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  1. Excellent pre owned condition, TM Spider S, 35", Headcover included. Shipping and Paypal included, lower 48 states only please! I'm in Oceanside Ca for 10 days, I'll be shipping from here. Pic's tell the story, if you need more, or have questions please ask. $225
  2. New, with tags, Adidas Tour 360 XT 12 Wide, White. Pictures tell the story, if you need more pics let me know. Questions please ask, $SOLD$ Shipped and PayPal, lower 48 states only.
  3. What a bummer! I had heard Kelly Rohrbach and 20 of her low handicap model/acctress friends were going to be in the field this year.
  4. Walk with a push cart, I never take a cart unless I'm forced too, 61 here, walk it double nickles. Happy Holidays have fun.
  5. You guys are making me super jealous, if my wife wouldn't divorce me I'd drive up there right now and try and walk on any where, even Preserve if that's all I could play.
  6. Feb 2020 was fantastic for my buddy and I, I would do it again in a heart beat.
  7. Spyglass no brainer, played SB once that's enough for me. You'll trust me recommendation if you have dinner or lunch at Casanova's in Carmel, Gnocchi is to die for!
  8. Iron cover snob not metioned, maybe you're one of these :) GLWS great irons. Lol https://golf.com/news/the-18-worst-kinds-of-golf-snobs-ranked/
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