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  1. Up for sale is a set of Nike Vr Pro Combo CB irons. I’m the 2nd owner and never played them. It looks like the 8-PW was rarely played. 4-7 has bag chatter and usage consistent with the age of the irons. They are also stamped “DH”. No stamping on 8-Pw. Irons feel 1* upright. I play standard to 1 flat and they feel a little more upright than I’m used to. They feel standard length, not sure on lofts. golf pride tour velvet grips on KBS S+ 120 shafts. 50* wedge has a different grip and has KBS wedge 610 shaft. looking to get $285 shipped to your door.
  2. These shaft pulls came from a set of z785s. I used a heat gun on low heat so the ferrules didn't get damaged. 5 iron is 37.25 from edge of grip. Asking $SOLD! shipped. Nippon 120x irons. Mid size golf pride grips in near new shape. Next is a set of Nike Vr Pro Irons 3-PW. The 3 iron is head only. Standard loft and lie. Length is approx. 38.25 5 iron. s400 iron shafts with lamkin grips. I bought these off here a year or so ago and just never used them. Had them out on the course once, but i just need a cavity back iron. They do have "MH" stamped on them. My plan was originally to strip
  3. Recently found that I get along better with the KBS 120 shafts so I'm letting these go. They have seen roughly 10 rounds with a few warm up range sessions. I kept headcovers on them about 80% of the time on the course and always during transport. Pictures show the condition pretty well. They are standard length. I had the lies bent 1* flat and had the lofts adjusted to fit the gapping from the 6-iron to the 7-iron. Actual lofts listed below. Looking for $SOLD. 4i: 22* 5i: 25* 6i: 28* 7i: 31.5* 8i: 35.5* 9i: 40* PW: 44.5* New Level 4995 Driving Iron Head Only 18* Standard loft/lie - $95
  4. SRIXON Z785 Irons with Standard Length and Loft. The lies are equal to the Ping Red Dot Standard. They are built to d3 swing weight with custom ferrules. I have Iomic 2.3 standard grips on the 5-pw as I didn't use the 4i very often. The Iomic grips were on for approximately 3-4 rounds before i bought some Mizuno MP-20's. No gouges or dents, just typical wear from about a full season of play. The shafts are newer as they used to have Modus 120x and were swapped out mid way through last year. $399 shipped to your door.
  5. I play alot of different types of courses here in Florida and I find I always wish I had a different club at least once a round. I have a set 18 club rotation, does that count?? I find myself mixing and matching in a 4 iron, 4 hybrid, 5 wood and 2 iron (bent to 20*). Driver, 3 wood, 5-PW, 52 (bent to 50), 54 (bent to 55), 60 and putter are set though.
  6. Selling my z785's as I moved to the new Mizuno mp20. These were used about a full season, bought new from Srixon. Photos show the condition typical wear from bag chatter. No dents or dings. Midsize NDMC grips. $425 shipped or BRO.
  7. I think people with a fast transition would benefit. One of my putters has a 365 gram head and when i'm a little quick in the back and through transition I can feel the head lag behind just a bit, but enough. If you have a smooth putting stroke its probably a waste of money. I personally would love to find one to swap in to my current putter and see if I notice that same feeling on quick transitions.
  8. Selling a Bettinardi Hive Release Copper Back T Hive. $1,025 Shipped and Insured via FedEx. No trades please, trying to pay for my next BB0 (I have a sickness) Will include the Headcover and COA. I have 4 BB0's that I alternate between. I probably played with this one the least. 2-3 times max. The photos tell the story. Light brush marks on the sole, flawless otherwise. No brush marks or blemishes on the blue shaft.
  9. Hi, Looking to sell my x10 GPS watch. I purchased about a month ago and have used it on the course 3 times. I have a laser and I just find I like using that more than the watch. Looking for $~~120~~$100/shipped. Comes with watch and charging cable. No box or instructions.
  10. > @"Ben Berube" said: > Hate you for your amazing Bettinardi’s. You can take them off my hands and hate yourself!
  11. Good Morning, Looking to sell (2) of my Hive Putters, one is a 1-off hive release and the other was a limited run. I tried to take pictures as close up and clear as possible. Let me know if you need more/better photos. Thanks for looking! First is the Bettinardi Hive BB0 34" Kool Aid Dass Putter. Has light scratches under heel and toe from light use. The eye in the koolaid man is chipped, probably from a heel strike putt on sandy greens. Comes with Headcover and COA. Looking for $1100 shipped to the 48. Next up is a Hive Limited Run Wizard Tour Dass 34.5" with Lamkin De
  12. > @wevin said: > Interested in the 745 irons. Is the pic of the faces 7-P? yes, they were the most used/representative. I can send you some of 6-3 also, if needed.
  13. > @phatchrisrules said: > Wrong forum, brother. thanks for the heads up, closed.
  14. Good morning! Looking to get rid of some garage extras and a sweet putter that didn't bounce my bb0 from the bag. All prices are shipped to 48 states. If shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada we can discuss actual shipping costs. Srixon Z745, 3-PW: +1/2", 1*upright. Modus 120 x-stiff shafts with midsize grips. $375 shipped. Mizuno MP-53 3-PW: Standard L/L/L. Dynamic Gold S300 shafts with standard sized grips. I bought these to swap out shafts and never got around to it. $285 shipped. Srixon Z745 4 Iron:, 1* flat, Standard Length and Loft. Modus 120 Stiff shafts. $75 shippe
  15. Posted in wrong section
  16. First up is a G400 driver head, 10*. No sky marks, just light brush marks on sole from approximately 1 season of use. Face is clean. **$175 Shipped**, comes with G400 stock headcover, no wrench. Next is 34" TM Spider Tour, comes with an unused stock headcover as well as a farily well used leather headcover from Robert Mark Golf. I'll include the 12 gram weights as well as the 2 gram stock weights. Nearly new Superstroke 2.0 mid slim grip. Nearly mint, light making on back of putter near weights. I gamed for 2 rounds before changing entirely to a BB0 blade. (yes, a full 180*) - **SOLD*
  17. Up for sale is a set of Callaway Legacy Black (Stenson) irons. 5 iron is 38". Clubs are 1 degree flat, standard length and loft. The clubs have the 2018 Christmas release from Best Grips in Red, Standard size. If full asking price is paid, I will throw in the 4 extras, that I never installed on my wedges. Clubs have BB&co Red, White and Blue Ferrules. Looking for $450/shipped to the 48 states.
  18. Yeah I get that. We were actually in Destin last year during hurricane season and a tropical storm rolled through. We can get a lot of really bad storms here that bring plenty of wind, lightning, etc. Or you get a winter like this year where golf is taken away for months at a time because it's bitterly cold or snow has been on the ground for good chunks of time. I think I could trade hurricane season for the weather extremes we can get here in the midwest. Granted, it would suck if your house got taken out ala Mexico Beach last year but we also have tornados that can do similar damage (althoug
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