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  1. All items for sale today, not interested in trades. I ship USPS Priority within 24 hours of payment, usually same day shipping. I will not hold, reserve, or "layaway", etc. items - first to pay in full is the buyer. Payments only by PayPal goods & services. Please ask any questions or request for more photos through messenger. Thanks! 1. Mizuno 919 Forged Irons 5-PW w/ Recoil 95 Stiff/ MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 4 iron w/ AD DI 95 Hybrid Stiff - $650 shipped 2. TaylorMade Sim Max 9* Driver w/ Matrix VLCT-Sp Prototype X Stiff - $350 shipped 3. Titleist 917 F3 13.5* 3 Wood w/ Diamana D+ 70 Stiff - $165 shipped 4. TaylorMade M4 Tour 15* 3 Wood w/ Diamana 'Ahina 70 Stiff - $150 shipped 5. TaylorMade M4 (tour issue large head) 16.5* 4 Wood w/ VTS Silver 80 Stiff - $135 shipped 6. Callaway Apex 18* Hybrid w/ AD DI 95 Hybrid Stiff - $165 shipped 1. Mizuno 919 Forged - $650 Ordered direct from Mizuno - Recoil 95 stiff shafts, everything standard. 4 iron is MP-18 MMC Fli Hi with AD DI 95 stiff hybrid shaft. Standard loft and lie, length is 39", swingweight D1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord +2 wraps on all. 2. Sim Max Driver - $350 9* loft, graphics align with one notch above lowest setting. Shaft is prototype of the Matrix Speed Rulz C; I believe 65 gram weight range, 264cpm flex. I think I have a picture of the spec sticker on the butt, I'll look. Grip is Lamkin Tour Van Keegan Bradley Crossline full cord +2 wraps, probably about due for replacement. Plays 44", D1 swingweight. Includes brand new headcover. 3. Titleist 917 3 Wood - $165 Graphics align with "1" setting. Diamana D+ 70 stiff flex shaft, standard tipping. Tour Velvet full cord grip +2 wraps. 42.5" length, D1 swingweight. Small rice-sized nick on topline towards toe - can be covered with Sharpie but I never noticed it at address. Please refer to photos. 4. M4 Tour 3 Wood - $150 42 1/2", D4 swingweight. Diamana 'Ahina 70, standard tipping. Golf Pride Z Cord +2 wraps. Tiny nick on topline near heel side of alignment aid - I put a dab of Sharpie in it to conceal, I tried to capture in pics but it's real hard to see. 5. M4 Large Head 4 Wood- $135 Tour issue larger sized head, with score lines across the whole face. Made this as an experiment in a shorter than normal length, hot melted to compensate swingweight. VTS Silver 80 stiff shaft. Plays at 41", D1 swingweight. Tour Velvet full cord +2 wraps. 6. Apex Hybrid - $165 Graphite Design AD DI Hybrid 95 stiff shaft, 40 1/5" length, D3 swingweight. Z Cord +2 wraps. Includes used headcover.
  2. Since someone just messaged, yes I will sell just the shaft. If I sell just shaft, I’ll probably keep the head. Make an offer if you’re interested.
  3. For sale only, not interested in trades. PayPal Goods & Services is only payment accepted. Sorry, I do not offer a layaway service, rent to own, or installment options. First to pay is the owner - I will give those making offers ample time to send payment, but please be ready to go if you’re sending an offer. I will not hold for anyone, beyond a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for looking. Sim Max 9° Driver with 7S Fujikura Ventus Black with Velocore - $515 Ordered direct from TaylorMade, very little use. Please refer to photos for condition. Plays 45”, D5 swing weight. Golf Pride Z Cord +2 wraps. Shaft is tipped whatever TaylorMade standard is. Includes original headcover still in wrapper. No wrench included.
  4. The censorship here is stricter than daytime tv. Maybe if we start typing in elementary school code the teachers won't know. H-E-double-hockey sticks!
  5. Bad is subjective, but it's against the rules. So don't.
  6. What's you guys opinion on the new "Classifieds Spotlight" (new to me, anyways, I hadn't noticed it before) feature on the front page?
  7. There are a lot of semantics and unimportant aspects of this deal that can be argued, but at the end of the day what should have just been a simple return and refund has now become a p*ssing match where egos are the motivating factor rather than common sense. You're wasting your breath if you're coming here to try and inject reason and logic.
  8. OEM's discount non-current products and offer incentives. Plus some offer military/first responder/etc. discounts. But, it'd be a slap directly in the face of retailers if OEM's decided that their MAP pricing structures don't apply to themselves.
  9. Don't think for one second it's not being paid attention to. If this thread got closed for harmless discussion, I think they'd have to rename the moderators here the politburo.
  10. The funny thing is, if you could see how much thought and effort went into suspensions, it'd make you even more upset that there's no feedback.
  11. Seems like you just have to check in with CPO on eBay regularly, and be ready to pull the trigger when you see something.
  12. My other sets are Srixon 785s and Wilson FG Tour V6 raw. All 3 of my sets are great player's cavity back. I'd put the Wilsons up against anything out there right now. I just chimed in with the MMCs because they're my flavor of the moment, lol.
  13. Love the stamping on that one, too. Some tiny double hits and nice mushrooming.
  14. You're right, when these type of items come with a hard to verify, tough to believe story, they're generally fake (i.e. - won in an outing, got it from a pro, etc.). But this putter is real - it's a milled carbon putter, which a fake would be cheap looking, cast, and obvious. I won't say that the finish on this is original, or that it was obtained via legitimate means, but this is putter is not a cheap knockoff. C.O.A. is usually worth the piece of paper it's printed on, but this one I may want to go in halves with the seller on getting one if I were gonna pay $3000 or whatever this is listed for, contingent on it coming back with whatever grade the seller is representing this as. Personally, I'd be a little leery that it walked out of the back door of somewhere, and the first time it goes to Cameron for something, it never comes back.
  15. I have an older St. Patrick's day cover from that era that is real, with some connection to the stitching. I think AM&E (or whomever was making these back then) upgraded their sewing machine in the early aughts.
  16. I'm not trying to answer for the poster you quoted, but I also have a hodgepodge of different head types in my small collection. They're all pretty cool putters (read: expensive), so my choice isn't made based on cool factor. Sometimes, I just need something different to look down at when I'm in a slump. Even though I've always been a blade or sometimes a small mallet guy, I'm having a pretty good run with a Spider X right now (I tried a Odyssey Ten S a couple weeks ago just to try and duplicate the results... it was a miserable failure). That run will end, though, and I'll be rotating through the others until something else clicks. Or I'll see something cool looking and buy a new one. For some reason, I've never had a long, extended run with one putter. Some honeymoons have lasted longer than others, but I still have yet to find the one that can't be kicked out.
  17. Add the fact that it's a lefty to the above, and I wouldn't worry much about it being fake.
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