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  1. 1. City, State? Bath, OH 2. Who is your local Srixon dealer? Golf Galaxy 3. What is your current ball? OG Kirkland (black box) until they run out! 4. Why do you want to try the Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide golf ball? I have a hard time tracking the ball in the air, and finding it once I get there. Feedback on chips and puts is interesting too! I can’t find these at my local stores yet, so would love to try them out!
  2. Following. I have a hard time tracking balls much past impact. And finding them in the rough!
  3. Try a 33” first. Easy to find and choke down if needed. And if you still feel like it’s too long, easy to cut down an inch.
  4. I lucked into this putter and I’m looking for some info. Let me preface this by saying I know a decent amount about putters but almost nothing about SC. From my searching I can see this is from 2011, but that’s about it. Could anyone provide me with any information about it. Length is unknown at this time (still en route). No shaft bands. No COA but guaranteed authentic. Head weight? Special features? Approx value? Thank you!
  5. No great courses super close...Boulder Creek is probably closest, Manakiki and Sleepy Hollow are worth the drive (maybe 30-40 min max)
  6. Learn how to regrip yourself. Plenty of threads on how to do this. It'll be a total game changer. You can try any grip you please! I switched to midsize years back and won't ever use standard again. I wear L glove, standard just feels like it's going to fly out of my hands if I don't grip super hard. Much more natural now.
  7. Just a lonely towel here today. Taken out of plastic but never used or washed. $110 OBO
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