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  1. I might stand corrected here! Good to see.
  2. I think it’s because the 70g is actually less than 70g. Sounds silly I know but you can look the specs up on their website. The 60g option is offered at no upcharge unless you want the PVD
  3. I want to know what 10.5 prototype fairway he is playing. Will this be released some day?
  4. From what I’ve read on these boards the answer would be no.
  5. Wondering when Cleveland will release info. I know the actual release date is May but we usually get some media release prior.
  6. I play the 120x. Love the shaft and not nearly as taxing as my old c tapers. I had the kbs tour v’s before in an x and I found them to be similar.
  7. It was well documented in the original Tsi thread that this TX was coming but not until January. I don’t recall the thought was that it would be offered as free though.
  8. These look much improved over the x forged. Much less offset and cleaner where the hosel meets the top line. if these do come to North America and they should, this will be similar to the situation in 2019 where the JPX 919 Forged were released, everyone was meh with the offset and the finish and out came the 919 Hot Metal Pro’s with virtually no perceived offset and a higher quality finish like the 2019 Hot Metal’s. They sold a ton of Pro’s at the expense of the Forged. I think the same situation could happen here.
  9. They don’t offer this shaft through TM’s website. Why didn’t you order when you got fitted on the spot?
  10. Yes the Proforce V2’s are legendary, the latest version still being mid launching anti hook and dirt cheap!
  11. There’s only a few other shafts that could be an option when you get bored with the Hulk lol. Diamana DF 70TX and the Graphite Design Tour AD HD 70. I’m a big believer in the Maltby shaft ratings and these two are anti hook but low launch. An honourable mention goes to the original Hzrdus Black. Back in the day my anti hook of choice was the Aldila RIP Phenom NL 60TX
  12. Did you ever take a look at the tw6 wedges? Curious as to your thoughts.
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