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  1. They can just get another copy of the one they used for Tsubasa Kajitani...
  2. Somebody please buy Zalatoris a pizza...the boy needs food.
  3. m d g

    Why SVP? Why?

    Senior Vice Presidents can get away with a lot...
  4. m d g

    Foley hate?

    The Mona Lisa is Italian...she already has a mustache.
  5. If you're a fan of, and root for YJS, then drinking while viewing is mandatory : ) Blood pressure pills help too...
  6. You can never be too rich, too thin, or too long : ) Bryson's clubs go all the way to 11...
  7. A short game...specifically from 70 yards and in. I'm a 6 everywhere else and a 15 from around the green : )
  8. He's never been the 'next Tiger' to any sane person...I think people root for him because he seems like a nice guy. The only time I've compared him to Tiger was for his short game. When he is 'on' and putting well, YJS is as good as anyone around the greens imho.
  9. Watson? But maybe that showed up later in his career. I went through a stage when I couldn't make a 3-footer for all the money in the world, and even I had a hard time watching him putt the short ones... It was painful.
  10. Yes. When she turns 60, but not a day before : )
  11. A win is a win. He still had to overcome the pressure in his own mind and finish the deal. It's not his fault that Jack, Arnie, Tiger, and Trevino weren't playing : )
  12. It's DJ, so in his honor, 'The Fine Columbian' will be a dessert choice. It's not called the Green Jacket for nothing...
  13. If you've had a snoot full of cheap Sav Blanc you won't care : )
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