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  1. Great write up! My last Bandon trip was in the 2nd week of Feb prior to Covid wrecking havoc on our lives, the trip was amazing, weather was fantasitc (only rain was on 16 & 17 of our last round of trip at Old Mac)
  2. Wow, I need to get back to IR. You are correct, pic's do not do the courses justice, nevr do with my poor photography skills. What a trip! No Waterville?
  3. I've played The Valley a couple dozen times over the last 30 years, 1st time I've stayed on property, played 72 amazing holes. Nothing compares, not even CPC, enjoy the pictures.
  4. Lol, it's not a little course, I'm 62 and play a combo tees, tips and Blue tee's, it's all I want. Anyway I love the tree because it requires a high cut just not too much or you're blocked out. A trim would be fair.
  5. No way, that tree is awesome! Unless you hit low or play the up tees.
  6. Ancil Hoffman in Carmichael is a must play!
  7. RTJ Trail, Alabama. Buddies and I had a blast 20 years ago. Par 3 course at Magnolia Grove is awesome too!
  8. It sucks right now, do not come up here, I don't see anything changing for a week minimum.
  9. Is that you Doug Sanders? Size would help!
  10. jjr

    Raw wedge

    Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP raw
  11. I'm a huge Mackenzie Fan so I'm going with one of his courses. I've played many of his courses (no Augusta or Crystal Downs yet) Valley Club of Montecito and at this point if I had to chose one course for the rest of my life this would be it. Playing it for 3 days next month too, I can't wait!
  12. You would think this crap would happen at Gleneagles International @McLaren Park ( A must play 9 hole) it's been a few years but in the dozens of times I played Gleneagles I never saw or heard of issues in the parking lot. Sad times!
  13. Both are are beautiful looking holes. Can you imagine, hey Dave yesterday I made 1 off the chimney on 9. Lol. Not sure of the name, but I'm guessing somewhere in the UK.
  14. I owned these 12-13 years ago, amazing irons, I wish I had seen this earlier I would grabbed the 2nd set!
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