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  1. People think Japan is an unbearably crowded place with every acre at a premium, but it really isn't. If you get on a train in Tokyo, in about 20 minutes you will be out in the countryside surrounded by the occasional apartment building and lots of farmland. So it is probably worth what farmland is worth.
  2. Then just don't say 'Hello' to the ball...problem solved.
  3. The Japanese are very good at building things, and any rubble/trash is cleaned up immediately : )
  4. Do you think the low amateur at the Open or the Masters feels bad about their award because they didn't beat the pros?
  5. Watching them tee off on number 1...would they move that big screen on the left out of the way for me? Might be in my line of play : )
  6. I find it hard to believe that Nike couldn't design and manufacture a custom hat knowing about the schedule months in advance. What's the point of paying all those Chinese 'workers' two dollars a day if they can't make it happen?
  7. Mr. Hoity Toity...most of us just pull the strap thingy in the back a little tighter. Custom-fit hat...bah! : )
  8. I made that remark myself, but more in the context of the brutal summer heat and humidity in Japan in the summer. At least it's like that in Tokyo...maybe it's not so bad in Saitama...
  9. Looks odd to see Rory without a hat. It's hot and humid as hell there in July...many of the Japanese men I played with used umbrellas as did the caddies.
  10. Maybe, maybe not. But it is likely to make your putter stand at attention...
  11. ...big tubs of beer on every tee box, busty cart girls, jello shots, a golf ball cannon on the long par five. Who knew I was an Olympic-level athlete?
  12. But not as good as 'Mashie Niblick.' Let's go back to these: Brassie: 2 wood Spoon: 3 wood Cleek: 1 Iron Jigger: 4 Iron Mashie: 5 Iron Mashie Niblick: 7 Iron Niblick: 9 Iron
  13. Wrx'er baller WITB circa 1890: Driver: 110cc, Premium hickory shaft, 200g (x-whip). Carry: 150 yards. 5-iron: Iron head hand-hammered by Angus the blacksmith, Standard hickory, 210g (med. whip). Carry: 100 yards. Putter: A stick with a funny curve in it I found under a tree. Ball: Whatever I stitched up the night before the game. Non-WRX'er WITB: Golf clubs? Who has time for golf? I'm just trying not to starve to death.
  14. Needing to 'Learn how to win.' It seems that every young player who gets close but loses on Sunday 'Now knows what it takes' and 'Will learn from this experience.' A better way to learn from the experience would be to just win. See Tiger as exhibit A.
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