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  1. any pics? No sorry didnt have my camera with me. They are a muscle back blade with 'Badds prototype' stamped on the back.
  2. please change my name from mark9376 to classic9376 thanks
  3. Badds used Adams irons for the first time at the Frys event at Grayhawk a few weeks back. He had been using the irons in practice for quite a while but the frys was the first event he has used them in. They are a proto blade that at address look just like his old macgregors. He is very happy with the clubs and his arrangement with Adams. He has also just become a father!!
  4. The options on my irons are pretty much the same as Baddeleys options. Straight leading edge, rolled off heel, killed leading edge blend, standard top line and semi square toe. I specified that i wanted a small looking head with minimal offset and a fairly plain 'straight lined' looking head without the top line looking rounded. I was told Don White new what i was looking for so i was happy to trust him!
  5. Some photos of my custom grind irons before being sent to be chromed.
  6. Supposedly there are a number of different "tour" version x tours. 9900[/snapback] It looks like the two dotted club has much less bounce than the other club just from looking at the photos.
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