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  1. I’d be hard pressed to replace my TSW wedges. I love them
  2. I think I had a Miyazaki kusula in it but I sold the head to another club maker.
  3. Comes in a 12* which could probably be hand picked to 13* (just depends on what’s in stock to pick from).
  4. I do like the TC tour fairways.
  5. Honestly I wanted to like the TC tour driver more than the STW2 but that wasn’t the case. STW2 was better for me than the TC Tour
  6. What shaft did you get on the wedge?
  7. I would think the STI2
  8. If you like 80 gram and you want to order from golfworks I’d look at the aldila NV. You could go with the 85 in your irons and wedges or go with the 95 in your wedges. other great shaft options would be from Xcaliber. The tour shaft or the Rapid Taper would be excellent choices but they’re not available through golfworks.
  9. Kinettix has wedge specific shafts. What a lot of people do is if you use a kuro kage 70 for your irons go to the next weight shafts for your wedges (kuro kage 80)
  10. Yes and a lot of times they run specials with free assembly on those paks
  11. Trust me I know exactly what you’re feeling I’ve got years of heavy powerlifting on my body. Along with being a heavy equipment mechanic for the last 28 years of my life. I don’t regret switching to graphite iron shafts one bit!
  12. Don’t see the pro series as a option for the TS2 but do see them for the STI2 https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-sti2-graphite-iron-pak/p/pma0317mpf/ https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-ts-2-forged-iron-pak-mrc-kuro-kage-black-2nd-gen/p/pma0294hbp/ that being said these are just club paks. You can alawats go into the custom shop and build whatever you want. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-ts-2-forged-iron-heads/p/kma0294/
  13. Maltby pro series could be a great option as well as the Mitsubishi kuro kage. The Maltby shafts tend to play just a touch firm. I’ve hit the 95 and 110 Recoil (not the smack wrap) before and personally I’m not a fan.
  14. Are you sensitive at all to shaft flex? Weight? Only reason I ask is I might recommend other shafts before that one.
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