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  1. +1 for Brian Schuman's Classic hickory ball. I'm looking forward to my third season playing with the NY metro area group he co-founded, the Metropolitan Hickory Society.
  2. Great segment. Good swings = good results, akin to Clapton sounding like Clapton whether he's playing Blackie or your daughter's beginner acoustic. I also enjoy Tad popping on from time to time with Katrek & Maginnes on Sirius XM PGA Radio. I'm lucky enough to own a set of Tad's Tom Morris irons; even for this 18, they're markedly more well-behaved than originals from that era. In fact, they're how I brought my best golf / music bud Larry to the hickory game. Further, hitting Tad's irons gave him the confidence to put blades in his modern bag for the 1st time ever. I may never get those beauties back, but what are friends for?
  3. Though it's a free gift easly given to one another, common courtesy is a lost art. As is paying proper attention to one's surroundings, even before the advent of cell phones. Of course, golf can actually help ingrain both if given half a chance.
  4. In case you want to jump right down the rabbit hole: https://www.mcintyregolf.com/
  5. http://www.usga.org/equipment-standards/conforming-club-ball-lists.html
  6. I don't think much vintage gear is USGA conforming, so unless that is overlooked, it couldn't go in the bag.
  7. I agree. Too bad it stalled out, I was eagerly awaiting reviews of the '73's Looking to start r up again, maybe this weekend.
  8. They are a treasure; I'm somewhere in the hundreds of viewings myself: http://www.amazon.com/Bobby-Jones-Complete-Warner-Collection/dp/B00A33J8XY/ref=sr_1_2?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1454464709&sr=1-2&keywords=bobby+jones+dvd I think the amazing "par 5 in 2" you referenced is in the episode entitled "The Brassie." But I'm not entirely sure; guess I'll just have to watch them again! ;p
  9. Wish they could talk (besides the talking they already do on the course).
  10. Brandt Snedeker's modernized pop stroke served him quite well this past weekend @ Torrey Pines!
  11. nice and in great shape and with the paint scheme most popular Thanks for the pic do you game these? The next bag I put together will be a "classic" bag, and these PT 62s are going in it. I am the very fortunate 2nd owner of these out-of-the-time-capsule beauties. There are more pics in this Hogan iron thread I started & need to get back to: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/791581-rackmageddon-a-hogan-iron-story/page__hl__%20rackmageddon FWIW, as a high handicapper, I love the way they feel; couldn't be easier to tell good from bad strikes!
  12. My Power Thrusts & their original paint (one more in the "gold signature" column):
  13. Tim, you were already my hero long before this score. Only 20 sets of Hogans, though? And an admirable show of will power, John!
  14. And so, the on- and off-topic perfectly merge: "Whipping Post" - Allman Brothers Band
  15. Heathkit...tubes...the Who...radio...Rush...distortion; sounds that stay with you for a lifetime.
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