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  1. It was great to see a long par 3. How about some long par 4's and 5's, as well
  2. Well,...Su Oh found the familiar gear of "neutral" today. It is better than reverse. One of these days it might happen
  3. wow. that ended up in a bad spot. Heck of a shot from Leona
  4. Wouldn't be surprised to see Anna Nordqvist contend next week. Her game has been trending up and translates well to tougher courses
  5. Great round from In Gee Chun. Maybe they'll start showing her more often
  6. Leona carries a 6 wood and a 9 wood. Haven't heard a player call a wood a 6 in a long time. Never understood why they started skipping club numbers in woods....3, 5, 7, 9
  7. eh....stats can be deceiving sometimes. Out of all the players out there, I certainly wouldn't choose her as a top reliable putter. Especially with what happened down the stretch in Singapore
  8. I never would have guessed that about her. She has looked like a top ball striker and a less than reliable putter, to me
  9. In Gee Chun has the real low round going that we were looking for. I'll say it again, I think she is going to win soon. Look out for her next week on a major championship layout. Her game suits that kind of play
  10. Her body looks "sickly". Needs to put on some weight
  11. Su Oh is going to win this. I think you should put some money on it
  12. Beautiful tempo and balance. I love watching her and Jin Young Ko
  13. Do you know what shafts she plays in her irons? Nippon steel I think?
  14. Good to see that she is playing well again. I had enjoyed watching her in the past
  15. I think In Gee is on the verge of winning again. Wouldn't be surprised if it happened very soon
  16. Su Oh alert. She has emerged on the leaderboard
  17. Every steel shaft that True Temper and every other company has said is designed for stronger players and professionals
  18. They have tried to improve on it. Many times. The popularity and results speak for themselves....and with many of the younger generation playing them, the reasoning of "that's really all they knew" is not likely why they choose them. These guys grew up with all kinds of other shaft choices
  19. You better believe it was. She came out and took the bull by the horns
  20. She figured something out with her putting. Combine that with the really solid ball striker and total driver that she is....contender
  21. We've got a real ballstriker bursting on the scene here. I'm a fan
  22. Smart decision with that layup. Too many tough bunker shots up by that green
  23. I like rooting for the darkhorse underdog type players. Su is certainly that at this point
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