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  1. Lots of great things written in this shoe. Has anyone tried the Masters in the ZIT? I thought they looked great on Koepka.
  2. Can someone that has actually walked 18 in the V2 regular and the NRG V2 and ZIT?
  3. I didn’t order any Masters shoes but I think the ZIT looked great on Koepka and V2 looked nice on Rory. Man Brooke’s must have really narrow feet, and I can’t believe he didn’t topple on those Augusta slopes, and shocked playing in those after two knee procedures, and......
  4. Idk. But most everyone has ripped on this shoe so I’m surprised sold out
  5. I didn’t know they came out with a narrow fit.
  6. I looked up the 2019 Master’s pack on the web once again. That pack was
  7. Yep. Pretty disappointing. Enough with the canvas bs.
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