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  1. Before the recession, I was a member at a Private club that charged for carts, so I played a LOT of golf with this minimalist set. Taught me how to play a LOT of Knock-down shots with that 6 and 8 iron. Driver 4Wood 6 Iron 8 Iron PW SW (56*) Putter
  2. Count me in on this group as well. Key on my collection is an older Breitling Chronomat "Blackbird", also have a SuperOcean, 3 Sinns (103 StSa, and 2 EZM3's), as well as a scattering of other watches, including Vintage, Sports watches, lower priced Quartz pieces, Dress watches, and 2 Pocketwatches. My "Holy Grail" is a Rolex GMT Master II "Pepsi" Red/Blue bezel, but these are getting ridiculously high in price for clean used ones. I just don't feel like paying that much, although they DO retain their value (or rise in value).
  3. **Back in Black (AC/DC Cover Band)** at Lava Cantina in far north Dallas. This band was AWESOME, [backinblack.info/](http://www.backinblack.info/ "backinblack.info/")
  4. I'm Semi-Retired (can't decide to continue work or not), but I only manage getting on the course for Practice/Play 2x/week. I have a BUNCH of hobbies and interests that keep me busy, so I only realistically see golfing 2x/week at the most. Part of my problem now is.....I had a previously very stressful job for about 10 years that kept me away from the golf course. Now that I'm rebuilding my swing, it's a complete disaster, with Sh**ks, Thins, tops, Chili Dips, and a host of other problems. Until I get this ironed out - I'm not sure I'll be playing (yet). Last time on the course was a dis
  5. NO way. It's Sports cars. I have 3 sports cars, and am a member at a Private Racetrack, and a Driving Instructor. This can get VERY EXPEN$IVE, very fast for broken/worn out parts, sticky tires, new widgets, maintenance, and on and on.
  6. Short game was ON. I was unemployed at the time, and did a LOT of practicing on the short game and putting areas of local courses that allowed free access. Got a job, came out for 1st round and shot my best score ever.
  7. Tourstage Z101 Irons (never found any iron I like better) Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 Putter (the gold standard, love this putter, and never changing) Titleist 980F fairway woods (these may be leaving the bag soon) all circa 1992, I actually still play these.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I followed her for a few holes at the Irving TX Shootout earlier this year, and I was REALLY struck by several items....... [b]Her outgoing nature.[/b] I was amazed at how friendly and approachable she was with fans, fellow competitors, marshalls, children, anybody! I've rarely seen a touring professional with a truly great attitude during a competition. [b]Positive Attitude [/b]- She was not having a great tournament, but her attitude stayed positive the entire time. She was constantly smiling and just seemed to be a happy individual. Good to see. [b]Easy on
  9. I've decided to reward myself with an Anser driver, after (finally) landing a job recently. I've demoed everything out there, and have 100% decided the Anser head is what I want for all reasons given in this thread. However - I really want an upgraded shaft in this thing, but obviously want to be fitted first. Sorry, this is my 1st time with an adjustable driver, so I had a couple of questions..... Does anyone have any experience with the [b]OBAN Devotion [/b]shafts in this head? [b]Must you order custom shafts from Ping?[/b] - or can you just buy a stock setup somewhere, and have a lo
  10. Incredible condition, easily 9.8/10.... Here is a superb condition Oakley "Enduring Edge" sunglesses. These are virtually in new condition, in spectacular shape. These frames retail for over >$150, easily! Sorry, but I do not have the case, cloth, or other items, this is for the FRAMES only. It's hard to see in the pictures, the the frames are black, with a very subtle metal-flake. I believe these are women's frames, so they would make a nice gift for your wife/girlfriend, perhaps? $100, Domestic CONUS ONLY, including s&h, via Paypal only, sorry no international shipping. I am wi
  11. [s]Driver is SOLD pending payment. I will update the thread once the funds are received.[/s] Driver is SOLD. Thanks everyone!
  12. 10.5* Matrix Ozik, XCON-4.8, Stiff, stil in Plastic!SOLD!! Thanks!! Offered to you is a brand new, still-in-plastic, Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0, 10.5* Driver Matrix Ozik, XCON-4.8, Stiff….NO Headcover, but I will include an older Titleist 98X series headcover for shipping protection. Condition: Brand NEW, only hit a few balls at the range, with the plastic still on. Please PM me, thx. $115 includes s&h, PAYPAL ONLY, CONUS ONLY, no international shipments, sorry.
