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  1. I know this is an older shaft, but I've loved it in a variety of clubs and setups. I have a few pulls, but am unsure how much they have been tipped. Does anyone have a measurement of an untipped shaft to some part of the graphics that I can use to compare to my shafts? I contacted Fujikura, and unfortunately they didn't have this measurement on file anywhere... Thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry guys! I'm asking $300 on the Driver...let me know if you're interested!
  3. Nike Flex 440 Driver w/ Diamana Blue with DIALEAD 60 S Limited Edition Shaft. Club has only been hit a few times and is in near new condition. Low spin monster, awesome feel and sound, just not the right fit for me. $300 $280Bettinardi Forged Wedges. 52* 56* 60*. Gorgeous Black Rainbow finish on club heads. Black KBS Tour Shafts. Blackout Bettinardi Golf Pride MCC grips. I played these for a few rounds, and some of the black finish has worn off the faces, but the grooves are still sharp, and the face milling is still visible on all of them. The 52 has the least face wear, with the 5
  4. [quote name='cantputt' timestamp='1374199458' post='7487380'] Sweet Klassic! [/quote] Thanks! She is definitely a beauty! Make me some offers, lets get this stuff sold!
  5. Lots of miscellaneous stuff for sale here. If you have any questions or need other pictures please let me know! All shipping and paypal is included to the continental US...if you want it shipped elsewhere, I can get you a quote. I'm not looking for trades at the moment and I feel that everything is priced fairly, but if you like something feel free to make an offer! Thanks! First up is a rare, custom TP Mills Klassic. This is a one of a kind putter, so don't miss your chance! I used this putter for about a month, and took exceptional care of it, always oiling it and keeping it dry. T
  6. GolfWRX is the best golf forum on the web, period. Whether you or trying to fine tune your new adjustable driver with the best exotic shaft, or just need some feedback on a swing thought you had at the range, this is the place. And thanks for all the giveaways!
  7. As a long time player of X100 and X200 shafts... Because they are the best!! Nothing else gives the feel, control, and feedback I demand.
  8. Lets get these sold! I tried to be fair with the prices, but I am always willing to listen to reasonable offers. Shipping is included to the continental US, and I will ship the same day payment is received if possible. If you have any questions please let me know! Thanks! First up is a gorgeous T.P. Mills Tradition II. It is currently at 35.5" with a 340g headweight. It has a single sight oval on the top line, beautiful hand stampings all over, a masked/bead blasted face, and says "PRIVATE STOCK" on the sole. The black oxide finish is second to none, the milling on this putter is exqu
  9. [quote[b] name='cavemeister' timestamp='1363050200' post='6593279'] This guy is trying to sell the f7m2 shaft that he got from me without paying me!!!! Don't buy it. He owes me $139. [/b][/quote] I would prefer to have the moderators delete the above post and this one, but until they do I feel a defense is justified, as my reputation as a buyer/seller is on the line. The shaft in question (no longer for sale) was PURCHASED by me from 'cavemeister' (through a different website). I payed IMMEDIATELY via PayPal, and waited patiently for 10 days seeing no update in tracking into and rece
  10. Just a little praise for the Fuji shaft: absolute best low launch tip stiff shaft I have tried. Great feel and control, penetrating flight...everything one could want! GLWS
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