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  1. What is the exact embargo day this week?
  2. I think you should ask for a refund from Mizuno, return the bag and go and get a Sun Mountain. In my experience with full length 14 way dividers as carry bags, they have never lived up to the expectation of a full cart bag where weight is irrelevant because you aren’t going to carry it and the full length have zero interaction with the club next door. The Greatest full length divider bag I ever had was a Taylor made yellow magnetic pocket cart bag circa 2010 timeframe. It also weighed a ton. You won’t fine a holy grail quasi carry bag from the major oem’s. There’s no money in it.
  3. Agreed. It doesn’t take much to be fitted into a tx. Even at 110mph, my violent transition can turn a standard x into a full fledged hook machine three fairways over.
  4. Interesting. You have stiff shafts in the long clubs and TX shafts in your irons. I’m curious?
  5. There is going to be such a run on TX shafts from WRX members alone given no upcharge LOL
  6. I have it and just got it recently and just playing it in stiff right now (I’m normally an X) Good distance and control.
  7. Bobcat was the sldr C, not the sldr S. Now that I’ve said sldr C it’s like the bat signal, it’s only a matter of time until Bobcat re-emerges.
  8. Go get fit with a brand new Titleist TSi3 with a beautiful pear shaped look at address, nothing like the rounded ts3 and trade in your squished ts2 and your mizuno driver when you towards the purchase price of the TSi3.
  9. You have the better name. Hilarious!
  10. Count me in for the 430 SIM as it’s the only conceivable thing that could keep me from getting TSi3.
  11. Callaway doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel every year. Look at mizuno’s 921 release. A design refinement of the hm and hm pro and tour and they will fly off the shelves with very little moaning and whining over design aesthetics. why cant they can’t refine the 2013 x forged with multi material design? Those are the only callaway irons I ever liked design wise.
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