side with buyers, you don't have a business. I don't know if you can compare it much to Facebook marketplace, that's far more Wild Wild West and more of a niche for certain items -- like when my wife had me drive 30 miles last weekend to pick up a $15 table. Not gonna get that done on eBay.
  11. I don't think there's anything wrong with eBay; if you sell enough stuff you're going to have a dispute at some point. But if you look at all the threads here over the years about eBay disputes, they're almost always over clubs and putters. People are just more particular about those and if the items are used, you get disagreements on condition.
  12. Yes, support The Golfer's Journal! Great storytelling and, again, the extras more than pay for the premium subscription.
  13. I thought it was impossible to do worse than the real stock cover for the T22s ... I was wrong!
  14. If buyers are being d*cks about shipping delays, be sympathetic ("yeah man, this sucks, I'm waiting for stuff too") but DO NOT offer refunds or the like. Because there's nothing you can do about what is surely the biggest shipping holiday in the history of the world with the pandemic keeping everyone home on Amazon, etc. In 99.99 percent of cases, people are going to get their stuff. I told someone yesterday to check back with me after New Year's if it's still not there.
  15. The "BST Revoked" tag next to someone's name sucks. I've got it too, and you'll notice I have perfect feedback. Back in the day, all I did was make good deals and happy buyers. I will always disagree with the mods on my ban, but it's their sandbox and I abide. To stick any kind of label on me, however, isn't fair.
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