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  1. True...but there are other swing speed training devices that are cheaper, so would have to feel confident that it is THAT much better. Currently using the Maxswingspeed guy’s training aid and have pretty good gains from that.
  2. Agree, looks interesting, but then I saw the price...
  3. This is an amazing deal, I thought about this as a setup for my sim build, but won’t be at my new home for about a month and need to see how the space works in the third garage bay. Somebody should jump all over this.
  4. I have had a similar question, which is does the overspeed training give you benefit because you are swinging faster (where it feels different than your original golf swing), or does your “normal swing” get faster due to the training (where it feels normal, but you have instinctively moved faster). I have done a different protocol with a different trainer (maxswingspeed) and have posted on a different Golfwrx forum about pretty big improvements in the training using a radar. But I don’t know yet whether it translates to more distance on the golf course, because the weather has been pretty di
  5. Man, that’s a long time. I ordered new P790s from TM in late November and got them in a couple of weeks, I’d have a hard time waiting until June!
  6. Thanks, would be great to see a pic of your setup
  7. Thanks, that is actually what I am trying to figure out. I could go Ipad to TV off to the side, or a projector. Think I would prefer a projector as it would be nice to look directly at the target on sim, but TV might work as well
  8. For those using Mevo plus as a simulator only through an Ipad, would be interested in any tips on screen size, projector etc...Distance not a problem, will be in the third bay of garage, and am building an enclosure. Would like to do this without buying a gaming computer, because I have heard the Flightscope apps included are IOS only. Have an IPad Pro, so hoping quality of image is OK, but know it won’t be as good as a gaming PC. Thanks!
  9. Started week 7 today, and had a nice jump this week. I started with a baseline of 99 MPH, last week I was at 109 MPH, and today, my five driver swing average was 113 MPH. Hit my 110 goal, and now looking for 115 MPH!
  10. Those Clevelands look absolutely awesome! Let us know how they play
  11. Just started week 6 of the program. As a brief recap, I average 5 driver swings at the beginning of each week. My baseline was 99 MPH, and then I recorded 101 MPH, 106 MPH, 105 MPH and 108 MPH. Still good progress as the average of the driver swing speeds for this week is 109 MPH. So, so close to 110 MPH, which was my goal. I have said it every week and will say it again, this speed training aid really works. Am very pleased with the constant improvement.
  12. OK, weekly update, I am now 4 weeks into the program and started week 5 today. As a quick recap, my average of 5 driver swings at the beginning of each week were 99 MPH, 101 MPH, 106 MPH and 105 MPH. Nice little jump this week to 108 MPH, so have picked up about 9 MPH since the start. My goal was to get to 110 MPH, so getting a little closer. This product is well built, easy to use and produces results!
  13. The Spornia is a great net for the garage at the price. I have had one for a couple of years and it’s been great. I am moving to the Net Return, as I am moving and will have an extra garage bay and want something that will really last (I understand the net return has a pretty good guarantee) and I will likely put an impact screen over it for projection.
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