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  1. Can you elaborate on Sand Hollow, UT? I like alot of the courses on your list but have never heard of that one. Cheers!
  2. Lucky!! Isn't everyone a huge Mackenzie fan? Never heard anyone say anything negative about the man. I've heard Montecito Links are great, but alas I can't get on there, Augusta, or Cypress :). I bet I would think it is very fun too!! All I've been able to play is Pasatiempo and Northwoods (Low key really really fun Mackenzie)
  3. Entire size down. Normally 10.5 medium (in just about everything). FJ Icons/Premieres are 9.5 wide.
  4. San Francisco is a great one. TPC Harding Park, Presidio Park, Pasatiempo, and down to Pebble Beach
  5. Hawaii, Southern California, Cabo, Vegas, Southern Utah (Mesquite/St George), Florida, etc....
  6. I haven't been over, but know people who have. I think it will depend on what courses you are playing. My friends said to get tee times some places required proof of handicap, but they were never asked for letters of recommendation. However, if joining a club isn't something you really want to do you could start one under your local (State)GCA. The organization will hold your handicap, but you will be recognized as a club under their umbrella. It is about the same cost as just having a handicap in California and it's a virtual club that you could populate with your friends/travel partners. We have one in San Diego and we host club tournaments at different local courses. It's really quite fun. Club Merch and logo gear too, but I digress. Many clubs in Scotland share the same course. I think there are about 10 different clubs that share the Old Course and the same goes for many of the bigger courses over there.
  7. sure thing! All of the courses allow push carts and they are available at all 3 courses. Happy to answer any other questions you might have. Cheers!
  8. Pasatiempo is the best "course" in that area you can get on for that money. The Spainish Bay links course is very scenic, but its not the best design. It is more like target golf in the dunes than true links golf. That said it is a beautiful course and still plenty fun to play. Spyglass is a better design, but it is much much harder. A true players course. Really depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. Also, just FYI Spainish Bay is the only Pebble course that isn't cart path only. Not sure what you are looking for. If you do end up playing Spainish Bay hang out on the back patio firepits till sunset and have some drinks and watch the bag piper play. It is a great way to end a golfing day
  9. I just finished a round at spyglass hill, and while it was a great golf course I wouldn't exactly say it was a "fun" round. More of a survival round. So I was wondering what are the funnest golf courses around. Clearly this is very subjective, but there are some really really fun courses out there, and I was curious what the people on here would list as their "funnest" courses. I think i would start the list with Sheep Ranch at bandon. Cheers!
  10. Get them while you can.. hot hot hot https://www.nike.com/t/air-jordan-v-low-golf-shoe-d7Xnm9/CU4523-003
  11. Ping g410 17* hybrid. Pretty much new. One range session. I just don’t get on with it. Stock club with Alta regular shaft and tour ad di 75R shaft included. Tour ad di 1/2” shorter than stock. $245 shipped OBO. Interesting trades entertained. Happy holidays! Cheers!
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