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  1. Faldo is my favorite player of all time. I even named my late dog Faldo.
  2. How is Kisner not part of this?
  3. Spouting random tips and arguing on golfwrx doesn't pay very well, but it is popular. Good luck.
  4. Yes, I figured that but I just couldn't figure out what I did to achieve that feel. I this thread may have answered that.
  5. This is very interesting. This past weekend I played and was trying to turn my left left as opposed to sliding a bit and early extending. I was hitting some decent shots that were solid, but still a little higher ball flight. However, I did notice the better/ lower and more compressed shots felt like I was almost squatted at impact and more more in the shot as opposed to coming out of it.
  6. no. Just kind of roll it inside and sway my head back. Not trying to do anything in particular.
  7. What are some suggestions to keeping the head centered? Mine tends to move off the ball while my lower body stays centered creating a ton of spine tilt away from the target. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. If that video played with only sound I would swear it was me he was giving the lesson to.
  9. I always wondered if EE was the sickness or the symptom.
  10. Last year the scoring average on the PGA Tout was 71.27. Only 14 players averaged in the sixties. The leading scorer was 69.30.
  11. Somebody alert John Daly that someone on the internet doesn't think he is a complete player.
  12. I am talking about the kid that can shoot in the 60s, but has a tough start and quits on his round. He just doesn't care and fires an 80 or something. I am not here to argue. Enjoy.
  13. I would take a good teammate that shoots in the low 70s every time vs. a bad teammate that will shoot 85 every time he has a rough start. Even worse is one that will W/D. I am just telling you what numerous coaches have told me and what I have seen happen in real life.
  14. Last night while driving I was reminded that I don't like Mark Lye either.
  15. The Georgia Tech assistant coach told me the interaction between the player and his parents tell him a lot about the kid.
  16. Not really there is a local kid that plays very well. He is not getting near the attention from coaches, why? His attitude is crap. He is fine when playing well, but when he is not his nattitude is terrible. He will quit on his round and his interaction with his parents are very disrespectful.
  17. Agreed. After talking to several college coaches following my Godchild. They all said attitude and behavior are incredibly important. If you quit it is not taken well.
  18. I made 6 last Friday and shot 74 on a par 71. I made 5 on Saturday and shot 67 on the same course. What a game.
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