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  1. Am I correct in assuming it is the back tees that are used to establish the rankings, if there is only one set of hole rankings? I play a course where the #1 hole is an uphill 431 yards from the Yellows (tips) and a level 345 from the Whites and the #2 hole is 426 yards over water twice from the Yellows and 324 from the Whites.
  2. 14 Right hand golfer Cleveland ZipCore 54 Mid and 58 Mid Properly fit wedges are key to scoring and someone stole my new TM wedge I am available to be onsite I live in Atlanta and can get myself to either site with ease Posting photos, writing a review, and being featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts would be an honor
  3. I don't recall anyone here calling the non-velocore version "garbage." What has been said repeatedly is the velocore versions have better dispersion. So if you are simply judging by distance, you are missing the major theme inf this thread.
  4. The unstated assumption in that statement is the angle of the shaft will remain constant. As a result, the expectation is a more upright club would "point" more left or encourage a draw. Pointing left is easily seen by extending a club from your waist straight out in front of you - parallel to the ground. The clubface is pointed less and less to the left as you lower it toward the ground.
  5. Unless you are that sold on your RzrX irons, you'd likely be better off buying new or a good set of used sticks. They will have the latest technology and give you a chance to try shafts that better fit your swing. Edwin Watts on Piedmont in Buckhead always has several used sets as does PGA Tour Superstore in Roswell. If you are set on re-shafting (and that could be due to cost), you might consider Nippon 950s. I have them in stiff flex in my 2017 TaylorMade M1s. I have read they are slightly softer than many other stiff shafts and at 95 grams, they are easy to swing. I get great, but not overly high elevation and I just passed the big 60. Feel free to PM me if I can offer some specific input.
  6. I have tipped my coach a few times, when he went well over our allotted time to help me on a specific issue, and indicated that I appreciated him going "above and beyond"
  7. I could see benefits from practicing barefoot to improve feeling the connection with the ground, but couldn't play that way. I can't even use spikeless golf shoes as my feet spin out from under me in them.
  8. I'd say they should have found two friends to play with or booked an earlier time, as the course is full of foursomes and they will be waiting... a lot.
  9. I have two pair of Squairz shoes and they will be my last! (I bought one pair and the other was a gift.) The shoes are really comfortable as noted, but the cleats suck! They advertise “free cleats for life,” but charge you $6.99 for every set of replacement cleats, even if ordering them at the same time. Sqairz recommends replacing them 2-3 times per year based on how much you play and I play A LOT, so 2-3 times per year will not be sufficient to maintain adequate traction with as quickly as these cleats wear. It looks like I’ll be forking over $40-$60 for cleats every year. My opinion is, at $200 a pair, the Sqairz cleats should be better!
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