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  1. Tony Finau is the poster child for needing a sports psychologist
  2. Love it. Just drives home that these guys are incredibly passionate, competitive individuals. They don't fist pump and scream for the fans, they do it because it means something to them. I'm actually very glad we got to hear it
  3. I already posted about being a huge fan of Morikawa, but add Hovland to that. Man the tour is in good hands. For these guys to come out with the mental game they've shown is awesome
  4. I feel worse for Greller than I do for Ted Scott. It's one thing to put up with when they were winning but I wonder how much more it bothers Mike now that he has weekends off
  5. Add me to the Morikawa fan club. Stud is an understatement, kid got his card and immediately staked a claim for best ballstriker on tour. Super impressive
  6. This is intriguing, even if it didn't last in his bag. I definitely want to try some of the new LA stuff but that Trono would definitely be a bit much
  7. Well I was about to order an M9003 but I think it might be in my best interest to wait now....
  8. I'm in the camp that believes it has way, way more to do with the one length than the shaft itself. What TXG guys said about spin loft, attack angle, etc. Seems spot on to me
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