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  1. They are won by skill. Langer has great skill at the game of golf in almost all areas, but before he switched to the long putter, his putting was not very good. Yes, he still won, but it was a painful process. He switched for a reason; he thought he'd have a BETTER chance of winning with a different putter/putting style. By anchoring (when it was legal), he changed his stroke entirely. It may have been partly mental, but it was also 100% a different physical stroke. If he thought he could win by the sheer force of his determination alone, there would have been no need to switch.
  2. This is incorrect. There is a reason he switched. It is because he'd be a terrible putter using all of the implements you mentioned. And he knew it. Golf tournaments aren't won by 'will, effort, and determination.' Those things are great, but I have all of those qualities...maybe more so than Langer (who knows?). But I won't be winning major tournaments any time soon : )
  3. What about an elephant? They're really strong, and he could grip the club with his trunk and really smash the ball. As a bonus, he'd work for peanuts... . . . . I'll be here all week.
  4. Yes! Of course, I thought of that the second after I hit 'Submit.' : )
  5. I love how (near the end) they talk about the 'sophisticated' club manufacturing) : )
  6. Except the tall guy would be deformed, and the short guy would be a gorilla : )
  7. If I was good enough to play in 15 tour events, $50k wouldn't make any difference to me...
  8. Those people are cursing at Bon Jovi, not their bad golf shots. Perfectly understandable...
  9. Just put a bench press on the first tee box and get it over with : )
  10. I coached high school golf back in the day. I took my team down there in the morning before playing a match against Robert Louis Stevenson at Spyglass in the afternoon. If you missed a fairway at Bayonet you were dead. The bushes under the trees lining the fairways were dense and unforgivable...no way to punch out even if you were 'elite.' On that day the winds were 40-50mph. When the kids put down their stand bags the wind blew them over. I hit 3-wood into a 150 yard par 3 and was short. I went back a few years later and they had cleared the underbrush. More playable and less wind, but still brutal. I don't care how good you are...from the appropriate tees, it's all you want. On the plus side, the tortilla soup at the restaurant was awesome : )
  11. If I had a choice for golf I'd rather have long, lean 'beach volleyball' muscles than bulky 'weight lifter' muscles. It seems to me that flexibility beats bulk, and being lighter and more flexible would lead to a longer career...
  12. Golf is played by people of differing skill levels. But things like 'rub of the green' or good bounces/bad bounces can be entirely random. A good example is somebody throwing Tiger's ball back in play Tiger's great bounce during the 2000 PGA playoff.
  13. Hardly any decent golf courses in the South : )
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