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  1. If 8 and up are one piece forged is there a benefit, beyond feel versus all 225, seems all the forgiveness is in 7 and back?
  2. I’m breaking at the 8 after much back and forth. Not that it matters!
  3. Correction only 3 slots, heel, front and rear. I assume based on that there may be some internal weighting - but I am not having any issues hitting this club well - it's point and shoot (heavy weight in front), but I am older, slower swing speed, and lack some distance. That applies to some extent with all drivers. This one is every bit as accurate as the G400 Max that I used to play years ago - if not more.
  4. Given the weighting system i don’t believe so. I think there are 4 weight locations? But j can’t recall right now.
  5. is this the proper size shaft for a scotty phantom x 5.5 ? I am always wondering since this is a shaft over vice plumbers neck shaft.
  6. Fedex ground is the worst of the worst. That said, I’ve bought 3 golf clubs from Japan, sent FedEx priority, or something. Arrived from Tokyo to DC 3 to 4 days. USPS seldom does that from 200 miles away!
  7. I am having a hard time understanding why the 225s go to the 2 iron when they have the new fli hi driving irons coming in the same (I assume release)? is a customary 2 iron more versatile than the fli hi? I am interested the 225s 4-pw and a fli hi 3.
  8. I understand. I’m more concerned about how the ball comes off the 9 pw on the different models.
  9. Interesting look at the transition. So, what’s the difference between the 225 and 221 when it comes to the 9-pw? Both seem to be solid clubs, if that’s true then might the 223 be an option to keep the distance and control more consistent? Or wild it better to alter the loft to add the lost distance going from hollow to solid?
  10. I was at the THP experience and used these, thanks THP and Mizuno. Love these wedges. these photos are from last week, 6-7 weeks use. 48-54-58
  11. Can you pm me what site that is? I’m honestly curious!
  12. I have the v2 and i love it, but i already had a caddytrek cart from Costco.
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