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  1. Anyone have experience with Tomo shoes? They look worthy of trying out a pair, wondering about fit. https://tomogolf.com
  2. The 17-4 face on the i59 is one of the main reasons I’m looking at them. I live in NC and the sanding soil really has done a number on my MCCs in just 2 years of play. I’m thinking the 17-4 would hold up better compared to the softer face of my MCCs or 223s. The 223s look to have some impressive tech built into the longer irons that should help them be more playable. For those that have hit both how do the long irons in the i59s compare?
  3. Ya, I was a little harsh on the guy. Really want the i59s, the 223s make that a tough decision. I’m interested in the gap between 7 and 8 iron on the 223s with the different tech. I’m sure they nailed it, just interested. Honestly the MCC are amazing, after 2 years getting the itch for something different.
  4. If you watch this from a guy with a mizuno hat and pullover on, there’s no question Pro 223s for the win. I’m a little surprised there’s that much difference in distance.
  5. Anyone been able to try both of these and offer their experience? I’ve been playing MP20 MCCs for the past 2 years. Looking to get into something new. These are the 2 I’m most interested in. I’ve been real happy with the MCCs which makes me want to lean toward the 223s. Before the MCCs I’ve played Ping irons for years, I would like to get back into Ping if the i59s are anywhere close to as playable as the 223s.
  6. I’m in the same setup Ping 425 LST and TSi2 3 wood. Tried the TSi3 driver, couldn’t get along with it. Been playing Ping drivers for years, so back to Ping and I’m glad I did, loving the 425. The TSi2 3 wood is as you say so easy to launch and control. I love the feel of it too, bought a matching 7 wood that I enjoy as much. I play AV Raw Orange in the driver and blue in the fairways all tx. Setup works for me.
  7. I did the putter fitting there. I took 3 putters with me to find out which one works best for my stroke. The 1.5 hours is actually two sessions. Your first session is an hour. Kyle will check out your stroke and make adjustments to your putter. He will also give you some things to work on that will improve your putting. Go back another day for 30 min to see if you have improved. Kyle is a great kid and extremely knowledgeable about putting and putter fitting. I honestly thought he would try and sell me a new putter. He told me what I have after a loft adjustment works great for me, no need to spend extra money. Make sure you ask him to email you a copy of the SAM report. There’s a lot of info there, you will not be able to absorb it all while you’re there. The SAM putter lab experience for me has probably been the best 150.00 I have ever spent on golf.
  8. Loggerhead golf in Wilmington is an excellent store. Very knowledgeable staff and they have a SAM putter lab to dial in the right putter for you. Make sure you call ahead and make an appointment, they’re always busy there.
  9. I hit the 7 iron head from the fit cart a short time ago. I put the LS in just to see how it felt and the numbers it would produce. Flight scope gave me 5400 spin which I think is too low. I play $tapers in my MCCs, plan to try i59 with them and the KBS tour. Love the look of the head. Agree with most soft but firm feel, I would definitely be happy with them. I think I’ll be waiting for them to get out to the masses and get some real reviews. I like the idea of having a 17-4 face. I live in NC, I would think the face will hold up better to the sandy soil I play on.
  10. Yellow Black and X up on the site now, if you’re looking for them
  11. I play the black, would be happy to take them off your hands, how much?
  12. Brand shiny new, with TT bag tag included. 500.00 OBO shipped.
  13. Anyone else in here get some of the ZG21s off extra butter? I got a pair along with some slides, there’s still no shipping info. I’m wondering if anyone has received tracking info from them?
  14. I called CS at FJ they recommended size 10.
  15. I always try on before I buy, these will be a gift for my son, hence the question...
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