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  1. And/or temps for most of the day depending on the course, and if it warms enough to gradually open them. Riverway is different from most, they don't use temps...it's open or it's closed. If there is a frost delay they usually catch up quickly by getting the delayed groups off both 1 and 10. You've been south too long though...might need a willy warmer.
  2. Sean, If you can, try a Steelfiber shaft side by side with the irons you have with the inserts. Saved me from stopping golf nine years ago with basal arthritis. Still playing the same Miuras since that fitting. I tried hitting some Ping irons with the stock graphite last year and they just felt so loose compared to my light (74g) steelfibre ones. Of course another "fix" is just to rest your elbow for a while from golf, especially in the winter cold, but we both know that's not gonna happen! Do try a Band It elbow brace though if you haven't already implemented that.
  3. At least I learned from this thread that if I win the lottery I should maybe look at a Genesis.
  4. I'd be worried about them being stolen. Ignore the yahoo comments about using iron covers. No one (outside of GolfWRX) in my opinion cares if you use them. Put them on and both potential issues are reduced.
  5. Thanks. Sometimes the goodness is just in the bag though! Is there a typo- a 7w missing on your sig? it says " G410 5 & & FW Alta CB 65g"
  6. Ping G410 Plus 10.5° Alta CB 55 R Ping G410 5 wood (at 16.5°) & 7 wood (at 19.5°) Alta CB 65 R Ping G410 22° & 26° (at 25°) hybrids Alta CB 70 R Miura PP9003 6-PW Steelfiber i70 A Vokey SM6 49.07F, 54.08M, 58.08M Steelfiber i80 R Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 34"
  7. I recently (very recently) switched to the 10 finger from arthritis and I think it will stay. But it is not the "baseball grip"... my left thumb is still covered by my right hand. As I understand it the "baseball grip " has both thumbs wrapped around the club. Edit: After posting this today I came across the 10 finger/vs baseball reference in Harvey Penick's The Game of a Lifetime that I've been rereading after many years away from it. Penick said in retrospect though he generally recommended the Vardon, he should have taught the 10 finger (not the baseball one) to nearly every wome
  8. You might want to check out this TXG video testing the latest Srixon Soft Feel by a strong player. The new version Soft Feel isn't coming to Canada till mid-January. But as a prior player of them and one who moved to the Q Star Tour I'm going to try the new version for sure. (I'm anything but a strong player.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyUhcA4l53I
  9. ps The Yak leather is great but you still need to protect it as only the inner membrane is Gore Tex. I highly recommend investing in the Ecco brand Repel Gore Tex breather- friendly spray to help keep them both clean and dry and their shoe cream. Been using them for years on Biom walking and golf shoes.
  10. I was stunned when I looked early in the am and they had it looked like every size in stock. I looked later in the day and just 45 and 46 left I think. Good you scored the Hybrids though.
  11. Hey guys....you probably got the GolfTown email today but in case, they are blowing out Ecco Biom G3 Gore Tex spiked shoes for over $200 off the usual price with free shipping. Good size selection as of an hour ago. Most comfy shoes I've bought for a while and the "M" width was fine for my wide feet. Also good support and comfy with relatively little clogging in the spikes for the two wettish rounds I played in them this Fall. (Before conditions really changed and I went to boots for mud. ) I paid the full pop of $335 plus tax end of October, couldn't resist ordering a spare pair today.
  12. I use the Ecco brand Repel on my shoes (and it doesn't mess up breathability of the Gore Tex membrane). Also use their shoe cream on all my shoes. Expensive but worth it. Waterproofing (a non sticky one) also helps keep the shoes clean -dirt often doesn't stick or just brushes off.
  13. I don't really play Northlands, but was curious after seeing your post. Went to their website, this was what I saw on their Home Page: "FAQ: When booking 5 days out at 7 am, why are all the tee times gone within 5-10 minutes? Answer: In the winter months, there are only 20 tee times available between 8:30 am and noon. We also block off a portion of these in the event of frost. There are at minimum 100 or more users trying to book at the same time for just 20 spots. It is simply supply and demand." For the Vancouver courses paying advance booking fees over 6
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