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  1. Will have a look at the Adams sounds good thanks
  2. Excellent thank you, the TEE EXS pro is not widely available here in the UK and seems more suitable to faster swing speeds than mine (driver 95mph) . I intend to have a look at the Apex and TM Sim 2 which are easy to try out here . Thanks for everyone’s help , much appreciated !
  3. Yes they look worth a try , thanks
  4. Thanks very much for the reply , yes I did get fitted and was hitting it well at fitting . I will have a look at your suggestions thanks .
  5. Exactly yes that’s why I am looking for something smaller
  6. jeffthechef


    Please can anyone advise , I am looking for a small headed hybrid with as little offset as possible . I have recently bought Ping G425 4 hybrid , but it looks more like a fairway wood and when I look down at address I just see a big hook on the horizon ! Which guess what ? I normally hit a big hook . thanks in advance if you can help , by the way I am a good 13 hcp and play regular graphite shafts .
  7. Having the exact same problem with my new Ogio silencer carry bag , bag felt uncomfortable particularly on my shoulders. Please any advice on adjusting the straps would be appreciated .
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