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  1. Burnaby Mountain and Riverway also have similar attributes, including signage, though I don't like the mats. They keep the mat material long which doesn't help if you catch it a smidge heavy and/or if they are wet. Musqueum is closer so that's also where I generally have gravitated (or sometimes McCleery). The Musqueum distance signs are helpful especially for me testing clubs and adjustable clubs settings. They might have moved them though as my shots don't seem to go as far according to the signs as a few years ago. University is even closer and I have a ton of token credits. But don't go there very often partly as it's busy with relatively few stalls. But mostly not as good signage, which might be moot anyway for gauging distance as a lot of times as you are hitting dead into the West prevailing wind. I don't think it is heated??? I won't be hitting any range balls for a couple of months so i should stay off the forums, lol. But I'm doing better than I expected so far a few days post-op. Thanks for the best wishes that were extended, folks.
  2. Riverway was in great shape Tuesday. Greens were surprisingly fast. Played University today ( a week after aeration). A lot of sparse grass sections, wet/spongy sandy fairways and really slow greens. Cold air didn't help, but it wasn't fun. In contrast, one of my playing partners played McCleery yesterday and it was in great shape. I have also had reports the recent drainage work at Langara really paid off and it is now one of the driest around. Booked in with my group for Fraserview tomorrow. Probably I still will play though it looks to be a wet day since it probably is my last round for a while. I have a prostate operation on Tuesday so that may sideline golf till the new year even if we get some milder dry days. Yeah, I get weekday seniors rates, but unfortunately that same age bracket has other drawbacks! Cheers.
  3. Yes I got the Glides too, 54 bent to 53 and 58, and they had great spin. But with Recoils they also were way too light in static weight feel and certainly SW transition from my Miuras. Even with just 74g Steelfiber in the Miuras, and to my Vokey gap and Miura PW with 74g and 85g Steelfiber, that both are D5. Back to Vokey SM4 wedges (I like the narrower soles too) and I have spare great condition SM4 heads and SM6. I ordered all the Ping clubs 1/2 inch long so they would play 1/4 inch long after I regripped with non-Arccos grips. Didn't realize the Glides didn't have Arccos, so they were 1/2 inch long. I decided to cut them to stock as the extra length was noticeable on choked down shots. In retrospect they might have been worth hanging onto as the SW was a bit more realistic. I even phoned Ping directly and they had no option to bringing the weight up sufficiently.
  4. By my sig you will see that I play Ping woods and hybrids (several generations of those besides the current holding). Have a G425 7 wood on order now (two months). However....Figured I'd go almost all Ping bag (except putter) and did a fitting with a Ping rep in May. In fairness to the fitting, I my swing was off that day, but I still ordered G425 irons and Glide wedges with Recoils. Waited 2 1/2 months. After a month of struggles and third party fitter confirmation that they were not a fit, I sold them at a big loss. They were just too light to be playable for me, coming in at C9 or so. I had no idea where the head was mostly.
  5. No, he is still very reasonable in my opinion. Eva is nice, and they are a nice couple.
  6. A fellow named Hadwin learned a lot from them putting-wise.
  7. And do tinker with the settings. (You would anyway!). Though I've kept the loft standard, and have gone back and forth with weight positions, I was surprised after doing it on a lark that the weight in Fade seems to give me more feel of the head and I think a bit more distance. Still can draw it.
  8. Thanks. I have a Golfworks swingweight scale coming next week so it will be interesting to see what it gives me, though sounds like my 3 SW points more probably was about right. Just wish I had thought about getting one a while ago, and it certainly is too late for my play this season. BTW I tried a similar experiment with G410-stock Alta R 3w in 5W head- about a year ago I think. Though I got a slightly lighter than stock weight, I didn't use it. It went higher but I found it a bit shorter distance-wise and it had a tendency to slice off the fairway. Straight and high off the tee I recall, all carry. I like the G425 5W and stock Alta Slate R a bit better than the prior model so I thought worth another go. I hit it ok yesterday at the range with stock 10g weight but think it may be a bit heavy SW for ongoing and I'm nearly 71 y.o. Hard to tell off mats though.
