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  1. One more observation re: old-school strokes/strategy... Whenever a player was off the green, even by six or seven feet, and there was no tall grass between them and the flag, they pulled the putter. Today, Rory is in the fringe 6 inches away from the regular green surface and he goes for the wedge. In fact, in the match I saw, Brewer putted out of a bunker with a shallow lip. Made par : )
  2. The greens in the WWOG show that I saw looked reaaaaaally slow and very bumpy. There was another Shell WWOG episode from the '60s (I think) at Pebble Beach. The conditions looked like an average muni course...not great.
  3. Probably true. But maybe Tiger knew that Williams knew the Tiger knew it was really 155 : )
  4. Best doubles team in the world in the early '80s? John McEnroe and anybody.
  5. I think good players have a routine, and they want to post their best score, not matter the lead they may have. One of the LPGA players did this last week...big lead (4 strokes?) on 18 and still checked out the last putt as if she needed it to win. Routine and habit.
  6. I was referring to a match on TV in 1969 : )
  7. Nice explanation...at first I was thinking it was the slow greens. If I played at a muni with those slow, bumpy '69 greens I'd be kind of mad. But this kind of makes sense... I have always heard Bobby Locke (is that him iBanesto?) was the greatest putter ever. There are a lot of videos of people (Gary Player among them) explaining how he hooked his putts. Really odd to watch but he must have made a lot of them. Next time I go out I am going to bring an older putter and fool around with this...the results can't be any worse than they are now : )
  8. I am watching Shell's Wonderful World of Golf...a match between Chi Chi Rodriguez, Gay Brewer, and Arnold Palmer in Puerto Rico in 1969. All three players use all wrists when putting. They all have hunched shoulders and stand very close to the ball. None of them rock their shoulders at all...their shoulders don't move. Because of his wristy motion, all three 'pop' the ball, kind of like Snedaker. I know the greens weren't as fast back then, but are slow greens the only reason for this putting style? It seemed to work for three very good palyers.
  9. m d g

    Morning Drive?

    As long as they keep Cara, I don't care what they do : )
  10. I don't know the rule, but I would think you'd have the right to 'not fall.' Are those green shoes?
  11. You're right...should be a weave.
  12. What about all the tinkly piano music...so soothing. It would be a great insomnia cure with Nantz doing a whispered voiceover: 'Patrons, Sir Nick, Patrons, Sir Nick...Cadillac, Butler Cabin, Patrons...'
  13. I don't blame him for just showing up and hanging out with friends...that's kind of the entire senior tour. But as nice a guy as he is, he is not a factor at Augusta. You will never hear someone like Tiger say they only play to compete. Maybe that's why he has all the hardware.
  14. But he wasn't really relevant. His lack of length doesn't hurt him playing with the older guys, but he would struggle to make cuts on the regular tour. He had a good week at Augusta...I'm glad.
  15. He seems like a really nice guy and I'm glad he played well, but in this tournament he's kind of a novelty at this point.
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