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  1. Take a close look at that list. Basically it has more crap than gold on it. Notice how many chains stores are listed. Now assuming the typical chain stores is open 7 days a week, about 80 hours a week. They would need 3-4 full time fitters to cover those hours. How many of them are good at it? Ask yourself.
  2. One thing that trying several single length set of irons was I like my higher number irons longer and did not like my lower number irons shorter.
  3. Click this link and pay attention on what offset does. Granted the look may not be appealing to some but it does what it does.
  4. Yes for everything. I do put a few wraps of masking tape around graphite shafts before cutting.
  5. Works very good for a low volume shop. Short money. https://www.harborfreight.com/6-in-55-amp-cut-off-saw-61204.html
  6. At one time I watched some Golfsmith club repair techs at their plant in Austin, use a small crowbar to remove heads. The shaft was locked in a vice and the crowbar went between the vice and the top of the hosel. Saw them remove graphite shafts this way also.
  7. OOPS My bad. Meant to respond to another post on loft gapping.
  8. The old theory was fairway woods should be about 10-15 grams heavier than driver shafts. Not sure if still true.
  9. In a no holds barred, no expense spared factory fitting it is not uncommon to go to a range and have the player hit their irons, measure the distance hit, and adjust the loft on site to achieve a specific distance with each club. The lofts were then measured and recorded. They became the proper club loft specs for that player.
  10. Looms made quite a hit on the tour as Davis Love's brother was the Tour Sales Rep for Loomis. Greg Norman won at Doral after a long spell of no wins playing Loomis iron shafts but he came out the next week with steel shafts in his irons. Go figure. They were stiff, low torque, and expensive at the time. They were not ideally suited for the average player. Aldila bought them out and I lost track of them after that.
  11. As said, .335 and .350, and .370 are ferrule IDs. What you need for a good ferrule fit is the hosel OD at the top of the hosel and the ferrule OD at the bottom ferrule. Either that or go larger on ferrule OD and turn it down.
  12. I have been on a few tour trucks and saw a few interesting things. I saw a barrel full of Scotty Cameron putters with tags on them listing the specs. I asked the van guy, Dave Southworth, and he said any player or caddy can take a few out to try. There must have been 60 of them in the barrel. All brand spanking new Newports. Over $12K, retail, in that barrel. An other interesting thing was on the Taylor Made truck. They had a metal wood/hybrid bending machine. The jaws looked like a small waffle iron and had different inserts depending on the model head they were bendin
  13. Some will make a bit of a jig/positioning piece mounted to the chop saw base to counteract shaft angle meaning achieve a square cut. Most just ignore this.
  14. The only surprise was he did not tape the tip before cutting it. No tape can make for graphite shaft splintering while cutting.
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