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  1. If the round "counts" for something, certainly I want to score. If not, and this is a one-time event, I'd rather have my ball striking at the top of its game and just chalk up the putting to bad greens
  2. If you're the LOW MAN IN THE GROUP you cannot have Low Net but NOT low gross. It's mathematically impossible.
  3. I have a bunch from par 4s. I think I'm up to 9 or 10 (plus two aces). I holed out TWICE this year on par 4s. One from 129 and the other from 158. While you don't have the benefit of a tee, you have more opportunities since there are usually 10 par 4s vs 4 par 3s in a given round.
  4. It's been known to occasionally happen. I remember this one: https://www.theoaklandpress.com/2013/05/03/oakland-university-golfer-hits-two-holes-in-one-in-same-round-with-video/
  5. You're missing the point in this example though. If a player can only win 1 of the pots (the larger of the two) and the larger of the two is the gross game, that means the lowest handicap player can NEVER win the Net pot, not because he can't get the lowest net score, but because for the lowest handicap player to have the lowest net score, he would also have to have the lowest gross score.
  6. The problem is that if the gross money is > the net money, the low handicapper can NEVER win the Net prize EVER. Whereas other players can win either one.
  7. Not sure how this is possible unless the bunker is almost completely flat and you don't have to get up over a lip.
  8. Just a warning that with GameGolf, their SG stats are based on other people who have entered data. I've found that the SG is off due to people not "fixing" their taggings. e.g. they knock one 30 feet from the hole, lag it up to a foot or two, and don't tag the 2nd shot. When they "add" a shot for the putt, GameGolf puts that extra shot right between the previous shot and the hole. So that the first putt went 15 feet, and then the 2nd putt was HOLED from 15 feet. Completely skews the SG data. I'm not sure if ShotScope does that as well, so I always base SG off of tour pros (whose data is not available with GameGolf). At least I know the data is right with tour pros.
  9. Golfer 1 (me) plays between 6300-6600 yards on a typical day. My home course is 72.6 / 137 6560 yards.
  10. Didn't we just have this thread? Carry distance 215-220, got down to a 0.8 index mid year, once leagues ended a month ago and greens got punched, I'm back up to a 3.0.\ I miss few fairways and rare get into trouble. Chip a lot close, deadly with the hybrids.
  11. While the TXG players are good players and can adapt, drastically changing tee height will change the player's SWING itself. It's more than just a matter of hitting it higher on the face. I'm not a huge Crossfield fan, but I think he covered this pretty well here:
  12. You still have more clubs than I do. You'll be fine!
  13. Rather struggle on the greens, because anybody can get hot for one week. Ball striking usually is more consistent.
  14. Just think of Augusta with a couple of really accessible pins on Sunday (16th hole, eg.)
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