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  1. Never used, clean pull black with grey CT Pisolini- $oldNIB CT Key Fob- $old
  2. Placed on August 2. My pro just followed up again and was now being told best case is mid December due to “heads have not made it to the factory”.
  3. Has anyone found a place to buy the navy camo mesh snapback the US wore on Saturday?
  4. This is what I ordered on 8/2 and was told last week to expect them to ship out at the end of this week. We’ll see..
  5. Legend Golf Company single prong. It’s more functional that I could have imagined.
  6. The smooth face plus the plate to fill in the hollow cavity probably make this putter feel extremely firm compared to his other one, which I am guessing is he was looking for.
  7. I was hoping to get the PX LS in my T100, but it doesn’t look like this is an upgrade option?
  8. Not to mention him winning the ‘16 Tour Championship with a Tour Fastback. He also rolled that Scotty well at the Ryder Cup right after.
  9. May have missed it, but do we have a ballpark idea on preorder date and ship date yet?
  10. This thing is massive but I like that there is minimal offset. The feel will be the decision maker for me. I still have the TMB 2i in the bag, I didn’t like the feel of the U500.
  11. Mine are holding up decent after a year and a half. I definitely prefer brushed satin over chrome for durability.
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