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  1. Everything sold except for the Serapes. $275 for the combo
  2. Serape Hybrid and Putter. Only sold as combo. The hybrid has been gamed and has some fraying on the bottom. The putter has been gamed 2 rounds to my knowledge. $300US Open Flag- gamed a couple times. $110White TCC- gamed a couple of times. $90Black/Lime Industrial CT- New $oldBlack/Grey Industrial CT- Was sold to me as new, but looks to me like the previous owner gamed it a couple of times. $240Discounts for multiples. Prices include shipping CONUS
  3. Another vote for upgraded search function. Especially one to help track down archived sold items.
  4. 34.50” but I can make it pretty much any length if desired.
  5. Scotty Cameron Red X5, first of 500 model. This putter is in great shape. I sent to the custom shop for all new paint fill. I put some lead tape under the sole plate making it 376g, but it can be removed to adjust to about any weight desired. Comes with a used blue midsize matador grip, and the stock cover that is in fantastic shape. $250 shipped conus
  6. So the last couple years I have been hooked on pm polos. Haven’t bought any 1/4 zips yet but I’m about to order a couple from my club. Is the sizing the same on the pullovers and polo’s? Or do you size up for the pullover?
  7. Scotty Cameron Circle T Double Bend 5. Differing from the standard tour golo, this one has a double bend shaft making it fully face balanced, and has the old school fine face milling and not deep mill. 34” and has a red cord grip. $old Odyssey Jailbird Mini- 34” new never used. Comes with stock grip and headcover. $100—> $90
  8. New in Plastic Jailbird Mini with double bend shaft and Superstroke 2.0. 34” $125 shipped CONUS
  9. I game them all and have had a lot more CT LN’s over the years, but the tri sole has been my main gamer for the past 6 years. By far the longest/best relationship for this putter ho. Yeah I like my putters a touch upright, so most of them are 71*.
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