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  1. I hit the 7 iron head from the fit cart a short time ago. I put the LS in just to see how it felt and the numbers it would produce. Flight scope gave me 5400 spin which I think is too low. I play $tapers in my MCCs, plan to try i59 with them and the KBS tour. Love the look of the head. Agree with most soft but firm feel, I would definitely be happy with them. I think I’ll be waiting for them to get out to the masses and get some real reviews. I like the idea of having a 17-4 face. I live in NC, I would think the face will hold up better to the sandy soil I play on.
  2. Yellow Black and X up on the site now, if you’re looking for them
  3. I play the black, would be happy to take them off your hands, how much?
  4. Brand shiny new, with TT bag tag included. 500.00 OBO shipped.
  5. Anyone else in here get some of the ZG21s off extra butter? I got a pair along with some slides, there’s still no shipping info. I’m wondering if anyone has received tracking info from them?
  6. I called CS at FJ they recommended size 10.
  7. I always try on before I buy, these will be a gift for my son, hence the question...
  8. Looking for some help. Planning on buying my son a pair of the new Footjoy Premiere shoes for his birthday. He wears a 10.5 in adidas golf shoes. Is 10.5 in the FJ the correct size?
  9. I think stock is 8 grams, thats what mine is.
  10. I have 2 in mine, I play at 44 3/4, no issues. One is in the first notch towards the toe and one is in the first notch towards the heal from center. You cant put them next 2 each other there needs to be a open notch between them. The weight bay also made a great place to keep lead tape covered up until I got the additional weight.
  11. Ping fetch with stability shaft, a straight back-straight through machine. In good shape, recently replaced the grip. Plays at 35”. Comes with head cover. 150.00 shipped.
  12. 1. Wilmington NC 2. 8.2 3. ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Mizuno MP20 MMC $Taper 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Sole design, Tungsten weighting 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  13. For those of you playing this shaft how much did you tip your driver and or 3 wood? Thinking of going with this shaft in both, my driver speed runs 107-110. Thanks
  14. I’ve played i210, cant go wrong with them, I own MP20 MMC, I love them. I’ve played Ping forever, when it came time to upgrade I just wanted something different. I think long term the Pings have the advantage, they will be more durable being cast. Short term the MP20s just feel like butter.
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