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  1. PXG is going to take advantage of all of this. I got the 2021 0211 Dual Cor irons for $80/iron and got them in a week…
  2. pgetzen

    PXG Irons

    I just moved from the 2019 Taylormade P790 irons to the 2021 0211 DualCor PXG irons. They look nice, are more forgiving than the Taylormades, and feel a little better. They really are great irons. The lofts are very strong, however, so there is some getting used to with that. However, I think I’ll stick with them. They really are crazy easy to hit.
  3. Tried the move from the OP video the last two days in this simulator. Seems like a pretty easy move to replicate. Not getting any more distance, but feels a little more consistent and easier to replicate. I am not sure I am doing this entirely correctly though. My transition from backswing to the front (lead) side is not aggressive. It’s there, but not aggressive. Once I push back with the lead foot and push the lead hip back, I get a nice clearing of the hips and some pretty good clean shots. My question is whether I should transition harder (i.e. bend lead knee more downward on the transition, and then try to push harder with the lead foot pushing the lead hip back? It doesn’t feel like I’m working very hard currently. If you agree with this, would something like the force pedal be a good aid to work with for this? Thanks
  4. Right handed golfer, left leg/hip. Are you supposed to push away directly (i.e. back on a line perpendicular to the target line - if ball is 12:00, push left leg/hip back to 6:00)? Or back plus away from target (if ball is 12:00, push left leg/hip towards 5:00)?
  5. Is the movement pushing the leg 90 degrees back from the target line? Or is it back and away from the target line?
  6. Taylormade P790 irons, bought brand new from Taylormade in January 2020, so less than a year old, and in good shape. Irons are 4-GW (8 clubs) with Nippon Modus 105 regular flex steel shafts (to me plays between a regular and a stiff flex in most shafts). Irons will not be shipped with grips on (taking my Best Grips leather Masters grips and putting them on my new clubs), but will ship 8 brand new Tacki Mac Itomic grips with the set if you’d like. Please ask any questions. Looking for $800 OBRO shipped in the lower 48 US.
  7. I’ve definitely done that, and while I have strayed briefly from NTC every now and then to try some new stuff, I always go back to it. Solid instruction, in my opinion!
  8. I would echo the above posts for the combo of NTC and Broom Force. NTC does the swing concepts really well, and Broom Force has a number of drills that are really helpful for the transition/finish. They are both inexpensive, so almost a no brainer to try.
  9. Have used the NTC swing for about a year now and recently bought the Broom Force videos. I like the countertop drill the best and found that it helps me with Cast A. Swing speed is about the same, but smash factor has improved, so distance is better. Looking forward to continuing work with this. Like others have said, it will take a while to incorporate so that it’s part of the swing.
  10. Moved to Oregon from NC this year and bought at Brasada Ranch. Love the golf course, great views. Have played both Pronghorn courses, but next on my list is Crosswater, heard it’s nice as well.
  11. These are all very helpful replies. I was on the sim this morning on the Flightscope app, and saw something kind of interesting…the Mevo Plus seems to underestimate swing speed with the driver relative to the SSR, but it seems to overestimate swing speed with my 7 iron relative to the SSR. Not sure why that happens. I think I’ll pay attention to ball speed more when I’m hitting balls on the Mevo Plus. However, the reason I was thinking about this at all was that I was considering the Stack System to work on increasing club head speed, and wanted to make sure the SSR was accurate enough to track changes.
  12. I have a Flightscope Mevo+, have had it for about 6 months and have really enjoyed it. I am currently working on increasing swing speed, so have really been paying attention to the numbers with my driver. I also have a Swing Speed Radar (SSR) as well. I have noticed on E6 Connect that it is consistently 1.0 - 3.5 mph lower than the SSR. Does anybody have thoughts on which is more accurate? (I know which one I’d like to be more accurate). I haven’t checked yet on the Flightscope app, but will try tomorrow. It doesn’t matter too much as I am looking for relative increases, but would still be interested in thoughts on which is more accurate. Thanks!
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