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  1. Sagstrom looks like she's in the zone right now. Aditi Ashok...darkhorse
  2. She needs to abandon the closed stance for putting. It's all twisted up
  3. Jin Young Ko putting without the flag in. Must have felt the need for a different look
  4. Hannah Green is almost unrecognizable in that outfit
  5. Right. They can have for example, a two player playoff for gold/silver and then another multi player playoff for bronze. Another scenario, if there was a multi player playoff for gold, they would presumably continue with those players in playoff until an outright 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is decided. In other words, if the gold is won with a birdie and the other players tie with par, then they continue on in the playoff to decide silver and bronze
  6. I want to see a playoff for each medal,....with a real dark horse winning either silver or bronze. Lets make this as interesting as possible. Makes wonder though, how they would proceed with a multi player playoff for gold? Do they keep going until silver and bronze are decided?
  7. A multi player playoff for gold, with Minjee Lee winning it
  8. Always add the adapter to the head weight. It is just like the hosel on a traditional head, in terms of the total head weight
  9. It wouldn't be because of a length that she couldn't do it. She drives it at least as far as a player like Lydia Ko
  10. The banter that she has with her caddy, is always entertaining. Lots of personality
  11. Incredible to hold it together and grind out a win after that. She has a great attitude on the course
  12. I perked up when they said something along of the lines of that if she ends up in the top 40 for her LPGA starts, she will get her card. Apparently she is scheduled for two more starts
  13. Clutch putting by Anannarukarn for the win. Great to see and nice that the Thai players were in this tourney to celebrate with her
  14. Kupcho just threw up. What in the world was that layup and third shot?
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