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  1. Hi, Unfotunately yes, i was hoping the 2021 model would be spared from the seam issue, but for me it wasn´t. I would almost say that the 19 version had better durability. I really love the XV ball and maybe the visible/cracked seam has no effect on performance, i really don´t know.. But i feel i don´t want to gamble eather.. I bought several dussin balls when the new 2021 model came out, but after a few rounds i sold them and mooved on to pro v1 instead.. It´s really a shame because i feel that it´s the ultimate ball for my game, and it does everything i want it to do. If i could afford to discard every ball that goes bad each round i would go back to them in a heart beat, but that´s not the case and for now i´m sticking to the pro v1.
  2. I could be mistaken, but the new Srixon prototype ball Koepka was trying out looked allot like the gold diamond to me. It had golden numbers at least. Hopefully it will be avaliable to us regular mortal people as well I love the XV and have played my best golf with it, to me it´s the best allround ball avaliable. Sadly enough the seam issue forces one to change ball 2-4 times each round and it gets to expensive in the end..
  3. Srixon make great balls and if you are familiar with XV but want a softer feel, i would consider the regular Z-Star. The differences in numbers between the XV and regular z-star are pretty small, especially in the newer models. If not there´s allot of great soft feeling balls out there. Pro v1, tp5, BXS, chrome soft etc. etc. Just try a few models and see what suits you the best. Good luck
  4. I must say that for me, my Mizuno CLK is the most anti hook hybrid i have ever owned. I have tried a lot of hybrids over the years and have always suffered from the occasional monster hook, especially if it´s really windy outside. That made me use a driving iron for a long time, but the new Mizuno CLK hybrids are awsome. For me the flat lie and the almost on-set leading edge are a winning combo. Just my thoughts but for me it´s great.
  5. One of the best 3woods i have gamed. Flat lie, small footprint and goes a long way. I had the 3hl version and still regret i sold it.
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know the lie angle of the old 2015 callaway big bertha alpha 815 20° hybrid in the stock setting? Thanks
  7. I have the V6 in the bag as well. Wouldn´t mind switching to the CB, but the V6´s are so good and they are staying But between the two sets in question i would go with the Wilsons.
  8. I used to play the TL310 back in the day as well. Excellent performer with a really nice looking head. I accually still have the head lying in a drawer in my closet
  9. Amazed... i find it totally unbelivable to see that the cracking of the seam still exist.. That´s the one and only reason i stoped plaing the z-star XV, but i have been eagerly waiting to se the new ball come out and was really hoping that Srixon would have solved that issue with the new generation.. I won´t even bother trying it out now. It´s a shame when they have such a great ball otherwise.
  10. I have been using Modus 3 105x for a couple of years up until last season. Feel wise I think the Modus 105x compare to most other shafts in stiff flex. They are smooth but no noodles, very nice feeling. The weights of the shafts will be a big difference though, Modus 3 105 are much lighter.
  11. Are you sure about that? Normally their new models release on a two year cycle. 2018-2019, 2020-2021 and so on.. The current model was released 2020 so I would be surprised if they come out with a new one 2021.. It would be great though.
  12. Lots of great irons out there who would fit the bill. Personally I prefer the wilson staff fg tour v6, great feel and forgiveness in a superb and compact iron. Thin topline with blade look from behind the ball.
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