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  1. Driver, woods, irons, wedges, putter and bagI'm getting out of golf and my wife never really got into it. I bought this set for her about 4 years ago and paid over $700. She has used them less than 10 times. Of those 10, she never finished a full round. They are in great shape. There are NO SKYMARKS on the woods. It's all standard length and lofts. Includes everything you see in the picture, plus a no-name putter. I'm asking $345 shipped CONUS.
  2. X-22 Tours, R7 Limited w/Matrix, wedges, training clubOkay guys, here's the rest of my golf equipment. I haven't golfed in months and don't see it in my future. I'd rather have the space in my garage for other 'toys'. No trades. All prices include shipping CONUS. I will sell ALL of it for $600. Thanks for looking. Callaway X-22 Tour Irons. 3-PW. These irons are in great shape. They have the Project X Flighted 6.0 shafts - which are awesome. Grips are Golf Pride Multi in White - they seem to match the irons pretty well. Standard L&L. SOLD 45" R7 Limited with REAL Matrix Ozik X
  3. Price added for 3 wood. No Trades on anything - not golfing anymore.
  4. Everything is sold! Thanks all!Getting out of the golf hobby. I may post the rest of my WITB later, but here's a good start. All items include shipping CONUS. Also, check my other listing in the For Sale section for non-lefty items like range finder, balls, etc. 35" Scotty Cameron Circa 62' Charcoal Mist. Comes with Pingman grip and original headcover. Well taken care for - cleaned and oiled every weekend. SOLD 35" Guerin Rife Barbados. Used for one round and 2 practice sessions, so condition is like new. SOLD Cobra 3 Wood 15°. 7 out of 10. Comes with headcover and original Cobr
  5. Taking up a new hobbie!!Okay guys, I'm getting out of the golfing hobby for an unknown time. I am selling almost everything golf related. All prices include shipping CONUS. Lefties, check the lefty section for clubs. 2 Dozen Callaway HX Hot Bite. $18/EACH SOLD 1 Dozen Nike One Platinum. They were bought directly from Nike and do not come in the original box. They are original and new. $25 SOLD SkyCaddie SG3. It's a couple of years old. The up button doesn't work, so on most holes, you will only get front, center and back of the green. If you are looking for a cheap GPS, this is it
  6. My SS is 106-108 and I had numerous problems with the stock shaft. I went with a Matrix X-Con 5. I like the higher launch and accuracy without the spin. I would bet either of those shafts would work very well with the R7L. It really is a great head.
  7. X-Con 5 is going to launch higher than the Blueboard - a better comparison would be with the Redboard. In my experience, the SQ is a high launch head already. Are you looking for a higher launch? I had my X-Con 5 put in a SQ head for a brief time. It wasn't a good fit for me - It had too much spin and I wasn't as accurate as I am with the R7 Limited. I'll bet a blueboard would be awesome in it thought.
  8. Matrix Ozik X-Con 5 or Altus, Diamana Redboard, or ProLaunch Blue.
  9. - How often do they have tournaments that restrict your play time. ( I think jshel covered that with outside events). - What other fees (Men's Association, Food & Beverage, etc.)
  10. I just got a lesson 2 days ago and was fighting the same problem. I had gotten too upright with my swing and dipped a little at the ball on my downswing. We worked on flattening my swing a little (with more shoulder turn), and not lunging at the ball on the downswing. I believe flattening my swing was the biggest help.
  11. I've tried both and went with the R7, although I hit the TB about 10 yards longer - really. The R7 was much much straighter, I got as much carry as the TB but not as much roll, and finally, I just liked the looks over the TB.
  12. Have you tried setting the 16gm weight on the toe? I played with the weights when I first got mine. Putting the heavy weight on the toe seemed to knock some spin off and lower my ball flight a little. It's something that you can test fairly quickly by yourself.
  13. Being a lefty, it seems like the monitors, desks, chairs, and opti-fit systems are always near my backswing. I hit off the heel frequently. If I were you, I'd try a different store that allows you to take the demo on the course.
  14. Gadster

    x-22 tours

    I love mine. I have played X-Forged, Cleveland CG-1s, Mizuno MP60/MP32 combo in the last 2 years and these fit me much better. I have not problem working the ball - at the same time, they are forgiving enough that if you mishit, you aren't punished like most player's irons. I love the way they look in my bag and at address. They are a little thicker than the X-Forged, but nothing like the original X-Tour. I would say they are a perfect progression of the X-Tours.
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