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  1. your a 15 handicap... you need anything you can get... pretty weird choice considering your skill level
  2. Im about 95% certain the OP probably cant afford PXG. People with money or taste for expensive things dont go on public forums and write things like that.
  3. I can afford them and srixon 565's test much better. The woods are complete garbage as well. If they worked for me, I'd buy them. Dont spend your life worrying what others think, you sound like a complete clown
  4. Ken Duke is a great guy, got us tickets to the CDN Open and as we followed him kept giving us the thumbs up and was awesome. Sneds seems like a great guy. GMAC, Rickie, Rose, Adam Scott all seem like class acts. Funny, the guys we are all talking about are all pretty fast players as well
  5. srixon 765 are great for a digger
  6. Its pretty interesting that PING's marketing is about forgiveness vs. distance. Im not a PING fan boy by any means, I don't even have a club in the bag. But I do respect that they don't play games marketing or wasting dollars chasing tour player sponsorship
  7. on the screws, Epic, G, M1/M2 are all the same for ball speed for me.
  8. I played both the G30 LS and G LS and for me when I missed to the right the G30 went much further right than the G LS. I also think the sound and feel were improved with the G line of drivers. I'll agree with those saying the G30 sounded like hitting an aluminum trash can with a metal bat, but I've found the sound of the G LS to be much improved. Honestly when I'm hitting driver in an on the course setting, sound never factors into my thinking. its interesting you be a +2 playing the G. You don't see a tone of low handicappers gaming PING drivers anymore. Most switched to M series or Epic n
  9. what do you mean good for getting noticed?
  10. I will most definitely not be picking up a new driver this year after hitting all the new stuff. I chased a few yards with the LTD last year and while being 5-10 yards longer on perfect strikes my average over 18 holes would be higher with the G. I basically go full rounds where it feels like I didn't mishit a single drive. Great stuff, not the same marketing budget. Also as far as hype on here, high SS low index players who are particular about their equipment and haven't played Ping in the past are going to have a much harder time adjusting to looks/sound/feel. Without significant gains
  11. M2 Fairway is the best I've ever had.... the M2 driver is darn near up there as well. Just home runs. The G LS was just so surprisingly low spin and forgiving for me, I was shocked. I hit probably 30 drivers, missed 3 or 4 max. With M2 I would have missed 12 minimum.
  12. M2 2016 was such a show pony. All time classic. I just think that across the board G LS is sneaky good, especially considering price point
  13. What I found was the spin was actually the lowest with G LS and the misses were significantly more straight then with the TM or Epic.
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