  13. Sam-Tee-Time

    Dream bag

    Here's my "Dream Bag". I'm thankful to own some of this equipment already (Titleist fairway woods, Scotty Cameron Putter) [u][b]My Dream Bag: [/b][/u] * All clubs adjusted/tested/shafted with Launch Monitor testing * Loft/lie/sole grind/bounce adjusted to my specs * Driver and Woods weighted and customized for sound, feel, and balance * Color personalization for stampings/fill-in colors, and initials D: Callaway Razr Hawk, 10*, Fujikura Speeder 555 "10th Anniversary" gold-plated shaft 3W: Titleist 910F 15*, Diamana Whiteboard shaft 5W: Titleist 910F 19* Diamana Whiteboard shaft I
  14. I just bought my "Realistic Dream Car", a 2005 BMW E46 M3 ZCP (Competition Package). It's a VERY long story, but I've been wanting this car for 10 YEARS, and I've finally been able to afford it. A buddy of mine knew the owner, and introduced us to make the deal happen. I love it. My "Fantasy Car" is a McLaren F1, this is still the ultimate Supercar IMO. Other votes go to the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador,and various other cars.
  15. I still think the Mizuno MP-32 is the finest looking iron EVER, to me. Love this one!
  16. Ironically, one of my best friend's father was a member at Colonial. Want to guess how many times I've played it?[size="6"] [u][b]ZERO.[/b][/u] [/size] I'm not sure why. I think he felt weird about inviting a friend. Perhaps he didn't want to disrupt the other members by bringing in an "outsider". Who knows?
  17. My 3 categories: 1. Will never happen dream car- McLaren F1. I've always "had it" for this car. 2. Realistic dream car- 2005-2006 BMW E46 M3 Competition Package. It appears I may own one of these later this year, assuming I am not struck by layoffs. 3. Realistic car- Driving a 2001 BMW 330Ci Coupe right now.
  18. [b]DRIVING[/b], for sure. It's the ONLy club in my bag that i cannot control, and drives me to frustration every year. If I could only control my tee shots, I think my scores would easily be 5-7 less, per round.
  19. this is an older post, but check out my reply (#13) on the first page. this was originally posted on 4gea.com, by "Obee", Sep-26 7:50 pm, David Ober, 951.235.0878 (mobile) It's a fantastic "guide" for anyone wanting to become a very low handicap player: [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22272"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22272[/url]
  20. Hey guys, I read this thread with interest, as I've started taking lessons from a Haney instructor. I've got the classic "over-the-top" move on the downswing as it appears my Right hand overpowers the downswing horribly. I REALLY want to be somewhere around the plane line to play solid golf, and it appears to me the Haney instructor enforces this. However....I'm freaked out, as MANY individuals (other golfers, and local instructors) really bad-mouth Haney's methods, and often talk about how Haney [b]"ruins your swing". [/b] I hear a lot of talk of how the HH swing is 'too flat', and
  21. (It's driving me crazy, I can't find it!) Can someone identify the Manufacturer/Model of this shaft? I see this shaft ALL OVER the PGA Tour. Several players use it, it's driving me batty, I've searched all manufacturer's websites, and I cannot identify this shaft. Help! :sorry: It's the 2nd shaft from the RIGHT side, Blue body, with one larger yellow/orange-ish stripe near the grip, and a smaller yellow/orange-ish stripe after the logo. If anyone can identify it, it would put my crazy mind at ease, thanks!!
  22. [quote name='Vendetta7' timestamp='1305925291' post='3250408'] Can't stand 'em (hybrids). [/quote] Me neither. I can't stomach the way the LOOK, the SETUP is typically all [email protected] to me, and I just cannot hit them as consistent as a fairway wood. dunno why, but I just don't agree with hybrids whatsoever.
  23. [b]Studio Design[/b] all the way for me. I've never used anything else, no desire to try anything else. I have a stockpile of about 7-10 of these in my closet for that reason.
  24. [b]Driving: D+[/b] I hate my Driver. Goes 100 miles, but cannot control the beast. Slices, push-fades, low screamers, pop-ups, and a host of other #### except for a nice good drive. I hate this club. [b]Irons: A [/b]Solid A game. Solid contact, and generally controllable. When my swing is in form, can be deadly with short irons, and solid with the long irons. Don't need no stinkin' hybrid. [b]Short game: B+ [/b] Can be superb at times, good at others, known to butcher a short shot from time to time. when I'm practicing a lot, I love the short game! [b]Putting: B- [/b]A very so
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