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  1. Agree with Aquapig, and would add the MMC’s are noticeably more forgiving than the P7MC’s. I have both and I am bagging MMC’s.
  2. Thanks! I’ll do that! (My post was actually tongue-in-cheek, so hope you found it amusing!)
  3. What has a guy got to do to be in a test like this? In three days I will celebrate 16 years as a member of this site. I literally live 15 minutes from SeeMore HQ in Franklin, Tennessee. I have a SeeMore FGP. And I need help with my putting!! Oh well…some day!! (If anyone at SeeMore would like to correct this over site, based on your fitting process I measure out at 34.5 inches, 74 degree, and like a SuperStroke 2.0 grip, and love the mFGP in SS…just in case.)
  4. Ecco’s resolved my foot issues. Everything I bought was EEE width, and bought Ecco’s with the intent of pulling the first sole out to widen. Didn’t even have to remove it. Immediately bought two more pairs to rotate. After years of Foot Joys, I am happy!
  5. Like new Taylor Made - P770’s played for nine holes; P7MC’s played for 18 holes. Details below, followed by pictures of both sets: P7MC’s are 4-PW with KBS Tour 120 Stiff. Pictures speak for themselves. Like new condition, these irons are soft, as evidenced by a couple of bag chatter spots on a couple of the irons. The faces are unblemished as I did not hit any range balls with these; ProV1x’s only. Stock grips, standard lofts and lies; these are virtually brand new irons. SOLD P770’s are 4-AW with KBS Tour 120 Stiff. Again, the pictures speak for the
  6. There is a significant difference in forgiveness between the P770 and the MC’s. one of the previous posts nailed it…the MC’s are more forgiving than expected in the 6-PW…the 4 & 5 irons play pretty much like a blade.
  7. P7-MC’s. Went very well. Hit a few excellent shots, and a couple of bad shots. Not as forgiving as T-100’s, but the feel is incredible! Hard to describe, but the solid shots are that unique combination of you know you hit perfectly, but you feel nothing but softness. If that makes sense. Best feeling iron since my MP-14’s twenty years ago. Now the question is whether I can play regularly throughout the summer to maintain a semblance of a golf swing.
  8. First time out today with new sticks! Love this day!
  9. I don’t take new clubs to the range before the first round. I don’t like it scratch the faces as a courtesy to the shop I frequent and their golfer friendly return policy. I know by the turn of the first round whether they are keepers, and have been known the change at the turn (if the previous set is in my possession and in my truck).
  10. Another vote for the T100’s.
  11. All available immediately. Driver and fairway wood are like new. Irons are lightly used. Irons are KBS $-Taper stiff. Woods are PX HZRDUS Black 6.0 stiff. All grips are GP Tour velvet cords with one extra wrap. Taylor Made SIM 9.0 with HZRDUS 6.0 70 gram shaft. Great condition - 9 out of 10. SOLD PENDING PAYPAL Taylor Made SIM Titanium 15.0 with HZRDUS 6.0 80 gram shaft. Like new - 9.5 out of 10. SOLD PENDING PAYPAL Mizuno MP20 HMB 3 iron / MP20 MMC 4-P with KBS $-Taper stiff. The 3 iron was only hit maybe five times. MMC’s were lightly played and
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