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  1. Hi Guys. Selling some things that are not being used any longer. Prices are Paypal & Shipped(west of Mississippi add $10). I will post photo showing all things for sale. If Detailed photos and more info needed just message or email me. Thanks [email protected] 1. Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 6X. $SOLD This shaft is from Will Peoples and is like new. Was used for a handful of rounds. Plays just at 45" in SIM, tipped 1.5”, Taylormade 2* RH adapter, Tour Velvet logo down. 2. Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 7X. $SOLD This shaft Is from Will Peoples and is lik
  2. Looking for a Ventus Black Velocore 7X with Taylormade tip. Thanks! [email protected]
  3. I agree with this statement. I played P750's since they were released and even though similar looking at address and size the P7MC are more forgiving for me, same exact build. The P7MC have a different feel and sound compared to the 750's. P7MC have a dense feel and are softer feeling to me, which is a great improvement imho.
  4. Received Mine today. Will get them on course Sunday! Build and specs are dead on! Well Done TM!
  5. I will report my thoughts as soon as I put them in play. My Rep said they are On the way. I have been a P750 user since they came out.
  6. Fleetwood also looks like he switched to a Ventus driver shaft.
  7. That is what I am looking for. I am a sweeper and the 750 small sole with edges rolled on front and back have just been the best for me.
  8. I have been told 5-10g more in the rear will increase spin by 1-200rpm. Each golfers delivery is different of course so each persons results will vary.
  9. One thing that we all must remember. That "stamped" 8* driver could be actual 10 degree loft(standard)setting for all we know. No way to know the true loft he is playing in a specific setting unless Trottie, Wade, Keith give that info up. I also saw pictures of Rory with a SIM Max driver in the past few weeks. I have said it before I believe, even though I have always been a high spin player, I did not get along with the Regular SIM driver. To My Surprise with my upward driver attack angle, I did not Spin it enough, which lead to very inconsistent misses. I could not tell where I
  10. Few things for sale. Selling/Shipping to lower 48 only. Price includes shipping. Please message or email me for more info/photos if needed. [email protected] Taylormade SIM 10.5 Driver Head ... $SOLD This head was used for one outdoor fitting session. Truly like New. Taylormade Tour Issue M5 3 Wood Head ... $SOLD This head has been gamed a handful of times. One sandy ball mark in the sweet spot, other than that looks new. Specs: 17.7 loft, 58 lie, 0.9 open. 215g. Tour only 53g sole weight. Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten Slant Neck 35" ... $SOLD Gamed once outdoors. Like New. Taylormade p760 He
  11. That is the comparison I would like to see. I wager numbers would be near identical.
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