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  1. Interesting swing and pre-shot thoughts here. Because of my closing 49 last Sunday I hit the range twice this week to get my swing back in order. I definitely have to focus on balanced heel-toe weighting at address and for sure try to put more weight on my heels. It helps me not jump too my tippee toes during the downswing and it is an overall counterbalance to the forward pull of the swing itself. Watching and analyzing @Jonesy's swing was a good reminder on how to swing in balance and with stable feet. Also staying aggressive through impact is so important to me too! At the range I noticed my weak and miss hit shots were a lot of times from not continuing to turn my shoulders aggressively through impact. I would sort of stop or slow down turning them at impact and finish with just my arms. But if I keep aggressively turning them I would hit a more powerful shot that felt solid. Consistently. Other things I've been focusing on is a smooth takeaway with a solid left hand grip with my last three fingers. I had been gripping it weak there and it was causing the club to slip in my grip during the takeaway and at the top. The refocus on it has been beneficial. Lastly, sorry to hear about your uncle. I lost one of mine to COVID a few weeks ago. Our family definitely put down some hard liquor in his honor.
  2. Agreed on all points. He used all of his cushion going into Sunday too. I can't imagine the pressure he was under having the weight of all of Japan on him and he came through.
  3. Yeah I was wondering if anyone knew anything more.
  4. Since nobody has posted about it yet...how 'bout that Hideki? Blades FTW!!! Also does anyone know if @Bigmean is coming back to this thread or did he disappear for good?
  5. Oh man I didn't need to hear that you like them over the 1957 version. I remember when I bought my second set it was because Miura was getting bought out and I thought the baby blade line was going to die. Fast forward to today and the line is going strong. I doubt I'll get the newer version anytime soon but what you said makes me more tempted. LOL and yeah I can relate to getting them perfect and doing multiple rebuilds. I've put my fitter to work and rework on both of my sets. When you spend so much on a set like Miuras I think every detail about them should be just right. Also amen to them being very easy to hit! I was paired with an old Korean man last Sunday and he asked about my clubs because he noticed they were small heads and pointed it out. I told him the small head makes them easy and they are definitely the easiest to hit clubs I've ever played.
  6. Those are so damn sweet. Mulatto Mynxes. The stampings are an improvement from my set. How do you like hitting them?
  7. I would have loved to watch all of those other players live. And Mickey Wright is absolutely #1 on my list of best looking swings ever! I have studied every bit of footage out there on her. I wish there was more out there.
  8. Just curious...who are your other four all-time ball strikers? I'm talking guys that could hit a full swing shot on the money. It's a struggle to pick 5, but here's my list based on golfers I actually watched on TV. Nick Price Tiger Woods Tom Watson Jack Nicklaus Seve Ballesteros
  9. Seriously you have a very stable and simple swing. It kind of reminded me of a slower tempo Nick Price with a finish like Ian Poulter. You pretty much take it straight back and straight through on the same path for back and down swings. After really looking at it, I saw a just a very small hips movement/drift rearwards just before your takeaway and just an ever so slight cast at the top. During your pre-shot waggle and towards the end of it, it looked like your hips moved backwards just a hair at just about the same time you started your takeaway. And then at the top of the swing you might have got just a little too quick and cast it just barely enough to come over the top at impact. End result of all this was a slight fade but you still made decent contact. And to be clear, I nitpick these minor points intentionally. It's really a great swing and a lot can be learned from it. I certainly am not that stable. And posting it takes guts. So thanks for sharing it!
  10. Brother @Jonesy that is a very fine swing you got there. It goes well with your blades.
  11. I use a 3w with a putting stroke if I have a lot of fringe or fairway to get through. It takes practice to get the distance right but it's no more than practicing chips. There is very little to go wrong other than misjudging the speed. I also like it over putting since the 3w loft helps get it going through the fringe better than a putter.
  12. Brother @Nard_S nice birdie! As for myself I was extremely bipolar today. Shot an awesome 38 followed by a horrible 49. On a good note, I treated it like a practice round since the greens were still recovering from aeration. My swing just fell apart.
  13. As I went 39-39 today in 15 mph wind, I couldn't help but think about a recent WRX reply to me for playing my Porn Stars. He called me a masochist for it. LMFAO even with two nasty miss hits with them today, he couldn't be farther from the truth. For the most part they just flat out performed and felt fantastic. As usual. Also as I hit some great long irons today, I realized that I could correct my pulls from last week. So again I wanna thank my blades brother @NRJyzr for pointing out that switching to lighter shafts can throw your swing rhythm off. As compared to last week I smoothed out my tempo just a tad and stayed relaxed through the hit and I hit two great 4is that just felt soooo sweet. I did hit two pulls, a fat 5i and a dead pull and hook 6i that was saved from OB by a tree. But other than these two shots it was a great day with the babies. Masochist? Nah. I'm a spoiled brat with my irons. Spoiled rotten.
  14. At my work there are a group of us engineers that are either golfers or mountain bikers and we get into tech discussions about the equipment all the time. And yes they all make the same comments about the durability of steel frames. Wow that is a beautiful stable of V-Steels! I have my Exotics CB2s and TM R5 Duals down to 7w. I call them my "long wedges". And 7w is the only hybrid I've ever needed. Such a reliable and stupid easy club to hit. So I can imagine a 9w would be just as easy. I've never thought hybrids brought anything to the table more than the shorter woods. I can hit them but would rather hit woods. And although I still love my long irons I would just love to have a consistent set of 9w to 3w V-Steels. Just for the options and because they are simply a masterpiece club. Thanks for the pic to make me drool.
  15. Multi materials make me cringe too! There are a few technical issues with it as compared to one overall material. First of all, at some level, two different objects never perfectly "mate" together as compared to the case when they are simply one object of one material. When they are two different objects, even if their touching surfaces are "flat" against each other, at the microscopic down to the molecular level, there are actually voids in literal space and imperfect contact between the two. The two objects are like two puzzle pieces that don't fit together down at this level. And then when you consider the case when these two materials temporarily deform from, say, the forces of impact from colliding with a golf ball, those imperfect voids allow those two materials to "slip" and "slide" relative to each other since they must undergo their own individual deformations. Compare this to a single solid material. In this case there's absolutely zero slip since it is a single object. Ultimately that imperfect union creates uneven and inconsistent movements. It's fundamentally weaker from a structural stability standpoint. And so then to solve this problem an additional third material needs to be introduced which, in the case of the modern driver and wood, is the glue adhesive that connects the carbon fiber to that of the titanium alloy. And again, even though the glue physically holds the two materials together, if you zoom in close enough to where the glue and other material make contact, there will still be imperfections. Granted, there will not be much slip if it is a good glue joint, there is still more movement and less structural stability with now this three material structure as compared to the case of a solid singular material. If it doesn't affect performance to an appreciable degree, it's still going to affect feel. And also the other issue with adding glue is now it's an additional point of failure. If that glue cracks under the forces of impact, the entire club and all its supposed "technology" is rendered useless. That wouldn't happen at all if the clubhead was a single material. Furthermore, glue and carbon fiber are literally more brittle than metal. Titanium and steel can undergo huge forces by comparison and they will temporarily deform but then return to their original shape over and over again reliably. But on the other hand, glue and carbon fiber fatigue easier and reach the point of permanent deformation earlier from those same forces. I could probably go into even more details on the issues of multiple clubhead material, but these are just a few reasons they make me cringe.
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