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  1. It depends on the length, but usually not. Must be 1500 yards for 9 holes, or 3000 yards for 18 holes to get a valid rating. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/world-handicap-system/world-handicap-system-usga-golf-faqs/faqs---course-length-for-ratings.html
  2. I'm all about a good pace. But the problem, and I've said it a million times, is that you CANNOT have an absolute universal time to what is acceptable. In the US, the courses are different. Most aren't walkable, and the drive time between holes (and sometimes even getting back to your cart) adds 30 minutes to a round, JUST FOR THAT. That's why it's called "pace of play" and not "time of play". Every course is different. This is why the USGA has a "pace of play rating". A good pace at my local muni might be < 4 hours, and the course down the road might be 4:40. While there are sloooow
  3. While that gets you in the ballpark, you have to make sure you NEVER divide the slope by 2. The Slope is a ratio. When combining the slope of front and back 9, it's an AVERAGE of the two, not a total. In other words, if you had a course which was 72.0 / 126, you COULD assume the front and back ratings are 36.0 (while unlikely, it's probably pretty close). However the slope is NOT 63, the slope would remain at 126. But finding the actual 9 hole ratings on the National Course DB is much better. Also website and even printed scorecards are often really inaccurate.
  4. If they'd make their data structure public I'd happily write a 3rd party app to support this device, if for no other reason than to get the raw data off it.
  5. Weather: Add 2% for every 10F under 75 degrees (assuming 75 degrees is your "stock" yardage). Reduce yardage 2% every 10 over 75F Weather: Dry air the ball travels SHORTER Golf Balls: Did you leave your club in the car overnight when it's cold? They won't go as far. Player: I think you'd be surprised at how much your swing speed is lessened when you even have 1 extra layer on. Get to a launch monitor and determine it yourself. For me, just a light jacket is about 4% SS with the driver. That's 10-12 yards.
  6. Original GG doesn't have a subscription.
  7. I know I'll never buy another GG device. Keeping the API running to transfer the data costs them nothing.
  8. Same problem transferring here. As a little bonus, after it hangs, you lose the round info forever. GameGolf says they dropped support for the transfer app: http://support.gamegolf.com/en/articles/4596434-game-golf-classic I guess we are SOL!!
  9. I think this whole notion of a "swing overhaul" is ridiculous. A good coach will fix your main issue, have you work on that, then go from there. If your guy has you changing 5 things at once, RUN. It's a stupid method, because one change will affect things down the line, and you have to see what those things will be before you go changing them as well.
  10. We use 100%, but we use a modified version of the World Handicap System. We take the best 4 out of 6 differentials with Net Double Bogey ESC. We're a combo match play/stroke play league. 2-man teams, 9 holes. A vs A, B vs B for 2 pts per hole, 2 points for low net for each individual match, 4 pts for the team low net - total of 44 points possible.
  11. It's completely illogical, and the USGA knows it, but frankly, how many + caps are playing in net events? That's why it's a non-issue, generally. I suppose a + might be playing match play against a buddy with a few strokes, but to adjust it properly would add some complexity to the system which they were trying to eliminate with the Course Handicap calculation change in the World Handicap System.
  12. Depends on the game. If you're playing 2-man teams, best ball, you should play off the low man. If you're playing skins, use full handicaps. If you're doing neither, you'll have to be more specific as to the format of play. I ran a statistical analysis a few years ago on net skins, and how best to handle them, using real scores from my golf league website. In short, when there are 8 players in the field, low handicappers have an equal chance of winning a skin as high handicappers. If you have more than 8 players, the higher handicappers are favored, and progressively are more favored the farth
  13. Sounds like Gary Player is making up stories again!
  14. I'm betting he could pop a 3 wood farther from the same lie. Anybody have a Trackman who cares to do some testing and post the numbers?
  15. Why wouldn't it be legal? You can choose to renew at the offered rate or not.
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