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  1. Keep in mind that it only requires the edge of the ball striking the edge of the hosel where it meets the face, in order to create a terrible shot. Some of your heel strikes are catching that edge
  2. You could start with your longest iron and install one of your 'X' flex that you have. That's the club that you wouldn't currently have a shaft for, if you went with the TX soft-stepped. Just do one club, your longest iron, and see what it does first
  3. You really should have the actual loft measured for the head/heads that you don't hit as far as your 3 wood. Then try other heads that have lower lofts. Hopefully those measured as well. Don't be afraid to try what seems like "too low a loft". Most of them have more actual loft than what is stamped on them
  4. Try starting your downswing with your trail shoulder/elbow, instead of the hips. Exaggerate a different sequence
  5. The 1 hybrid. If you hit it better than a 3 wood and it makes sense for your distance gaps, then why not. Some players hit a shorter shaft club more consistently
  6. Everyone has to do their own testing, but more players would find better gapping between clubs with 4-5* increments, vs just 3*. Some can open up a spot for an extra club in their set, by creating about a 5-6* increment at the 'top' of their irons. Some tour players do this with a 3 and 5 iron...skipping the 4i. A larger gap at this point in a set, is much less of an issue than one in the shorter distance clubs, because these are not really "scoring clubs". You're never going to hit them that close anyways, most of the time
  7. Lee Trevino talks about two basic sand techniques....a "hold" and "flip". In this video....
  8. I've got a single 5i 690mb that I just measured at a 4.5mm top-line
  9. I'll pick Patty in this one. Impressed with her move into contention this past week, when a lot of focus was on her
  10. Yeah, several on tour do. It sounds like you prefer slightly lighter, which would be S200 or 300. All are 'S' flex Dynamic Golds. Just weight sorted into 200, 300, 400 at about 128, 130, & 132g
  11. X100. They will be slightly lighter and softer than X1's in your iron set, because it's a 9 iron shaft that is trimmed down for all wedges. If you wanted a softer flex than that, you could use S200's or 300's
  12. The best thing you could do for wedges, is to make sure the head weights are not too heavy. Many wedge sets are designed with a head weight that results in a heavier swing-weight than the companies iron sets. You would likely really like a wedge set that does not have a swing-weight that is more than 1 point heavier than the short irons in your set. When you feel a wedge that is "too heavy", it's not because of 2g of shaft weight. It's the head weight
  13. I've checked lots of them. Very accurate. Can't recall finding one that was off
  14. This is really basic. You usually get no run out with your driver and you would like some. So try a lower loft, until it starts to run out on a dry fairway
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