  9. Interesting indeed. I just took my G410 7W apart and on my scale it weighs 222g with a 7g weight. Sounds like a more normal difference to the 5W, assuming the G425 series are similar. I just took out the G425 5W weight and applied about 4g of lead tape to test, adjusting just for about the 3 SW between the stock 5W length of 42.5" and as now that measures 43". My season is almost over anyway with winter monsoons coming and an operation in 10 days that will sideline me for a month or more from swinging a club. The tinkering is keeping my mind otherwise occupied.
  10. Thanks. I just weighed the 5w on my kitchen digital scale and it's 218g with a 10g weight.
  11. Can someone provide the weight of the G425 MAX 3 wood (ok to include the stock weight and screw)? Also the 7w and 5w if the data is handy (though I have a 5W now I can weigh). I picked up a stock G425 3 wood shaft and am going to try it in my G425 5 wood, where it plays at 43". In testing it is playing a touch softer with the longer shaft that partly at least is likely just the heavier 5W head. I'm also going to try the 5w shaft in the 7W when it finally arrives. Both 5 and 7 are about 1/4 inch less than stock on delivery as they are being regripped without the Arccos that adds about 1/4 inch. I'd like the headweights for calculating what I might consider for replacement moveable weights. Thanks.
  12. Yes, they have all kinds of computer wizardry. I thought I was a straight back straight through guy, but I recall (it was several years ago) that I had a 7 degree arc and was aiming right. I'm also going to give a plug here for Lincoln Li for clubfitting, though I believe he still gives lessons and specializes in Evnroll and Seemore putter fitting. Now he is at Go Go golf in Richmond (near IKEA) where he has relocated his operation (formerly he was at Fraserview. He learned a lot of that clubdfitting working with Winston Wong at Musqueum a few years ago for those who knew Winston, and he has the same attention to detail). Lincoln recently used an app and visuals to readjust the weights on my Scotty for my stroke with good results. Indoor putting area and good indoor launch facility from my one experience with it. Camera can give instant playback closeup of strikepoint. Maybe that's common now, but I hadn't seen (me that close to a shank at impact, lol) instant visual on a screen before.
  13. I've played the G410 and now G425 5 woods at the lofted down to 16.5° for two seasons and like it. Better feel and a touch longer generally than my prior G400 SFT at 16°. I didn't realize that when I replaced the stock Ping grip with Arccos on G425 clubs that it changed length to about 1/4" shorter, so the regripped 5W was ~ 42.25". (Ping includes the Arccos in the stock specs.) For the heck of it I ordered a G425 3 Reg shaft on eBay, figuring it would play ~ 42.75" and around D1.5, both acceptable and maybe give me a few more yards. It came yesterday with a Tour Velvet 360 and measures 43" installed. So probably around a D3+ I figure. Took it to the range yesterday -mats-and found it high(er) and solid with that shaft and in the square setting. Liked a bit better STD setting with the longer shaft. Same thing with the G425 5W shaft swapped into my G410 7W. I'll probably try it once more on the range before I take the longer shafts to the course for a round next week. I may only have a round or two left this season anyway, with winter monsoons and a post-operation recovery both in the near future.
  14. Just me too. I hated Tobiano (the front 9 mostly) the one time I played it. My wife liked it though for scenery. I hated the forced carry par 3's with drop-off all around for example. The kicker for me was (on hole 6 or 7?) when I believed the voice guide on the GPS to hit it to right centre. I did...to then find my ball ended up in a mini-hazard of a small area of fescue. When we finished, we stopped in the clubhouse for some refreshment as we then were heading to Kelowna. All I could see of the course was the 10th tee. Guy teed off, smashed his driver on the ground, breaking the shaft near the head. Threw the head in the water, broke the shaft into two more pieces then tossed them in the water too. The next guy hits, looks angry and disgusted and I thought he was going to do the same thing. The server was by our table and saw it. She said dryly, " I wonder if he knows that pond is an envirionmentally-protected area?" Obviously they were probably having even a worse day than me, so that helped!
  15. Glad they worked out for you out of the gate. Curious what shaft and swingweight with the 1/2" longer.
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