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  1. All available immediately. Driver and fairway wood are like new. Irons are lightly used. Irons are KBS $-Taper stiff. Woods are PX HZRDUS Black 6.0 stiff. All grips are GP Tour velvet cords with one extra wrap. Taylor Made SIM 9.0 with HZRDUS 6.0 70 gram shaft. Great condition - 9 out of 10. SOLD PENDING PAYPAL Taylor Made SIM Titanium 15.0 with HZRDUS 6.0 80 gram shaft. Like new - 9.5 out of 10. SOLD PENDING PAYPAL Mizuno MP20 HMB 3 iron / MP20 MMC 4-P with KBS $-Taper stiff. The 3 iron was only hit maybe five times. MMC’s were lightly played and
  2. Any info available on shipping of new Titleist woods? Ordered mine Day 1 and was hoping it might come in before release date. Thanks!
  3. I have T100 irons but use the Vokey 46 degree bent one degree more loft (47 degrees). I found the T100 PW hit the ball higher than the Vokey, and the Vokey easier to control flight and hit partial shots.
  4. These are available now! Like new, played for five rounds. 4-PW with KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft and factory installed Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cords with two wraps. Most clubs look like they were never hit. Five iron has a minor scratch on face from bunker shot (see picture) but the rest are like new. $1100 shipped, Continental US only, no trades. Thanks.
  5. I agree! In fact, the KBS were part of the reason I made the move.
  6. texcrom


    Compare the 921’s with the MP20 MMC’s. I believe the MP’s have a little more bounce, and for me they worked fine. YMMV
  7. You understand that the TP5X is a low spin ball? The opposite of the Titleist designation of the “X”. Not sure about XV.
  8. This is correct. The TM equivalent of the Pro V1X is the TP5 (not the TP5X). I have just moved to the TP5 from the ProV1X - so far, so good!
  9. How are the TW wedges? I’m wedges away from a completeTM bag.
  10. Where did you find Someone with them in stock? None to be found in my area, and custom orders are into December now.
  11. I’m seeing similar issues with TP5. Moved to this from Titleist because their yellow ball fell different to me, and have heard same comments from others. TP5 feels and performs great, but noticed two balls where thePaint appeared to have chipped. And neither ball had been abused (cart path, tree, etc.).
  12. P770’s arrive, and the bag transition is complete!
  13. I held out as long as possible, but finally wanted to move to a yellow ball as I just cannot visually track a white ball anymore. As a longtime Titleist player, I moved to the yellow in the ProV1X. I found it to feel slightly harder with a “clicker” feel / sound. Moved to the Taylor Made TP5 in yellow last week, and found it performed as well as the Titleist, felt slightly softer (which I liked), and I could actually track the ball in the air and see it hit the green. Only negative - after about five holes, I noticed some chips in the yellow. Ball was not ab
  14. I personally believe this is a perfect strategy!
  15. I’ve had the SIM since they were released. I have a rear track for the weight, which I set toward the heel. Yet multiple people on here have mentioned front and rear weights. I assume you are referring to the M5 series?
  16. I find the feel as good, if not better than the T100. More importantly, they are more forgiving than the T100’s, which makes them better for me! And I had played full Titleist bags throughout the AP2 series irons, so still a fan of Titleist.
  17. Finally got on the course for the first time this morning, and was very pleased: Looks - Best looking iron I have ever put in my bag. At address, just a great looking club, minimal offset, relatively thin top line. Feel - Surprisingly soft feel. I expected harder, with more of a click. As soft as my MP20 MMC’s but in a different way. Just soft, which I found very, very pleasing! Forgiveness - Very pleased here, as a couple of shots that I felt like I missed ended up not off by much! This is why I bought these...my concession to loss of skills through aging, and wanted mo
  18. You too! Great putter cover!
  19. No update...rained out!! Talk about frustration!!!
  20. Look what showed up today!! First test at 7:40 am tomorrow morning!! Anyone else get theirs yet?
  21. From a marketing standpoint, you guys are waiting too long on the release. Season will be over in most places, and people are already tired of waiting. My suggestion is to send me a set with $Taper stiff shafts, 1 degree flar, standard loft and length, Tour Velvet Cords with two wraps (logo down) ASAP. I can do an immediate test and write a review that will hold everyone else’s interest during the extended marketing period. I believe this is a unique, but winning strategy. PM me for my address, and second day delivery will suffice.
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