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  1. I'll be buying them. From info so far they will be wider, easier to put on, more stable and they look good to me.
  2. I think they look awesome and love the idea of the traditional tongue for a more 'democratic fit' haha.
  3. Hopefully the new ZIT has a wider sole than the next% running shoes it seems to be based on.
  4. I think the ZIT (have 3 pairs) is one of the most comfortable of the many pairs of Nikes I have owned and I also think that the AM90 is cheap plastic trash. I agree with ADG3 being very good. Adidas to me is boring. Therein is the issue...everyone has a different opinion and you can't please all the people all the time.
  5. Those are 29% off on the Nike AU website. Probably been on there for two months.
  6. Happens to all of them but just pull up the insoles and put powder in there, it'll stop the squeaking. Worked for me and many others here.
  7. They lose their color really badly though.
  8. Can someone remind me what time the MOTO and Gallery putters release ? Cheers
  9. I have the members bag and switched from single strap back to dual straps. I can't seem to get the straps feeling like they are connected in the correct way. Can someone send me a pic of the setup? (tried looking at pics but nothing clear) Thanks
  10. Oh ok thanks. Forgot golf was always at the forefront of fashion. What I meant was that most teams at Olympics have pretty specific uniforms. Maybe pink is part of the Ireland colors.
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