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  1. Oof. I will not be using this company.
  2. I caved a new P790 UDI earlier this year. TM replaced it no problem, they actually replaced that, my M1 3wd, and my SIM Max that all cracked or caved this year.
  3. I love the 56 as well. I used it only 2x yesterday and the 1st was a chip in. I used the 60* alot and it had great turf interaction. It didn't spin as much as I thought it would on full shots but still new wedge spin. With those grooves it looks like it can come back 10 yards though.
  4. My wedges came is perfect. Exact specs down to the SW. I love the feel and turf interaction. I think the OP went wrong by telling his rep he wanted stock and not specifying shafts. Mine have s400 TI and play great. They don't spin any more than other vokey but i like the grind. Raw face does nothing IMO. Im still a huge believer in TMAG as of late. Everything I've ordered had been spot on for over a year now. I haven't ordered a putter from them yet though. But I have the rest of the bag.
  5. No, I believe he has always played S400 in his wedges. Although it is claimed he has put like an 8 iron shaft into his wedges but I don't know if there is any proof of that.
  6. $200 each without the box. I was hoping these were raw heads but they are chrome with their patented raw face technology...interesting that the SW is heavier on the 56 than 60. If you could only order 1 which one do you get?
  7. My favorite moment in a major championship was probably when Greg Norman collapsed in the 1996 Masters. Watching him hit his ball into the water on 12 and then again on 16 just shows us even the best in the world are brought to their knees with this cruel game that we all love so much. Also, I love the carnage at any US Open that the field plays well over par!
  8. That is weird especially since they mostly drop ship custom orders so they can work from home. However, there are likely external circumstances we are unaware of.
  9. I agree. I use an extension cord when playing a SIM course sometimes but haven't used a power strip. Before this convo, I wouldn't have thought twice about it though.
  10. The cord is literally 3-4 inches long.
  11. If anyone finds a deal on 2020 Bridgestone BX balls, put it in here Ive been waiting on a deal.
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