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  1. Just got this bag, and am really happy with it. I had a Stitch SL1, which was a very good bag for me, but just a touch small, both in opening and pockets. This seems like a well made bag, and I was concerned about club tangle, but put my set in at the pro shop, and left with the bag thinking it would work fine. I would not recommend to somebody looking for a large top opening, but for somebody looking for a high quality bag that improves a little on the Stitch bags, this is a definite take.
  2. Just got fit for a new driver and the current gamer will have to go to help pay for the new one. One of the great driver heads in the last few years, Ping G400 LST 8.5 degree adjustable head. Good condition, with some wear on the bottom but nothing that would affect how it plays. Comes with wrench and headcover. First shaft is Grafalloy Blue stiff 60 gram shaft (44.5 grip to tip), second is a Project X Hzrdus 6.0 stiff yellow smoke shaft (44.25 grip to tip), and the last is a Fujikura Speeder Evolution II stiff shaft (43.25 grip to tip). I think you add 1.25 inches to add the head to thes
  3. Tried this at the range today and worked well, thanks for posting this
  4. Apologize if this has been covered before, but I have had some success with the backswing portion of this swing, but have struggled more with the casting part. Has anybody found success with driving their right shoulder to the ball (which I found in another Monte video) for the downswing portion after their transition move?
  5. I goofed with this at the range one day and hit the short irons pretty well, so I ended up going into my sim to see what the numbers looked like. From 8 iron up, I had a pretty substantial drop in swing speed/ball speed just letting the club fall. Not sure why I needed the sim to tell me that, but the numbers were pretty clear. I think you can play with this swing, but I don’t think you will hit it as far (although I have seen several posters say that they hit the ball farther with this swing).
  6. Tried in the sim for a little bit. It took a little getting used to two things: first is the setup. Really felt like face was square, but shoulders were pointing to the right, although they may have actually been square, a really different feel. Second, it took a lot of golf balls to figure out how to not worry about hitting the ball, and just releasing to the target. My average to slightly bad shots were probably about the same as normal distances, while my good shots were about 10 yards longer. Depending on how much I closed the face, was pretty easy to draw or fade with the same swing
  7. That sounds very promising, looking forward to trying it today to see what it feels like. I have gotten to where I can get around the course pretty well (currently playing to a 3), but I am pretty sure I am tapped out. I still hit at the ball, still will lose shots to the right every now and then, and don’t think I can get to scratch where my swing is at now. Hoping the idea of being able to be target focused will really help
  8. I kind of blew through it because it was pretty long, but I think I got the gist of it. I like the idea of “collecting the ball and then releasing it towards the target” even though I don’t think that’s actually what happens. Will try in the sim tonight and see how it works. Seems as if you grip it that way and then release the club to the target, you’ll transfer weight well. And that is something I struggle with a little.
  9. Great looking setup, and Roll Tide!
  10. I have gotten both the Fuse and Revant replacement lenses and have been happy with both brands
  11. Sorry, meant after market lens replacement!
  12. Both suggestions are good ones. Another to consider is a good after market frame replacement. Easy to snap new lenses into Oakley frames and much, much cheaper than buying new glasses!
  13. I really wish I had kept my old Z3C Nashville, but am really loving my Mini Giant DF. Seemore makes outstanding putters!
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