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  1. Project X steel shafts are marketed as stout, low spin, low trajectory shafts whereas the KBS C-Taper Lite shafts have a firm tip and soft butt designed for mid-high trajectory with controlled spin. So you are basically comparing an apple and an orange. For whatever reason, PX shafts don't feel good to me (or produce better results in fittings). Several other shaft brands and models were better fitted for my swing.
  2. There are so many newer irons that have a blade-like look, but with technology baked in that will help most people's game. Examples include Mizuno HMB and TaylorMade P-770 and P-790 irons. If you can, you really should go for a fitting and try a number of different club and shaft combinations.
  3. You may have to tweaks the lofts slightly based on your actual results, but it appears you would have 12-13 yards between clubs which seems to be pretty nice gapping. 7 - 190 8 - 177 9 - 155 P - 142 A - 130
  4. I never hit the non-VeloCore versions, but had a Red 6-S that I hot too high and replaced it with a Blue 5-S that I love. I feel like it is point and shoot... provided I am pointed in the right direction. I may move to an R flex as I just don't generate the clubhead speed I once did.
  5. 1. Atlanta, GA 2. 16.6 3. 2017 TaylorMade M2 Tour Issue 10.5 with Ventus VeloCore Blue 5-S 4. 60g Category 2 5. I have KBS Tour Prototype shafts in my Callaway hybrids and love them. I believe an R flex would be a great fit. 6. Yes, I'd love feedback from an expert.
  6. I was going to add that the quality of the ball used in the fitting will mean a lot. I see many places advertising and conducting fittings using range balls. That tells me where I struck it on the clubface and the direction it went - little else.
  7. Rangefinder works fine. I recently upgraded to a newer model. This does not have the Slope feature. No trades. US only shipping. Thanks for looking.
  8. I don't know those courses, but this link might help you find something worth playing in that area. Good luck! www.pennohiogolftrail.com
  9. If you are considering these shafts - DG X100, DG X7, PX 6.5, or PX LS, then your post is likely in the wrong forum. I think you'll get better responses here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/18-wrx-club-techs/ Good luck with your decision.
  10. Could your issue have come from hitting off mats in the offseason? I learned that was a contributor to my elbow issue and once I stopped that and began using a brace (called an air pillow or something like that) to let the tendon in my elbow recover, all has been good ever since. I no longer need the brace and can occasionally hit from mats, but have to really focus on shorter sessions and sweeping the ball versus hitting down as I would on turf.
  11. I play the Nippon 950GH stiff flex (not the Neo as it is too light) and have found it to be a great shaft for a swing speed lightly above yours. I tried it in a set of clubs I bought and then went to Club Champion for a fitting where it won the shootout among the shaft options available there. I ordered new irons with it and have played them for about four years now.
  12. Club Champion, Sandy Springs, GA Atlanta, GA 15.3 2017 TM M1 105 with Ventus Velocore 5S No TSi3 It would be my pleasure to detail my experiences!
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