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  1. And the mod explanation in the post above doesn't make any sense when it comes to Ross shoes. If buyers aren't buying them, then the shoes will disappear off the first page and eventually not be listed at all (or very rarely). If people are buying them, then what's the harm? If Ross somehow had a fire sale with $20/doz brand new ProV1s and flippers ran to the BST to sell them for $30, isn't that a win-win-win?
  2. I once bought a lot of several dozen ProV1s on eBay and they were fake. Ended up getting money back and all that so it's not a personal horror story, but was a great lesson in fake ProV1s. The boxes were shrink wrapped. I know ProV1 boxes very well and these actually felt a little smaller -- and when I put one up next to a real box, I was right. Reading around the box, there were typos, off-looking fonts and just some strange language in a few spots. These were ProV1s but the boxes even said ProV1x in the small type on the sides. As for the balls, I put a couple in my hand (heyo!) and they absolutely felt different and had a different clicking sound compared to two authentic balls. Didn't even want to hit them, so I didn't. I've played ProV1s for many years and bought/sold many, many dozens, so again the fakes were obvious to me. But I could see where these could easily be passed off as real to a casual golfer, and that's pretty scary.
  3. Yup, being banned sucks.
  4. Hmm, no. It's held up great; zero complaints.
  5. The headcovers are hideous and I don't know how folks can argue that. If they feel the putter should be kept with the original cover, fine. But I couldn't get rid of my T22 cover fast enough, though I love the putter.
  6. I know no two clubs are alike; mine is privately owned and the owner has handled all the improvements. There was no initiation fee when we joined. Maybe they're not all scams, but a lot of private clubs that are asking exorbitant fees are just doing it for the vanity. If a club is asking for $100,000 up front, then it's pretty flush already.
  7. I say the initiation fees are a scam. But memberships? Nah. I have one to a club, a social membership with no initiation, that includes 16 or 18 (I forget which) rounds a year, which is perfect for me. Plus all the range balls I want. The other golfers are by and large good guys and the tournament calendar is solid. The kids have a pool and the club does a bunch of special events year-round. It's a good deal that I can pay for just by reselling those scam $100 headcovers
  8. Dang. This was so well-stocked after the last couple PGAs, even before the pandemic.
  9. eBay, all day. Buyer pays shipping. I know eBay fees can suck, but at least I'm not picking up shipping.
  10. Yessss! I hit this hard last fall/winter, will bookmark again.
  11. Got a pair of Greg Norman shorts that I really liked, went back this morning to buy whatever they had left ... they only had one, but for $14 and free shipping it's a go. What a great sale.
  12. I think I showed remarkable restraint in buying just four shirts and a pair of shorts -- or was just lucky there wasn't more stuff in my size/stuff I liked. Always laugh at the little inventory stickers on all the stuff, new clothes get a "10" rating.
  13. Looks like it works for FJ apparel. Good find OP.
  14. Just enjoying reading three threads about bad sellers while I sit here forever BST banned, having had perfect feedback and nothing but happy customers. Carry on.
  15. LOL the guy wearing a golf glove in a TV studio. I'm a member at Maple Creek, it is indeed private. As for the Pfau Course ... whew, played it two weeks ago with seven buddies and everyone left in despair. Even our 4 handicap didn't break 90. We all knew the land as students when it was the old IU course, which could play long and woody but fine for the young hackers we were. An IU student (or anyone else) who is a novice golfer should stay far, far away from the Pfau.
  16. Dang, I'm planning on being there at the end of June and that would be a week or so after many of these aerations. But really glad to see this list, thank you.
  17. Could easily be a staff member, like someone in the cart barn who doesn't make much cash but has eagle eyes and wandering fingers. My dad belonged to a club and let them store his bag since he lived just down the street, and one day he went to play and a newer wedge was missing. And he always counted his clubs after every round, an old caddie habit that never went away. He got the pro involved and long story short, the wedge magically turned up.
  18. Years ago, McDonald's discontinued its Hot Mustard nugget sauce (which was damn good and has since returned). Created a helluva black market on eBay.
  19. If we're talking "best deal you ever found and then you sold it for massive profit," I picked up a Tyson Lamb copper shield off eBay two years ago for $150.
  20. And another thing about eBay ... EVERYTHING sells eventually if it's priced right. Can't tell you how many times I've put something up fairly obscure with a fixed price, thrown it in a drawer and forgotten about it -- then 9 months, a year later someone buys it.
  21. We get "done with eBay" threads here all the time and I say the same thing all the time -- find me a marketplace with a bigger reach. I'd love less in fees like the next guy, but eBay has earned it by being the top dog for two decades. And I can charge for shipping, which is a huge help compared to the BST and Facebook marketplace, where most buyers are aghast at the thought of paying even though they surely pay shipping from most online retailers. I also ship a lot of stuff overseas, and you can't beat the Global Shipping Program. For me, that's often just first-class postage from my home in Indianapolis to the shipping center at the Cincinnati airport.
  22. Great thread. Toyota Highlander is probably $15k and bag is $1k -- but my driver is an old TaylorMade RBZ that I cannot knock out of the bag for anything, and I've never been able to find the exact same club in a backup and I likely won't now. So if the car gets jacked and someone finds me crying on the street -- it's because that driver is gone.
  23. I have this in black, walked 18 holes for the first time over the weekend and even though the bag itself isn't light, it wasn't "heavy" at all with all my stuff and I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I'd be after the hilly round. The weight-balancing thing on the strap is brilliant. And all the storage is really well thought-out, with more than I need.
  24. Thanks guys ... yeah, if you said English Turn was bad two months ago I can't imagine it would be markedly better now. I was last in N.O. 20-plus years ago for a bachelor party; I know we played golf but all I remember was we were in the car a while to get to our course.
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