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  1. No they do not. I have volunteered at the Wells Fargo tournament for the last 12 years and there are more players not on camera than on. Certain holes will have permanent cameras, but for the most part only big names and leaders are getting camera time.
  2. The first Open only had 12 holes and the winner shot 55-59-60. The whole course was 3,799 yards. Anyone better than a 6 would make those guys look foolish with little effort. Just my opinion and I think I am being generous.
  3. I found a green Volvik in the middle of the fairway this weekend. I probably would have missed it if the ball wasn't 3 feet from where my ball landed. That probably says it all.
  4. I am not going to argue about this on here, but to say your 1 win versus everyone else's L is validation that manual users have better than a minute chance is lunacy. I am glad you were able to cop, but that doesn't change the shear numbers... Based on what you wrote above you have numerous accounts, while the large majority of people have only 1, that right there puts you at an advantage over "normal" manual users.
  5. Fair enough. I just deal with similar questions in my job and it frustrates me to no end. I will just say that a miniscule amount, if any, of the players are statistically affected by equipment changes where the specifications are maintained. So you are probably right and I am thinking too deeply about this. Carry on...
  6. Just so I am sure about what this topic is asking. Based on all the variables that go into winning a golf tournament: green speed, rough length, weather, tee times, golfer physical state, golfer mental state, etc..., the one variable that can be totally controlled and is totally controlled (club specifications) is the driving force behind why a golfer wins or loses a tournament?
  7. > @ts13007 said: > Hey guys, I bought these at a second hand store for $10. Planned on wearing them but someone suggested I post here before I put wear on them. > > > Those are going for more than $300 just on ebay. There is no telling what they would go for on GOAT or StockX.
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