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  1. Before the recession, I was a member at a Private club that charged for carts, so I played a LOT of golf with this minimalist set. Taught me how to play a LOT of Knock-down shots with that 6 and 8 iron. Driver 4Wood 6 Iron 8 Iron PW SW (56*) Putter
  2. Count me in on this group as well. Key on my collection is an older Breitling Chronomat "Blackbird", also have a SuperOcean, 3 Sinns (103 StSa, and 2 EZM3's), as well as a scattering of other watches, including Vintage, Sports watches, lower priced Quartz pieces, Dress watches, and 2 Pocketwatches. My "Holy Grail" is a Rolex GMT Master II "Pepsi" Red/Blue bezel, but these are getting ridiculously high in price for clean used ones. I just don't feel like paying that much, although they DO retain their value (or rise in value).
  3. **Back in Black (AC/DC Cover Band)** at Lava Cantina in far north Dallas. This band was AWESOME, [backinblack.info/](http://www.backinblack.info/ "backinblack.info/")
  4. I'm Semi-Retired (can't decide to continue work or not), but I only manage getting on the course for Practice/Play 2x/week. I have a BUNCH of hobbies and interests that keep me busy, so I only realistically see golfing 2x/week at the most. Part of my problem now is.....I had a previously very stressful job for about 10 years that kept me away from the golf course. Now that I'm rebuilding my swing, it's a complete disaster, with Sh**ks, Thins, tops, Chili Dips, and a host of other problems. Until I get this ironed out - I'm not sure I'll be playing (yet). Last time on the course was a dis
  5. NO way. It's Sports cars. I have 3 sports cars, and am a member at a Private Racetrack, and a Driving Instructor. This can get VERY EXPEN$IVE, very fast for broken/worn out parts, sticky tires, new widgets, maintenance, and on and on.
  6. Short game was ON. I was unemployed at the time, and did a LOT of practicing on the short game and putting areas of local courses that allowed free access. Got a job, came out for 1st round and shot my best score ever.
  7. Tourstage Z101 Irons (never found any iron I like better) Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 Putter (the gold standard, love this putter, and never changing) Titleist 980F fairway woods (these may be leaving the bag soon) all circa 1992, I actually still play these.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I followed her for a few holes at the Irving TX Shootout earlier this year, and I was REALLY struck by several items....... [b]Her outgoing nature.[/b] I was amazed at how friendly and approachable she was with fans, fellow competitors, marshalls, children, anybody! I've rarely seen a touring professional with a truly great attitude during a competition. [b]Positive Attitude [/b]- She was not having a great tournament, but her attitude stayed positive the entire time. She was constantly smiling and just seemed to be a happy individual. Good to see. [b]Easy on
  9. I've decided to reward myself with an Anser driver, after (finally) landing a job recently. I've demoed everything out there, and have 100% decided the Anser head is what I want for all reasons given in this thread. However - I really want an upgraded shaft in this thing, but obviously want to be fitted first. Sorry, this is my 1st time with an adjustable driver, so I had a couple of questions..... Does anyone have any experience with the [b]OBAN Devotion [/b]shafts in this head? [b]Must you order custom shafts from Ping?[/b] - or can you just buy a stock setup somewhere, and have a lo
  10. Incredible condition, easily 9.8/10.... Here is a superb condition Oakley "Enduring Edge" sunglesses. These are virtually in new condition, in spectacular shape. These frames retail for over >$150, easily! Sorry, but I do not have the case, cloth, or other items, this is for the FRAMES only. It's hard to see in the pictures, the the frames are black, with a very subtle metal-flake. I believe these are women's frames, so they would make a nice gift for your wife/girlfriend, perhaps? $100, Domestic CONUS ONLY, including s&h, via Paypal only, sorry no international shipping. I am wi
  11. [s]Driver is SOLD pending payment. I will update the thread once the funds are received.[/s] Driver is SOLD. Thanks everyone!
  12. 10.5* Matrix Ozik, XCON-4.8, Stiff, stil in Plastic!SOLD!! Thanks!! Offered to you is a brand new, still-in-plastic, Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0, 10.5* Driver Matrix Ozik, XCON-4.8, Stiff….NO Headcover, but I will include an older Titleist 98X series headcover for shipping protection. Condition: Brand NEW, only hit a few balls at the range, with the plastic still on. Please PM me, thx. $115 includes s&h, PAYPAL ONLY, CONUS ONLY, no international shipments, sorry.
  13. Sam-Tee-Time

    Dream bag

    Here's my "Dream Bag". I'm thankful to own some of this equipment already (Titleist fairway woods, Scotty Cameron Putter) [u][b]My Dream Bag: [/b][/u] * All clubs adjusted/tested/shafted with Launch Monitor testing * Loft/lie/sole grind/bounce adjusted to my specs * Driver and Woods weighted and customized for sound, feel, and balance * Color personalization for stampings/fill-in colors, and initials D: Callaway Razr Hawk, 10*, Fujikura Speeder 555 "10th Anniversary" gold-plated shaft 3W: Titleist 910F 15*, Diamana Whiteboard shaft 5W: Titleist 910F 19* Diamana Whiteboard shaft I
  14. I just bought my "Realistic Dream Car", a 2005 BMW E46 M3 ZCP (Competition Package). It's a VERY long story, but I've been wanting this car for 10 YEARS, and I've finally been able to afford it. A buddy of mine knew the owner, and introduced us to make the deal happen. I love it. My "Fantasy Car" is a McLaren F1, this is still the ultimate Supercar IMO. Other votes go to the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador,and various other cars.
  15. I still think the Mizuno MP-32 is the finest looking iron EVER, to me. Love this one!
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