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  1. Yes somebody was using a "hot ball" and couldn't control it, thus in the weeds it went.
  2. Thanks for clearing up the translation of each symbol. As shown previously these characters are stamped on the ball from the factory. A factory logo ?
  3. Is that a true translation ? There are members here for fun have tried to help out. Which by all means I like their humor.
  4. Found it. https://golfusa.com/...nce-golf-balls/ Here's the warning label:
  5. Thanks for the direction for me to look into. If it's Kanji the word "pleasure" from the symbols I found for that word don't match up. It could be Chinese like jvincent stated.
  6. That might be close but really no cigar for you. :dntknw:
  7. Hi Found a golf ball and I don't know what it says. Can anybody tell me ?
  8. I found myself also with an open face at contact with a two knuckle strong grip. Put my thumbs straight down the shaft and face is square at contact.
  9. Yes there is a new breed of people that say "Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie" and have no respect others.
  10. I will be getting a local injection for this. The reason being I have no one to take me there. After the injection (Oct 1) I have a free membership at a gym using Silver Sneakers. I know weather in my area will be cold so I want to go there and maybe start throwing balls against a wall to simulate a golf swing and see what happens.
  11. Nick I went and saw an Orthopedic surgeon who gave me options. Before any surgery, which he didn't think it was necessary at this time because of pain level or how the MRI looked, suggested pain management shot. I feel I could start doing mild exercise after that to lose some weight and stretch out back and hip muscles. I have thought of a second opinion also. I was told I do not have Sciatica.
  12. No I haven't. How would this relieve the pinching of the never by the spine?
  13. Hi I'm 67 and I need an injection in the L4-L5 of my spine. The pain isn't much or constant, but it does stop me from swing more than 3/4 times before I have to rest. Has anybody had this injection and how long did it last after that? I really enjoy golf and want to continue without pain. Thanks
  14. That's what it is. Loctite is an epoxy, blue is less strong than red.
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