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  1. The Ping Palmlock. Used to have one on a Darby that was perfect for keeping the hands still.
  2. I’ve had the 54.10 S grind in both and they play identical to each other.
  3. I played the TS3 10.5* head turned down to 9.75. The 10* TSi3 head gives me less spin but similar launch to where I played the TS3. Same Ventus blue shaft. I tried cranking the TSi3 head down to 9.25 and found it too low for my liking. I’ll experiment more in the summer when the fairways firm up.
  4. Currently playing DG’s after years with KBS variations and my elbows are killing me. Taking the graphite plunge and going to try the MMT’s. Has anyone compared the flex in these two? Should I soft step the MMT’s?
  5. Thank you. I’m planning on getting a set or picking up some 919T’s. The T100s with DG’s aren’t quite as nice feeling and but I like the forgiveness. MMC’s or Tours might make the cut.
  6. Now that they have been on the market for a bit, anyone have thoughts they can share on the 921T’s?
  7. Thanks all! It clicks like the older model did.
  8. I’ve searched online to see how far to tighten the weight track on the TSi3 but have come up empty. Does anyone know if you tighten it down until you hear it click? I’ve moved the weight but it doesn’t seem to want to click when tightening.
  9. I agree. At this point, for the tours, just pick the one that suits your eye. Very little difference in design. The 921’s might look better if you could peel off the little badge in the cavity.
  10. Appreciate the good feedback. I’m sold on the forged, they look and feel great. May pair up a 5i and 6i with 7-PW of the 919T’s....those 919’s were just clean.
  11. In trying to blend the 921 forged and tour sets, does anyone have experience weakening the lofts of the forged models by 2*? Looking for input to see if that made the bounce unplayable. There’s quite a large lift gap between the two and I’m a little gun shy on bending the forged 5 iron 2* weak.
  12. Thanks for the input. I like the fact that the KK have a more steel type profile with where the weight is placed but also like the AMT approach of the Tensei
  13. Good to know. Thanks for the info. What steel shafts were you using prior to the KK’s?
  14. Anyone have experience with the stock graphite options offered from Titleist in the T100 heads? Interested in hearing if the KuroKage or the Tensei AV White hold their own against other aftermarket offerings. Currently playing them with DG AMT Whites.
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