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  1. One of the best 3woods i have gamed. Flat lie, small footprint and goes a long way. I had the 3hl version and still regret i sold it.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know the lie angle of the old 2015 callaway big bertha alpha 815 20° hybrid in the stock setting? Thanks
  3. I have the V6 in the bag as well. Wouldn´t mind switching to the CB, but the V6´s are so good and they are staying But between the two sets in question i would go with the Wilsons.
  4. I used to play the TL310 back in the day as well. Excellent performer with a really nice looking head. I accually still have the head lying in a drawer in my closet
  5. Amazed... i find it totally unbelivable to see that the cracking of the seam still exist.. That´s the one and only reason i stoped plaing the z-star XV, but i have been eagerly waiting to se the new ball come out and was really hoping that Srixon would have solved that issue with the new generation.. I won´t even bother trying it out now. It´s a shame when they have such a great ball otherwise.
  6. I have been using Modus 3 105x for a couple of years up until last season. Feel wise I think the Modus 105x compare to most other shafts in stiff flex. They are smooth but no noodles, very nice feeling. The weights of the shafts will be a big difference though, Modus 3 105 are much lighter.
  7. Are you sure about that? Normally their new models release on a two year cycle. 2018-2019, 2020-2021 and so on.. The current model was released 2020 so I would be surprised if they come out with a new one 2021.. It would be great though.
  8. Lots of great irons out there who would fit the bill. Personally I prefer the wilson staff fg tour v6, great feel and forgiveness in a superb and compact iron. Thin topline with blade look from behind the ball.
  9. Congratulations to your new irons I game the V6 as well. Top performing irons!
  10. I must say i completely agree with this.. Why use balls that cracks or whatever happens to the cover, just because it´s free? I play because i love the game, but also to score as good as possible. And i don´t feel a cracked ball will give me the best possibility to do that. I neither want to spend a fortune buying balls, even though they are cheaper than other brands. I have played four rounds of golf the last 1,5 weeks, loosing only one ball in play, but i had to replace at least 10-12 balls (and then i have played them much longer than i would have if there was competition rounds
  11. Thank you for the reply. Have you compared the regular z star to the xv? Is the wearing comparable on both balls or is the softer z star holding up better due to its softness? I have not tried the regular z star yet, thinking I will loose distance of the driver. As I mentioned my ball has been the tp5 since it was first launched (and before that the tour preferred x) , and I feel it's just as long as any other ball dispite it's being a softer ball (which I like) I have stayed away from the regular z star so far because there's plenty of comments saying it's short of the tee? It's
  12. Reviving a somewhat old thred. I have started practicing with and playing this ball during this season, thinking of switching from my regular Tp5 ball. I think Srixon XV is a great overall performing ball at a much better price point than almost every other premium golfball. I can se why so many people here are praising it. Unfortunately i have been put off by this cracked seam issue.. I have played both the 5:th and 6:th generation (2017 and 2019) ball and i have to say that the durability really sucks. Almost every ball i have played so far the last couple of months have cracked along the se
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