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  1. Anyone able to find a place selling surefit weight replacements? Swapping shafts to go back to 44.50” and need to offset the swing weight change.
  2. Bumping this old thread. Anyone know the answer to this?
  3. TS3 8.5* Normal wear. No major blemishes other than a couple of small nicks on the back edge shown in third picture. Not noticeable at address. Headcover is new never used. $200 Serape- Gamed just a couple of times. $185 Red Mini Crowns- New out of bag. $175 Prices include shipping CONUS
  4. Got mine today. Anxious to get it out on the course tomorrow. I’ve always been a 44.50” guy but went with 45”. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to adjust to the length.
  5. Got an email notification from titleist on mine and now shows “shipped”.
  6. My rep said most early orders are going out early. Hope to see mine next week!
  7. The tongue has to be removable. Those are the shoes that Rory gamed at the Tiger match at Payne’s Valley.
  8. Anyone who has hit care to explain the sound. I understand muted, but is there a comp?
  9. I’m going into my fitting expecting to go with the tensei raw white. I have played the diamana whiteboard in all of the titleist models since the 913. I’m curious where I will end up on length. Been playing at 44.5” and have great control. I’m kind of feeling greedy to get 45 or 45.5” to get even more distance.
  10. This thread makes me proud to show off my tour longneck T22 I thought there were only a couple of these putters made in longneck, but it looks like Scotty has made another batch.
  11. Been playing the Whiteboard for the last 6+ years in all woods and hybrids so I would love to give the new tensei white a shot.
  12. Sorry if already mentioned above, but what is the OTR low spin stock shaft offering going to be? I heard they were going away from the Evenflow. Are they still pushing lighter shafts on this cycle?
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