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  1. Need a UST Frequency Filter shaft. I need the double bend one if anyone has this. It is for a Odyssey Rossie II. Similar putter to what Ryan Palmer putts with.
  2. Radspeed sold! XB left! Let’s move that too. It’s low spin enough for tour. More than likely more than low enough for you!
  3. Lets go ladies and gents! Steal on these tour heads! Crypto market is way down and I need some cash to buy the dip!
  4. I have a few items that are just awesome today. Everything is OBO. The two cobra driver heads are off the tour van. They have a T serial # also. A Taylormade Sim 2 Tour head will cost $700+. I only currently see one of these on eBay and it is listed for $650! I am listing these much cheaper. They both look like absolute rocket launchers. Very tempted to game them. Sorry no tips for these heads. Cobra Radspeed 9 degree tour head. Brand new and never hit. Headcover included. From Cobra... "The RADSPEED Driver features a traditional (460cc) shape and forward-biased
  5. I just wasn’t hitting enough greens with them. For whatever reason swing didn’t match up. They’re awesome and feel better/look better than anything I’ve hit though. I’m a ping guy. Not for feel but I just play better with em. No clue why?
  6. I’ll add to that and meant to add to the listing that I will also include the 4 iron shaft and a gap wedge shaft with same grip and all. Sorry meant to say that also. Whoever buys the 5-p gets these two shafts also. Let me know if you want them.
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