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  1. I have no need for 14. The gaps at the top end are fine. 5 iron 215. Hybrid 240+. And it’s a slightly choke hybrid if I need to take something off. Now have I continued to ponder a mini? Yes. Chipper? Definitely. Especially for those downhill tight lies in the rough just off the fringe. A left handed chip out club? For sure as I tend to be wild at times .
  2. The communication on this has been a bit of a mess in general. How do clubs get shipped without some guidance on a release schedule? Is Cleveland Golf that small rep wise in The US?
  3. I would not be surprised if it was $400 plus. A six time major winner just won with a mini driver and the enthusiasm towards new gear remains hot with the masses.
  4. You are good! Cleveland does it right. Full face right down to 50 degrees. None of this 56 and up BS .
  5. Some of those Australian retailers end up posting the new equipment well in advance of an original release announcement to the northern hemisphere. Will be interesting to see when these start to show up for sale.
  6. Any ideas on what the wedge release will be like? I was meh on the T20’s
  7. This thread needs to be moved over to Equipment.
  8. The necessary part of this is the fact that if it is hittable off the deck like the SLDR mini the you have a confidence inspiring 3 wood off both the tee and the deck due to the size, and of course more forgiving. For those of you who hit the middle most times which is not me I think you would have no need for this.
  9. The marketing pic makes the sole look dated. Like everything though the in hand look is key. Unclear if this will make my bag this year. By the time it is released and I do a custom order 60% of the Canadian golf season will be over.
  10. Will have to jump the moment the preorder is open. And then wait 8 weeks lol!
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