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  1. Those Jordans were gone immediately off Nike AU at release. Could not even add to cart.
  2. What is with all the gear that looks like a team of pigeons with gastro have unloaded on them?
  3. These major releases made of fabric look nice in themselves but are completely impractical. Golf shoes get dirty easily especially when you walk your rounds, whether its wet or dry.
  4. Can't speak for these but the Masters was straight canvas. No chance of keeping them stain free I thought. Ended up returning them.
  5. If you are talking about the AM90, yes I agree. Took me all of 10 seconds on feet to work out that they were super uncomfortable, cheap and plasticy with no support or cushioning. I have a ton of Nike golf shoes but these went back.
  6. Had the same thing in left shoe. Pull up the insole and put powder in there. Fixed mine.
  7. The Jumpman on heel and the sole looks apricot, the rest sure as hell looks pink to me.
  8. I have a FB T22 and found it quite soft and really struggled on slow greens. Have since gone to a 2021 X 5.5 and feel that is more firm for sure.
  9. I have the wides in size 12. Other Nikes like ADG3 and AM97 I wear 12. TP i have 12 wide.
  10. ZIT. Most comfy pair I have ever worn.
  11. For those ADG3 guys with squeaks....I pulled up the insole and put a bunch of powder in there and it stopped the noise. Give it a go!
  12. Got a pair back in the day and sent them back because the sizing was huge
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