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  1. I prefer the F9 to the speedzone. The F9 had tungsten in the mid and long irons. There is a video somewhere on YouTube where a cobra staffer explained that they lowered the moi by removing the tungsten but then lowered cg with the new carbon top which allowed them to then strengthen the lofts which results in higher ball speeds and longer distances. I think this is a step backwards for game improvement clubs. I'd prefer more forgiveness. Look at how many other irons have added tungsten, but cobra removed it in this set. I guess in the age of comparison videos, distance sells. Also I had the F
  2. I hit the ts4 against a ts3 and 410lst today. The ts4 and ts3 had the same white Project X while the 410lst had the Tensei orange (all in stiff). I have an average swingspeed and tend to generate too much spin. For me the ts4 was too small and unforgiving. The ts3 and 410lst had almost identical numbers but the Ping still had a tendency to fade, even with the weight moved to the heel. Both were noticeably lower spin than my "gamer", a G400 max with the stock Alta shaft. I left with a mint pre-owned ts3.
  3. I was looking into this same issue recently. I had Jpx 900 HM's for a while and really liked them but was put off when noticed rust in the cavity. I was really close to pulling the trigger on G410's, but I ended up going with an Outlet Condition set of Callaway Epic irons off Callaway Pre-owned. For the price, they were too good to pass up.
  4. Typically I'm a mid to softter compression urethane ball player (ZStar, Chrome Soft, etc...). After all the recent test results have come out, I've decided to take a look at firmer, allegedly faster balls. I'm playing my first round with the MTB-X this Sunday. Hopefully there's no loss in iron distances and green side spin but I am looking for a bump in ball speed / distance off the tee. Looks wise, I've been impressed by the finish, color and lettering.
  5. Check out the Exotics Ex10 beta, hot face and launches easily
  6. I play the 900 HM 4-PW with Modus Regular shafts (I try to swing smooth with my irons). I have the GW but also found it significantly shorter than the PW so I use Callaway md4 50, 54 and 58. For me, the PW is 115-125 on a full swing, the 50 md4 is 100-110 and then I use the 54 md4 for 90 yards and in, I never use 58 md4 for full swing approach shots. I'm quite pleased with my irons, though I saw a set of mint Gmax irons at my local store today that are calling my name.
  7. My wife knows that I'm always looking at some golf equipment but that it could change every day, so I was instructed to get something and she and the kids would wrap it. With some store credit burning a hole in my pocket, I picked up a SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting mat and demo model Exotics Cbx 3 wood from the PGA Superstore. The best part is that the kids used the putting mat all afternoon as they hung out with me while I watched the US Open. All and all a great day.
  8. I would suggest looking into the F8 Plus before spending full retail on a new F9. The performance difference is much smaller than the price difference. However with an over the top swing and the fact that you like the Ping K15, the 400 SFT may be a better fit for you than the 400 max. I played a G SFT before the 400 max and really liked the built in weighting that helped close the face consistently. In fact I'm thinking of putting the G SFT back in the bag.
  9. I think stock replacement grips are on the SKLZ website. It would be nice if they were a standard size.
  10. My F7 5 wood is my favorite club in the bag. I find it much more reliable than an equivalent hybrid and more versatile than a driving iron. For me it's the next club that is hard to pin down, I debate 4 iron, hybrid, driving iron or 7 wood. Before the 5 wood is driver (Gmax) and then a strong 3 wood (mini driver 1.5) that is close to the driver for total distance but lower flighted and easier to shape. I never hit the 3 wood from the ground.
  11. G400 Max, with F8+ on deck if needed. Last year I played a G Sft, so far the G400 Max appears to be a worthy successor. The F8+ was bought used and too cheap to pass up.
  12. Age 37, after a low back injury a few years ago I lost some distance. I finally went to regular in my irons last year. So far I'm happy with the change and feel that I don't have to work hard to hit my irons. Now I just focus on tempo and direction. I do still play stiff in hybrids, fairway woods and driver.
  13. The M2 21 degree HL is listed on the club as a 5 wood and is the length of a 5 wood but has the loft of a 7 wood. Does the club play as 5 or 7 wood?
  14. I just picked up an I15 for $40 yesterday. I like low spin drivers and it's as long as any when hit well.
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